Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tuesday's Treasures.....

 Louis Dean is my biggest Tuesday Treasure as well as every day of the week!
I can always count on him to be there for me, no matter what it is or what I need.
I had planned on getting a pedicure today and he had waffled between wanting to go with me or not.
Recently he has had some foot problems and had to have some tests - all which reveals he has adequate circulation in his lower extremities. Meaning his legs and feet. On Labor Day he stepped on something that immediately gave him a severe blister and resulted in a third degree burn....and yet he felt nothing.
He's all healed up now and the podiatrist wants another appointment with him - but why???

A trip to Hollywood Nails is much less expensive and SO relaxing and exceeds anything the podiatrist can do. Louis Dean has been there and done that to the tune of hundreds of dollars a few years ago.
So we started our afternoon off with mani/pedi's for both of us. 

Since he was my Tuesday Buddy, our next stop was Irving Thrift.

He found nothing and sat out in what he called the 'husband's chair' waiting for me.
But he was a good sport about it.

One more stop just a few blocks down Beltline Road to the Goodwill where he did, indeed, find a few treasures! As in two long sleeved, pearl snap western shirts for our upcoming visit to the dude ranch!

Here's my treasures.....

I seldom leave without at least one book.....I hit the jack pot today!

I'll be taking this to Lillian when I next visit her.
She called me this afternoon and was in such a good mood.
Her granddaughter, Tara, had taken her OUT of the nursing home and treated her to lunch at Campe Verde!

It's the Mexican restaurant in Arlington, Texas that features Christmas lights year round but uos their game during the holiday season!
Lillian had a great time and was so excited when she was telling me about it!

I put this Paula Deen book in my Christmas cupboard and will be reading it during the season and hopefully making some of her recipes.

I scored on these two fall tea glasses! I already had two and now I have four!!
My sister, Rita, told me she has the same set!

I loved this little sign!
Even though I ironed on Saturday!
I took down an old needlework I did back in the early 90's and hung this up in its place.

We love Jeff Foxworthy!
Taking this to the ranch to watch since we don't get TV there.

I'm looking forward to reading this book....as well as the one by his wife. 
Think I'll read hers first.

We came home from our outing and I fixed chili dogs - cooking the hot dogs in the air fryer!
They turned out great! We watched the latest NCIS and did NOT see that coming! Won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it yet.

Then I gathered my strength and determination and started on the living room gallery wall.

I took the paintings down days ago and just got around to dealing with this tonight.

We are upgrading and updating things as we come to them and I have been tired of this wall for years.
It was past time to give it a new look and move some paintings around....and retire some. 
These last 15 years or so my paintings have become bolder and more colorful. As an artist, I think we paint our life - subconsciously perhaps - but our art reflects where we are - spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally.....just where and who we are at whatever point in life we paint.
My older paintings lack the vitality more recent ones have. Some are mousey - just as I used to be.
I plan on taking a couple of those with me when we got to the ranch and see if I can redeem them.

I made some progress in the living room before Louis Dean and I took our evening wine out to the gazebo. We haven't sat out there in awhile. I will finish that wall up tomorrow and move on to the den.

But before I close tonight's journal entry, 

look who I found outside our kitchen French doors last night!

I love having possums around and I was happy this one found the chicken wings I had put in the feeding bowl.


Ginny Hartzler said...

So will Louis Dean go back to the podiatriast? Did he say WHY he could not feel the accident? This sounds like the questions that are asked for the next installment of a soap opera! I hope you show your wall when you are done! NOW I know why you want to change it, and it makes perfect sense. We love Jeff Foxworthy!

Hootin Anni said...

I haven't listened to Jeff in years. Funny fellow. Bud watches NCIS and told me what happened in Alaska. That show has gone down hill for me.
LOVE that surprise visitor to your yard...cute booger.

Vee said...

Paula Deen is on my list of vlogs to watch daily, She's very young on your book. Sometimes, I must watch with the captions on as her cackling can send me to the moon. I am easily sent. But I do love to be in her new kitchen with her cooking or baking up a storm.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Linda. Lovely post. Those books you found at the thrifts stores all look very interesting. Will look forward to seeing your updating gallery wall. So fun that you had a little night time visitor to your backyard. I am glad that Lillian got to go out for a little outing. I did send her a birthday card, so I am glad she had a nice birthday. See you again soon.

Arlene G said...

I think it is so interesting that you have noticed a change in your painting Linda. I agree that we do grow and change even at our age which I find very gratifying. Recently I have developed a love for samplers in my needlework. I never really cared for them before. I also enjoy doing my small dough bowl fillers. I went walking here at Grimmwood to pick up some twigs for a project I hope to do when I get back home. Marvin has neuropathy in his feet...not due to diabetes and he has to be very careful about the very thing you described.

Deanna Rabe said...

You both found some treasure!

I love the way that you have remade your life, and gone forward boldly!

Hurray for Lillian's outing with her granddaughter! Fun!

I can't wait to see what you do with your gallery wall!

Bluebird49 said...

Can't wait to see your new wall.
Really enjoyed our talk!💕💕

Wanda said...

Hello Girlfriend. Nothing like a good pedicure, especially if it's with the one you love. I need to get my dearest in...he's never had one professionally.
Oh my goodness.....all those paintings on the floor look so different haning on the wall. It looks like hundreds!! You are the most faithful artist I know. I haven't painted for so long, but this last week, I had FedEx print up some of my watercolor fall cards. They have all my cards on file and can print them when I want. So at least I can send out a few of my Fall note cards.
Don and I both had our phyicals today, and mine was excellent, and Don was really good considering his age and health issues. Praise the Lord or each new day.
Love and Hugs
Looking forward to November and back to blogging.

Carole said...

Can't imagine you being mousey!! Re LD's feet, is he diabetic - if so, the doctor to see is the diabetes specialist - gotta look after those feet! I get gout occasionally which is no joke... Cheers

Debbie said...

ld is your biggest treasure, how wonderful you found him when you did. i like the laundry sign...except, if something needs to be ironed, i don't buy it!!!

love having possums?? really?? i find them to be a little creepy!!!