Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Tuesday's Treasures....

 This morning Louis Dean and I started a new book gifted to us by our friend in Florida, Dawn.
Everytime I mention her, Louis Dean says, "We have GOT to visit Dawn!!"
And, since we are in the winter season of our lives, we are planning trips to visit new places and friends with a big trip every fall for the next 5 years.
Next year - the New England area with travel there and back by car and two different routes.
Up one way and back another.
In 2023 I will be 75 and we are planning on renting a house on the beach for a week and inviting friends and family to join us.
2024 we're hoping to travel south down to Florida along the coast line and back home up the coast line and across.  It's good to make plans. That's the way we actually get to do things - if we plan them!

This is the new book and we are already loving it.
We read a devotional type book - such as this one - and then a daily devotional book - Streams in the Desert is our current one - followed by the Bible - we are in Romans now - and lastly, a read aloud secular book. We are nearly through with Dunkirk and plan to watch the movie once we are done.

Today was my monthly lunch date with Brenda!

It was a ladies kind of lunch with a big pasta salad made from a box and jazzed up with all kinds of veggies and seasonings and herbs and topped with hard boiled eggs.
Chicken salad from Aldi, green grapes and cottage cheese to fill out the menu.

I had all the extras waiting and ready when Brenda used the bee hive door knocker to signal her arrival.

My photos are out of order but dessert was a Hostess pumpkin spiced cream filled cupcake.
AND it was seriously GOOD!
When I was a child, the Hostess cupcakes were my very favorite, followed by Devil Dogs and Ding Dongs. My younger siblings loved the Sno Balls!

Crackers from Aldi's and they are good!

A bowl of fresh fruit, good cheese and banana peppers from my garden.

I had the table set, tea made, candles lit and the food ready!

I normally do not use paper plates and napkins - but today I did!

Summer is staying with us this week and, while I prepared lunch, SHE cleaned and organized my pantry! I will take pics tomorrow! It looks so good and there's even room to add things if we catch a sale at the grocery store! I admit to be fascinated whenever anyone posts pics of their cupboards, pantry, fridge or freezer!

We had a wonderful lunch and it was a bit later (2:30) and lasted a bit longer than normal - Brenda didn't have to go back to work!!

Here she is with her birthday gift!
Last year I had a Santa painting printed on canvas for her - the one I painted in 2012.
Brenda loves to decorate for the holidays just as I do so I knew she would love this year's Santa Express.

After lunch we all went Treasure Hunting at Texas Thrift store on Beltline Road.
All three of us found treasures and here is some of mine.....

I bought  a container holding the glass ornaments, butter knives, angel figures, two bee bears, and a beautiful nativity scene.....all for under $4. The pumpkin flag was brand new and I scored on that white sleeveless parka vest - thanks to Brenda showing it to me.

AND I scored on lots of other clothing items thanks to Brenda and Summer!
I even bought a couple more than I showed here!
All super comfy and super good quality!

Many of the pieces I bought today will be perfect for our Dude Ranch vacation later this month.

Between me and Summer, I was able to pick up a rustic wrangler wardrobe for Rayne, as well!
I'm dropping all these items - except the t-shirts - at the cleaners in the morning. Real cowgirls love starched western clothing and Rayne is a REAL authentic Cow Girl!!!

I will be picking up 4 starched blouses for Lillian when I drop off the things for Rayne in the morning.
She gave them to me last month saying she has no iron to press them. Instead of doing them myself, I thought she might like them professionally starched and ironed.

Friday is Lillian's 87th birthday and Louis Dean and I are going over to celebrate with her,
If you have time and opportunity, perhaps you will send her a birthday card.

Lillian McDowell
7100 Trail Lake Drive 
Fort Worth, Texas 76123

It was a really good Tuesday!

Tonight I made a big batch of goulash - just like my mother used to make. 
She called it slumgullion but that didn't sound as good to me as the word 'goulash!'
It's a memory food for me and my siblings as well as my children.
And it was comfort food tonight for Summer.......

She received news late this afternoon of  the loss of a dear friend, Julie Brown, who used to be her team partner back in the insurance industry days before Summer suffered that fateful blow to her health some 5 years ago in September 2016.

And praying for  Blog Sister Erin in the loss of her husband, Wendall, today.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Matthew 18:20


Hootin' Anni said...

Treasures indeed!! You got some good stuff Linda. Love your "ranch" garb especially. Oh,and my favorite Hostess junk food was the raspberry zingers! (Still is). With a close 2nd being the powdered sugar mini donuts.

Got a new witch posted today..
Ps...lovin' the birthday gift!!

Deb said...

Hi Linda. I enjoyed this post. Your food all looks delicious! The thrift store finds are great. I enjoy thrift stores and would love to go to that Texas Thrift Store you talked about in the post. Card will go in the mail to Lillian this afternoon. Hope you have a great day.

MadSnapper said...

I like every single one of your clothing that you took pictures of in the mirror you always find the best bargains and they always look nice on you I went to Goodwill day before yesterday and found nothing in the store at all and went out with nothing. Maybe it's because I wear a bigger sizes than you do because in my size there is never anything at all nothing like what you find. The food all looks delicious and my condolences to Summer and your friend that lost her husband

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I think it is good to have plans and things to look forward to Linda. Love all your pretty clothes for the dude ranch and Rayne will love the things you and Summer purchased for her as well. Hope your travels will bring you to north Alabama one day!! ( Or North Georgia....LD needs to see the Cherokee nation there!!)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So true our lives are mixed with both joy and sorrow, we just have to do the best with what we have Prayers for the loved one and their family. Loss is never easy to take. Thankfully my life has had more joys than sorrows. We know that we can't live forever. Sad but true all our days are numbered. Yes, I agree, we must make plans in order to do them. Just like you I think it's important. Hope all your dreams come true!

Vick said...

I've already mailed Lillian her birthday hope she has a wonderful birthday.
So glad you are able to plan wonderful trips. Great to have something to look forward to.
Hope one day Summer will start her own blog. I think she lives an interesting life even with health issues.

Vee said...

Though it probably won't make it in time, I'm getting a card together for dear Lillian directly after this comment. Bugger it! I forget everything. Thank you for the reminder.

You gals had a good time. I am sorry for the sad news that interrupted that. Praying for the peace that passes all understanding. 🕊

Deanna Rabe said...

I'm so sorry to hear of those losses. So hard. Prayers for peace.

You scored at the thrift! Wow! Great outfits for you and Rayne!

I'm going to do a card for Lillian today, and put it in the mail! She'll get it late but it'll continue the birthday fun!

Changes in the wind said...

Your lunch looked wonderful and you are right if you do not plan things just don't happen. You all had lots of fun at the thrift store and scored big.

Wanda said...

Thanks Linda for a specially inspiring post. Love your and Louis Dean's morning rountine. Such a good way to start a day.
I'm truly enjoying my break from blogging this month, and already thinking of things I want to post in November.
As always, appreciate your witness, life and prayers.

Ginny Hartzler said...

My favorite is the long white sweater, you look so good in that! No fine china could be prettier than these paper plates and napkins!

Debbie said...

i think you are my favorite food person!! i LOVE seeing what you are making and what you are eating. i never thought of buying the bed pasta salad and jazzing it up, it looks amazing!!

you look great linda, you and all the pretty clothing!!

photowannabe said...

Wow, such treasures for sure.
I would love to visit that kind of thrift store. You find the best things.
I saw you got such a bargain for $4.00...and those little angels...I wish I could find my MIA angel like those. Tis a mystery..
Sue of photowannabe

Debbie said...

i have to try those cupcakes, i am so glad you shared that here!!

Carole said...

Hostess cupcakes haven't got to NZ. Saw on tv this morning about a school shooting quite near you - hope you and everyone is safe. Cheers

Vonda said...

Linda, I really enjoy readying your blog. I'll have to check out the Life Lessons book since I love all things Statler Brothers.

Hootin' Anni said...

I thought if you and your
l🍸ve of margaritas today!!