Sunday, February 14, 2021

Our Valentine Weekend!

 I was working in the kitchen on Thursday when I heard lots of birdsong......more than normal!

I went to the French doors and saw hundreds of robins fly over, swooping into the pecan trees and down to the deck to get fallen bird seed.

It was amazing!
I quickly went out and filled the feeders.
Robins and cedar waxwings were everywhere!
And they left plenty of proof they had been here, too!!

I worked all day long in the out the cupboards and putting in new shelf paper.
Louis Dean spent the better part of the day in his music room listening to and playing music.
He deserved that time as he was so stiff and sore from wallowing around on the floor and under the kitchen sink for hours and hours the last few days.
Around 3:00 he came in and within a couple of hours had the water on and everything hooked back up.
I immediately started the dishwasher and continued with the laundry.
While I didn't finish the kitchen, I did get a great deal done.

Friday I was up early and the first thing I did after putting the coffee on was to admire my countertops!
I just love them!
So clean and pretty and no flaws to hide or cover up!

It was an absolute joy to work all morning in there making first a batch of homemade caramels.....

and then baking up two pecan pies.
I had enough white corn syrup for the one on the left .....and used dark corn syrup for the one on the right. There really wasn't a lot of difference in the taste between the two.

I worked for the rest of the afternoon and pretty much had all the cupboards done and the drawers all back in place.

Then we cleaned up to go to the Cumby's house for dinner!
We had been looking forward to this night for a long time. 
Brenda and I plan ahead so we don't fall into the habit of saying, 'We need to get together'....and never actually doing it! We purposely plan our monthly lunch dates and are now able to add a couples date to the calendar from time to time. Covid and Billy's recent ankle surgery - TWO ankle surgeries, actually, had cut into our social life.

Brenda and Billy have a beautiful home and she decorates for all the holidays.....
Valentines included!

She has not one but TWO Valentine trees!

I just loved seeing all her pretty things!

She has two place settings at the kitchen counter area for her and Billy during the week.
I did not do one thing in the way of decorating for Valentine's Day!

Brenda even decorates her bathrooms!!!

They were gifted a fire table by their sons for Christmas and have made the most gorgeous patio area for entertaining....complete with a comfy seating area and a huge shade to block the north wind in the winter and the sun in the summer. We had planned on spending the evening out there since our normal Texas weather is usually so mild. NOT this night.
We are in the deep freeze along with most of the country, but she and I did take our drinks out and sat by the fire for a few minutes.

Can you see Brenda??

We ate inside where it was nice and warm.
Just look at the feast she had spread out on the counter!
Everything from salads, salami and cheeses, dips and chips, crackers and olives, brownies and even a pot of hot stew for anyone who wanted something to warm up their insides.

It was a truly lovely Valentine gathering!
We ate and visited and after that we played a fun game called Fast Track!

Kind of like Sorry! but even more fun!
I forgot to take pictures because I was having such a good time.
I dearly love playing games and Louis Dean does NOT!
He played this one......if you can count that. He turned the cards over but Brenda and Billy moved for him. He still doesn't have a clue how to play it but guess what? He WON!!!
Before we left that night, Brenda and I made our lunch date for March and I invited them to our house in April. I will teach them to play NUTS! But I'm certain Louis Dean will be a spectator only that night!

Saturday was cold but the roads were dry and I put a stew in the crock pot before we left to get our second Covid vaccine.

They say to prepare to take the next day to rest just in case it makes you feel a little sick.
The temps continued to plunge and just before we were ready to leave, I heard running water and the pipe had busted out by the back kitchen pond. Louis Dean had to shut off the water so we could go ahead and leave. Good thing there's a shut off valve for the bathroom hot and cold water. That way we can still have normal water in the kitchen and laundry room.

The timing was perfect and we arrived exactly 15 minutes before our scheduled 3:40 appointment.
I had checked in online so we just had to check Louis Dean in.

He's all ready to get his shot! I went first so I was done.

There were three nurses there and they all paid him a lot of attention!
We laughed because this nurse had to get his shirt undone and his overall loose so she could get up to his arm. Not to brag or anything, but he still has really good manly muscles and the shirt was too tight to work around.

Once again. everyone was so kind and cheerful and we laughed and visited like old friends.

We got stickers this time!!
We arrived at 3:25 and were back in the car at 4:00 - grateful to have this done!

From Dallas, we went to the Walmart in North Irving to get in some groceries and supplies as the weather was continuing to get colder and snow was on the way.
Everyone had the same idea! That place was a ZOO!! But we were all in this thing together so people were being friendly and seemed to be in good moods. I love overhearing conversations as I shop. Some are on their cell phones listening as the person on the other end tells them what to get. Other times it's couples talking about what they are going to cook and when. Louis Dean and I had decided to divide and conquer so he went to get some hardware and I started in the grocery department.
We had to wait for a buggy as they were all in use! Finally they brought a line of them in from the parking lot and they were gone in a flash!

We met back up and he put his things in my buggy - even though I had a crooked wheel that made it really hard to push and turn - especially when it was loaded to the max!
I told Louis Dean to get in line while I went to find him some reading glasses.
I walked all over that huge Walmart - and more than once!

When I got back to the lines I couldn't find him anywhere! 
He was in Scan and GO! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!
That's not a good place for us but he had already started and the lady employee who was helping him was so glad to see ME!!! I took over to help him - because by this time he was being very assertive -  we had over $200 of stuff so it took us a LONG time!
The lady was cheerful, though, and congratulated us when we were done!
We wanted to get home as quick as possible so he could fix the broken pipe but by the time we went to Home Depot for a heater (they sold the last one the day before) and then dropped off some pecan pie slices to a few was bitter cold and really dark when we pulled in the driveway. Actually, I backed into the driveway! Not something I ordinarily do but the trunk was full and it makes it easier to unload right at the front door.

As we were going in and out (the cats were in the guest room) a small black kitten ran in between Louis Dean's legs INTO the house! He was startled and yelled at it and when I went to get a load, it ran back out! Just a little kitten! It came right up to me but wouldn't let me pick it up. I fretted about it being outside on such a cold night.....

So I fixed a shelter using one of our older kennels and a cushion and covered it with a blanket then set a bowl of food by the opening.
No food has been eaten so I guess it found somewhere else to stay.
I'm still leaving it out there, though. Just in case.

Whew! Saturday was a long one!

This Sunday morning we woke up to snow!

It's pretty much snowed all day long.
We went out to play check on the pipes and fill the bird feeders.

Too cold to stay out long!

Pretty, though!

Louis Dean disconnected the water hose at Stephanie's house next door - they are away in a warmer climate this week!

We don't get snow often so it's really rather special when we do!

Inside was warm and cozy!
Set the thermostat at 68 and covered the doors and windows to keep the warm air in and the cold out.

Samantha and Tabitha have not been hovering around the doors trying to escape!
They know where to go to stay warm!

The kitchen is now all back together and looking so nice!
I forgot to put the stuff back under the sink so I will do that in the morning.
Then I will light my candles and take some pictures before turning my attention to the den!


Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so glad you are both doing well after your second shot! We have our first tomorrow, bu they may not give it to us, as we used someone else's list to register. Plus it is to sleet as well, darn it! Brenda's house looks so lovely, and she served a feast!

Changes in the wind said...

You always stay busy and accomplish many things both you and LD. Glad you like the countertops and is nice to have everything fresh and organized. It is true if you don't schedule getting together it just never gets done and what a great time you had with your friends. Look at all that snow!! Glad you got your vaccines and all went well with not side effects. Stay warm.

MadSnapper said...

So happy you both have your vaccinations and we're still waiting and praying that they will call us and we will be able to get our first one sometime soon. Florida is exploding with the new virus and the old virus 2 and we are really concerned about not having the vaccination. Poor little kitty I hope he was okay. Your life is more Adventure after another and I think that lady that you went to eat at her house maybe your soulmate because your bathroom is decorated to haha

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you both. So glad you were able to get out and visit. Compared to our snow you have just a dusting and it's going to get worse. We could 5 to 8 inches today and tomorrow. I won't e going out, but that is nothing new. The weather is too cold for me. Glad you got the cupboards done I bet it is nice having a new kitchen to work in.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Linda - what a lovely weekend you had. So glad you and your sweet husband got your second Covid Vaccines. I got my second shot Friday and was just a little tired and achy for a day. Feeling fine now. Hope you guys are too. I heard about all your snow there in Texas. We are expecting more snow here today as well. Hope you have a wonderful week. See you again soon.

Vee said...

Stay warm and cozy!

Arlene G said...

We had to postpone our trip to Grimmwood as it is icy here this morning. Sounds as if you had no side effects from your second dose. Praying we do not have any when we get ours next week.

Jan said...

Stay warm! A lot of people have lost power or are having rolling blackouts. Our daughter and family haven't had power since 2 this morning and they are saying it could be Wednesday before they do!

photowannabe said...

I'm so glad you have your new counters and your kitchen is all back in order. What a job but so worth it.
Good for you on your vaccinations hope you fare well on the 2nd dose.
Stay warm and cozy during your freeze.
Love the picture of you and LD out in the snow. Precious.
Take care
Love ya
Sue of photowannabe

Stacy said...

What a fun time with your friends! It really is a blessing to get a bit of normalcy like that. I got together with my Bible study friends for a game night a couple of weeks ago and we laughed and laughed, totally giddy with being together. Little secret...I didn't decorate for Valentine's Day, either. I don't even own any decorations. Any other holiday or season I've got it covered, but nothing for Valentine's. I don't really know why. Glad to hear you two got your vaccines and are doing well. Not too many folks in PA outside of healthcare workers and nursing home residents have gotten them...they just haven't been available. So all we hear is the news and sometimes that's pretty scary. Stay safe and warm and have a blessed week!

Carole said...

SNOW!!!!! Wow Cheers

Deanna Rabe said...

Glad neither of you have had any issues with the vaccine.

Your weather in Texas has been colder than ours in PA but it’s still really cold and snowy here too. We’ve had times of ice and sleet as well.

Judy said...

I was hearing about the blast of winter in Texas this weekend! Had to laugh at Louis Dean winning the game that he had no clue about! Glad you have your vaccinations behind you. It sounds like it will be September before we are eligible to get ours here in BC.

Lisa said...

What a great weekend you had! I love the idea of the patio and fire. All that food looks delicious. Thats cute about the little kitten. Bless its heart. It was cold and obviously lost. I’m glad you made it a little shelter. I’m sure it will come back.