Saturday, February 20, 2021

Normal Life......

 Life is getting back to normal around here and I am so happy about that!!

Friday the thaw began in earnest and it was amazing how fast this icicle melted!
We have a broken pipe in the back so we've not had cold water in the bathrooms - so flushing the commode has been and continues to be done by hauling water from the kitchen.
Such a minor inconvenience when I hear about all the hardships so many have been going through.

I made homemade banana splits using the snow ice cream I made ealier in the week.
Chocolate for him.....

Caramel for me......

We enjoyed the fireplace on Friday - not because it was so cold - but since I had hauled the wood in, I figured I might as well use it.

I don't normally have the windows uncovered but just look at all that sunshine coming in!
Samantha and Tabitha are loving it!!
BJ noticed the round discs along the upper part of the window wall.

Most of them are round discs of aluminum that a friend in the AC business gave me back in the 1970's.
He cut them out of the material to make AC ducts and he gave me hundreds of them!!
Back then I taught an art class in my home and that's what we would paint on instead of a canvas.
You have to rinse them in vinegar water and then spray a primer on them when they are dry.
We used oils and painted so many I lost count!

My house burned in 1983 and the discs were all marred.
I cleaned them off, flipped them over and painted a scene on the other side.
My friend gave me so many different sizes - some huge ones!
I must not have saved the big ones to reuse.


Back then I painted on a lot of saw blades as well, using Dorothy Dent's art books.
That's how I learned to paint - through art books.


I started out with Priscilla Hauser's Tole Painting books.
That was a long time ago and both of these  talented artists are still painting and teaching today.

This morning I decided to bake a cake!
I was cleaning out drawers last week when I found this recipe calendar from 1992!
I've kept it because Amber and Benjamin used some of the recipes and signed and dated the pages.
I need to go back and date this one!
It was really good!

Now that we no longer need candles for light, I cleaned the holders and replaced the burned ones with fresh. I did light them all up just to see how pretty they look.

I've been working on the house room by room.
The kitchen, den and now the living room and foyer are back to 'normal.'

I had left the Angels in there and poinsettias but they are all packed away now.

This is one of my favorite rooms.

Foyer is all clean!
I still have to take the gold mesh ribbon and garland from the front porch.
But that will happen later.

Louis Dean has been working outside on the broken pipe....which he discovered is actually TWO broken pipes. He fixed one and we waited over two hours before he turned the water back on - only to discover there was another break he hadn't noticed. 
I really have my heart set on a hot shower tonight!
But I can't complain!

I talked to Lillian today!
She's sick with a cold and was in bed.
Bless her heart, this has been such a hard year for her.
Your cards have made such a huge difference!
She reads them to me on the phone and calls them her friends.
She says she feels close to all who have written - especially the ones she says who....
" put a piece of paper inside the card and write to me - sometimes front and BACK!"
She was going to get her hair cut later in the day when she felt better.
The beauty shop there is open again and the lady who runs it is also the activities director now at Trail Lake. Lillian is still in the quarantine hall alomg with her room mate.

I'm sharing her address again in case someone would like to drop her a line.
It really has made such a difference in her life this past year!

Lillian McDowell
Trail Lake Nursing Home
7100 Trail Lake Drive 
Fort Worth, Texas 76123

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere
without moving anything but your heart!
Phyllis Theroux

PS.....I got my hot shower!!
Louis Dean is my hero!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your home always looks so beautiful, despite whatever disaster isgoing on! The pineapple cake looks so good. I was amazed that you learned how to paint from books!

Bev said...

Hi Linda... I just had to check to see how you guys were doing with the cold ❤️.. happy to see your almost back to normal...hugs

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm so glad you wrote this morning! I've been wondering about you and how you fared in this winter storm. I hope you get the pipe fixed but you were prepared and I'm glad you are both ok! The fire looks beautiful and so do your candles. Have a good Sunday!

Vee said...

Yes, Louis Dean is your knight in shining armor. I continue to pray for Texas to get back to a good normal. So much planning to be done and so much fixing to be done. You all have done amazingly well in spite of the circumstances. Thank you for the reminder and reposting of Lillian's address. Such a little thing can bring great comfort. I wish I could bring you great comfort, but you have been too busy comforting your readers. Thank you for your news.

MadSnapper said...

You know how much I love seeing Sunshine coming in Windows and I was shocked to see it coming in your windows cuz I know you like warm and dark and cozy. Everything looks wonderful and I know it makes you feel happy. Sorry to hear that Lewis is having to do not one but two pipes. Hope you get your hot shower tonight.

Susie said...

Linda, I knew LD would come thru for you. That guy is a wonderful person. I love the sunshine coming in the windows. I have things hanging to block the cold we have had here. Makes me think of old days growing up poor. Bummer. But those days made me stronger I am sure. My heart has ached for all that are suffering in your state. Never thought of Texas as cold and miserable, but I see it on the news. Oh yes, there will be major renovations going on, and at this hard time in everyone's lives. Sending prayers for all. Your house looks so warm and cozy with the fire. I have missed having fires here...probably will never have another as long as we live here, because of Ted's lung issues(?). Still do not know what is his real health problem with his lungs...Maybe damage from the chemo or things he has inhale on some jobs, such as asbestos , gases, dusts, etc.
Your ice cream treats look so very good. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, stay warm and safe. Love you guys, Susie

Arlene G said...

So glad things are getting back to normal in heart goes out to all the sweet people there who are like all of us Southerners, not prepared for such an event. It is in the 60s here this week and I will take it gladly. I will try to do better about sending cards to Lillian. I had lost her address so I am glad you reposted it. And I am glad you got a hot shower....I totally understand the need for one as I am a fan. Marvin says I scald What can I say? I like hot water.

Visits With Mary said...

Things are much better here in La Porte, finally found some milk! We are still on a 'boil water' advisory, we have plenty of bottle water, hopefully it will last until tomorrow. Tomorrow is when our water should be good again. Stay warm!!

Rain said...

Hi Linda :))
Oh I will definitely write to Lillian!! :)
Your house looks SO cozy with the fire, the lights and all the candles. OOOOH banana splits!! I'll have mine with chocolate AND caramel please!! :)

photowannabe said...

Louis Dean is definitely the HERO !!
I don't think there is anything that man can't do...
The hot shower will be absolutely divine.
Glad things are getting back to "Normal" both outside and inside your lovely home.
So sorry that Lillian isn't feeling well and still in the quarintine section.
I definitely will send her a card and note.
Take care
Sue of photowannabe

Changes in the wind said...

A homemade banana split!! You amaze me!! Everything looks so nice and clean and I notice your walls are covered with paintings, are these all you have painted? I know you do your Santa wall at
Christmas but never thought about all the others. The painted disks are so neat. What a great idea. Glad it is warming up and glad you got that hot shower.

Deanna Rabe said...

Yay for a hot shower! And thank you for Lillian's address. I will write her again!

I love your red couch! It looks so cozy and comfortable!

Carole said...

Thanks for the update on LIllian - has she had the jab?? Glad things are getting back to normal. Cheers