Wednesday, November 4, 2020

My Wednesday Joys.....

Joy: A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

I experienced many joys this I do everyday.
But sometimes it is important to slow down and savour these joys.

What could bring more joy to my heart than spending an hour with a precious little boy??
And what could be more precious than his little hands??

I met my long time friend, Shirley, at Senter Park this morning and we had such a nice visit. 
Shirley and her husband adopted their great-grandson and he is three and a half.
Everything is interesting to him and he played a long time with just the things of nature he found at hand. At first he was shy but he warmed up to me before too long.

The visable gifts of his friendship.

The park was empty most of the time but when a walker would come by, Kason - that's his name - would hide behind a tree.

He and I got along great!
How long has it been since you have lain in the grass and looked up at the sky and trees??
Kason did it today.....and I followed his example and joined him.

A duck came up and joined us and that was fun!!

Kason asked me to walk to the fence with him .....melted my heart.
After our visit - and Shirley and I really did get to visit - because Kason entertains himself so well - we went up to the parking lot to see the surprise I had brought for him.

A big box of dinosaurs!!
Harrison has played with these at our house since he was Kason's age and it was time to hand them off.

My favorite picture of the day.....and the favorite sound was his little voice saying, "Thank you, Miss Linda!" Life does not get any better than this!!

Let me tell you about my friend Shirley......
I was friends with her mother, Jean, before I really got to know Shirley.
One day I was talking about being 14 years old and 8 months pregnant and how old Dr. McIver was such a kind man. His office in 1963 was on Lemmon Ave. It was previously his home but he made it his office when he moved into a new house in North Dallas. As I was telling Jean about him - he was an OB/GYN and also a family doctor once you had given birth - she started to laugh out loud. Now Shirley and I are just about the same age. She's just one month older.
Turns out, Jean's doctor was Dr. Julius McIver too!!! He delivered Shirley and my Summer and Jesse, Jr. Crazy small world, isn't it?
Well, Shirley and I are going to make it a point to get together every month - one way or another!

They left the parking lot to go to the grocery store and I decided that, instead of going home, I would go for a walk. Or a hike, as Diane, The Lavender Dreamer calls them. Not sure what the difference is....but I walked a good mile in the 'forest' of Lively Park right there off O'Connor Road.

Amber and Benjamin used to go with me and we would feed teh squirrels.
It brought back such good memories and I was glad I stopped and walked before going home.

Kailey has discovered my blog and she sent me a message today telling me I was doing a good job.
Apparently, she went back to 2012 when she and her three siblings were born and marveled that I took pictures and people all over the world knew about and prayed for them. She seemed impressed and sent me a snap of my blog logo.

So I was going to share some of my Christmas ideas for the kids but I best not - just in case she's reading my posts!

Louis Dean has been hard at work on putting in a sump pump under what will be the new deck by the back pond. This deck was a total loss as the boards were all rotten and the ground under them was wet!!
Once he gets that in and the deck put down - we won't have any more water problems in the sewing room - I hope!
While he worked, I did a few things and took a good long nap.
It was nearly dark when I woke up so I hopped to it and started back in on decorating the gazebo for Christmas.

First I strung up the colored LED lights last night. Then I added the fabrics.....or her 'Christmas clothes' as I call them.
Tonight I added some soft garland around the top and along the side.

It's that soft kind that won't tear the netting or anything.

I ran out before I was finished so I am going to buy a boat load more of that stuff!

I love using the Christmas plaid out here and it will stay up all of January.

Louis Dean says, "Cheers!"

Is it too early to say Merry Christmas???

My favorite place!! 
Amber gifted me with that comfy Christmas pillow with the truck and the tree!
I put that behind my head and stretch my feet over to the moose pillows.

Tonight's dinner was super good and super easy thanks to Trader Joe's!
Chinese all the way.....fried vegetable rice, Orange Chicken for Louis Dean and Vegetable Shrimp stir fry for me. We ate and watch a bit of Alaska- The Last Frontier and he went right off to bed!
I am going to follow shortly!



Bluebird49 said...

Looking good out there, as always. Sounds like you'll be making a trip to Big Lots of Michael's for more garland.
You may have to watch some of the fun things you share now that you have a new reader. ☺ No Christmas secrets can be spilled! 😊

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a wonderful day you had! Just full of experiencing the wonder of a child. I love your plaid table and rocker, it is really lovely! The love seat and pillows are so sweet as well!

Kathy said...

I love your blog and I love hearing all about your wonderful life. You pack so much living into each day.

Vee said...

For some reason, many people are thinking of Christmas now. Perhaps it is because we are all standing in need of comfort. We are covid weary and there has been much to buffet and vex us. Your gazebo is always such a charming place.

I am glad that you got to meet such a pleasant little fellow. You give the best gifts!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

My hat is off to Jean for taking on that precious responsibility. He is so cute and I loved his reaction to the dinosaurs. Landon found my blog once and he was surprised that he was on the I do not think he reads it however. What a treasure for kailey to read about when she was a baby. Your blog is a family heirloom Linda. You are a good writer.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We went hiking! YAY! I love going out into the forest and getting that peaceful calm feeling. How sweet of you to mention me today. I've not had my best week and didn't do a thankful Thursday post so this makes yours even more special. I'm thankful for you and our friendship! Let's hike together again soon. You are so sweet! Lots of hugs to you and L. D. this morning, Diane

Changes in the wind said...

Oh your time with the little guy was just precious. You are so right about the little ones and how they look at the world with such new sweet eyes. Pretty park and lovely walk. You got you place all decked out just the way you like it.

Sandra said...

I love it that Kaylee is looking at your blog and then she got to see them when they were babies and I am thinking that when they get older they all might be fascinated with going back and watching themselves grow up as we have watched them since they were tiny babies. As far as I'm concerned you could just leave all this Christmas in that outside room and I would be happy. It looks so warm and cozy and a place that I would love to sit and put my feet up on the Moose pillows and read. The only thing I might have to remove any of the scented things that you have in there because of allergies but I'd leave it just like it is love it. So glad you had you your visit with Jean and her grandson and he's adorable

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have to still you that every time I open your page my Avast security comes on an d tells me that have stopped a virus. I on't know what's going on there, but thought you should know. I would hate to stop reading you blog because it's a threat. How nice to have that grandmother adopt her grandson. He's sure to have a loving home. Hope the new sump pump does the trick and keeps you dry what a lot of work for Louis Dean but it will be worth it hen done. I love you gezobo and the fact you can still enjoy sitting outside. It's too cool for us now in the evenings.

Carole said...

Happy Days! What little boy could resist a whole box of dinosaurs! Cheers

Susie said...

Linda, You are an amazing woman. Such a kind heart. I cried about Kason. Such a sweet boy. I remember Harrison playing dinosaurs. What a nice gift for Kason..a little boy to play with those dinosaurs for a good long time. He will never forget you. I love that you hiked the trail and thought of your children. I can not believe the quads are so grown . Adorable. LD is a hard working man. Blessings to all of you. Stay safe. xoxo,love all of you, Susie

photowannabe said...

Linda, you are blessed and so thankful for all of your family and friends.
that dear little boy fell in love with you, especially when you laid down to look at the sky with him. I would love to do that but I'm afraid I would never get up again.
Love your gazebo IS SO WARM AND INVITING. I REALLY LIKE THE PLAID. Oops I accidentally hit the caps lock tab..I'm not yelling..haha.
Always fun to come here and see what you and LD are doing.