Tuesday, November 3, 2020

My Tuesday Treasures.....

 Summer is the biggest Tuesday Treasure of this day.
I haven't seen her in over two weeks so I was a happy mama to lay my eyes on her yesterday when she came over to visit and spend the night.
We went to bed early so we could get up early and spend some time together before she had to get back to Rowlett to keep an appointment.

We used our time wisely!
First stop - Starbucks!!

Calorie friendly Bacon Egg Bites!
One for Summer and one for me!
I ordered a Skinny Vanilla Latte and since Summer doesn't drink coffee.....

She got her special tea!
We were able to sit and visit and catch up a bit before we did a Target shopping run.
You all know that's Amber's favorite store and I can appreciate why she loves it so.
I ticked several items off my Christmas list today!

Our next stop - Goodwill!

Summer spied this steel sided basket and plunked it in my basket - because she KNEW I would want it!
Right now it is looking pretty sitting under one of the living room chairs and it is holding Christmas gifts!

This sweet little dress/top is brand new!
I saw it at the end of a rack and scooped it right up.
Little did I know then that Summer saw it first and hung it there to see if I snapped it up -and I did!

I love comfy 'shifts.' Remember when we called them that?
Lightweight denim....

and one more.

This one is Old Navy and I know the stripes are going the wrong way for me.
I weighed myself this morning......after I 'grew out of' three pair of jeans.....I thought it was time.
I am now back to counting calories and I walked the neighborhood tonight for exercise.
Tomorrow I will do some yoga.

8 golden plate chargers  - to replace some of my cracked ones.
The Cafe Francais plaque will go to the country with me - of course!

I just fell in love with this!!!
$3.99 less 30%

I know just where I will put it after the holidays!!

I have shopped, cleaned, hung up colored LED Christmas lights in the gazebo, paid my bills, walked a little over a mile, fed Louis Dean while I ate like a rabbit. Good thing I love rabbit food!

Today is election day and I admit to being nervous.
So I am closing this journal entry with a couple of sweet photos.....

Our Chandy Girl with her Kaitlyn, Piercyn, Bella and Jaxon.

Amber took this pic last week when I was listening to Trystan read.

Now I am going to pour me a glass of wine and go back out to the gazebo and do some more Christmas decorating! It's what I do when I get nervous!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

This is what I put on our church prayer line today:
The World: "Politics is the driving force in everything."
Jesus: "My church matters more than anything else!"

Politicians: "We'll solve all your problems and save the world."
Jesus: "Only I can save you and solve your worst problems."
God is always in control.

Summer is looking good, and my fav find is the stripped dress!

Bluebird49 said...

It's always a good day to be with one of your kids! I always love seeing your Tuesday Treasures. Always a good day.
We felt that same nervousness today, too, but as I told Ed, we have prayed and voted and it's in God's hands anyway! I just hope either way, that our country will not lose its mind over it. We didn't watch any news today, and we are so tired of it and the robocalls.I
We watched some YouTube music videos and tried not to think about it.
Oh! I got your book today -- and it was my birthday, so that was fortuitous! I'll start it as soon as I finish the book on my Kindle. Thank you so much! 💕
Loved seeing all the pictures and hearing all the news, as always. 😻 Hope Louis and the kitties are well.

Carol said...

As I told you earlier, I absolutely love the patriotic shirt/dress! My mind has been on the election as well mainly because I just feel that neither candidate is good for us at the moment. My prayer is God's will be done!

Deanna Rabe said...

Great finds! Summer knows you well! I have a dress like that Old Navy one and I don’t care if the stripes are horizontal vs vertical! It’s cute, comfy and I like it!

I’m nervous still but I they knew it would be like this! Put on your spiritual armor and pray!

Changes in the wind said...

So glad you could spend the day with Summer and she looked like she was feeling good:) Love the basket you got, that is a keeper. Am afraid the election nail biting is going to continue for a while and am so disappointed in my Arizona state turning blue but with all the California people moving here it was bound to happen.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Linda, I did not even watch tv last night due to my nerves.lol I got up this morning to find that it may be a while before we know the winner. But God is still in charge of the nations. I will just rest in that....I think us Boomers are more sensitive to some of the unsettling things we see going on that remind us of painful times in the past. The young people do not have our perspective.
Yes, I love a nice loose dress to wear around the house....so comfy. Glad you got some time with your girl...it is always refreshing to spend some time with adult children.

Sandra said...

As usual all of your friends amazed me because when I do go which is not very often I never find anything and I have never found a single piece of clothing and a Goodwill or any other store. Well I have to rephrase that I did when I was selling real estate find a few dresses but it was in a high-end recycle consignment shop for fine clothing. A lot of the things you find I would wear but I never see anything like that. The one thing you got that I would really like to have is that basket. I need something like that to put the dog blankets in that are clean I saw somebody keeping a basket that they keep their extra Linens in and what a great idea take them off the shelves. Now I'm afraid to go wander around in the thrift stores because of the virus.

photowannabe said...

I just want to give you the biggest HUG...Just Because...
I feel such a kinship to you...though we will probably never meet in This Life time...
Your family just oozes love. Summer sure knows you , inside and out!
Love here spotting that top and staging it for you to "find".
Trying to figure out what do-dads to put up for Thanksgiving right now myself...
To be continued...
Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last blog post. I truly feel we are both blessed.

Susie said...

Linda, Loved seeing you and Summer together. I laughed about her hanging that shirt for you to spot. LOL. Glad you had a fun time together. Blessings, xoxo, love you guys, Susie

Carole said...

Good final message! Lose yourself in a book while we all wait - including here in NZ! Cheers