Sunday, November 8, 2020

A Fun Weekend!

I have loved all the blessings of fall.....the cooler temps....and the warm glow of the season with pumpkin colors and scents. I've had pumpkin spiced coffee for the last couple of months and used fall room and fabric spray on my linens. I've baked several batches of fruitcake cookies and pumpkin muffins. All in all, I think I have squeezed just about every morsel of goodness from Autumn that I could possibly get. Baskets of pecans sit in the foyer waiting for Louis Dean to crack and shell them. We will be taking them with us when we go to the ranch this week. 
I've enjoyed going out and gathering them up every afternoon! The squirrels are helping themselves and they are not good about eating the whole thing. They bite into one and then drop that one and go on to another.

The trees in the neighborhood are now showing a little bit of color.
We don't get much so I am appreciating what we have.
I've been taking daily walks in the late afternoon, choosing a different route each day.
Our honey suckle is bloomming but it's way up high and I can't get to it to make bouquets.
The roses are spent now and the Mexican heather is pretty but that doesn't work for vases.
SoI resorted to cutting some rosemary, Yaupon holly branches and boxwood stems to make a little fall arrangement.

This was the last full week of enjoying all my fall decorations.
Starting tomorrow, I will take fall out of the house and pack it all away in tubs that I keep in the storage building. We will be back from the ranch the week of Thanksgiving and I will start dressing the house for Christmas.

Summer is packing and preparing to leave for Puerto Rico in the morning.
She had her suitcases and all the stuff she's packing - including Christmas presents and food items she's taking with her spread out on the nice clean new driveway. She wil be there for two months!

She arrived here Friday night and I gave her the seashell hanging I made for her birthday.

She loves it!!

I was afraid I had put TOO much on it but she says it is perfect.
She managed to get that packed to take with her to PR.
I think they will hang it where the wind will rustle the fabric and tiny bells and the shells will clink together.

Saturday afternoon, Denise and Charlie visited us and it was like old home week!!

They are from Georgia but they visit here in the DFW area where Denise's best friend lives.
We had the nicest visit!!
We did a honey tasting and nibbled on Fruitcake cookies.

We could have talked for hours and hours but they had to get back and traffic here can be bad even on the weekend.

They left with some fruitcake cookies, a jar of honey and a package of Louis Dean's cinnamon rolls - with instructions to scrape off the slightly burnt overdone crusts on the bottom!
Louis Dean showed them the full hookups we have right there by the driveway if ever they want to bring their RV down!

We loved our visit with Denise and Charlie and hope we get to see them again!!

Saturday night was a night out for us......and that's a rare thing these days.

Summer drove us since it was already dark and we went to Dallas.

We were meeting Jimmy there for dinner and some live music.
The owner is a friend of his and she's also the lead singer in the entertainment.

Summer looks so good!! One of those drinks was mine!

It was a fun night!

There was dancing and people watching during the music.

I had not realized how long it'd been since we had gone out on a date.

In a way, it was a double date!
This is Jimmy! 
I have known hime since he was a young boy.
He and Summer have been good friends since they were young teenagers.
It was a fun night and having fun is so very important!!

I'll be up early in the morning to take Summer to Love Field for her flight to Puerto Rico. She is so excited and I am thrilled for her!!


Bluebird49 said...

You all are looking just wonderful down there. Have fun at the ranch.
I love the pumpkin pitcher the flowers are in.
Don't forget to take plenty of pecans down there for Louis to shell! And be safe!

Deanna Rabe said...

I'm glad you had good times with good people! So important. I've missed being able to spend time with friends. My parents came over yesterday, and spent the afternoon into the evening. It was so fun, and good to be with them!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a beautiful gift for Summer! I hope she has a wonderful trip. Enjoy your week! (you'll miss her I know!) Hugs!

Changes in the wind said...

Summer looks so good in these pictures and I hope her pain is better. Love the picture of you and LD, you should frame it:)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Looks like a great weekend to me Linda!! We tried a new Mexican restaurant here last week and it was very good. Hope Summer has safe travels.

Rain said...

Hi Linda :)) Beautiful photos of you all, I love the one with Summer and the two cocktails! :) Your fall arrangement is so lovely!

Sandra said...

prayers for a safe flight today. Summer looks wonderful.. love the hanging. yay for a night out with friends. we have not been in a resturant for 8 months. our Mexican restuant died from the virus shut down..

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a fun weekend. I loved seeing all the pictures. Nice you have time to visit with Summer before you leave for that ranch. Your house will be in good care with her there looking out for things. We too are enjoying some wonderful fall weather and it's very unexpected. Not at all like our usual November's . It been warm and sunny.

photowannabe said...

Summer looks fantastic and I'm so glad she can go on a vacation. 2 months is awesome.
You all looked like you had a fun Date.
Dave and I try to do that too. We used to go on what I called our " Wednesdates" when we went for a buffet (senior prices) every Wednesday.
COVID changed that but we still manage to make fun outings and keep the "love" alive.

Carole said...

Safe journey to Summer. Stay safe y'all... (Trying out some American) Cheers