Thursday, November 12, 2020

Kittens, Lights, Christmas Stores and a Santa Painting.......

 We have a night routine where we make the coffee for in the morning - turn the lights off - (and this takes some time)- close up the house - turn the diffuser and sound machine on -

and we gather the kittens up to go to bed.
Samantha is usually easy. She's tired and is ready to go but Tabitha is a different matter.
She likes to play hide and seek!
Louis Dean makes a game out of tricking her into coming out by jiggling a toy or the treat bag.
This only works some of the time. Then you have to come up with a new idea.
Monday night was particularly challenging, but he managed to 'snooker' her into sticking her neck out from under the big ottoman in the living room.
Once he picked her up, she immediately stuck her face down into his elbow like she was so ashamed of being snookered!

He thought that was so funny!

She finally looked up at him as if to say, "WHY? Why did you do that??"
We do love our kitties and never dreamed what joy they would bring us.

Louis Dean has been steadily working on the sump pump project and has it now placed in the pit he poured of concrete. He put heavy duty screen to cover the top so debris won't get in. The water lines have been dug and there's a new faucet over by the kitchen pond to make everything more convenient.
He put in an outlet to plug the sump pump in.....and I bet I can now string up some more lights outside!!

Speaking of lights - as in Christmas lights - 

Tuesday was our lunch at Campo Verde!
Pam and Virginia and I had made a date to go....
if you don't plan it - it won't happen.

Virginia and I were here together last year but this was Pam's first visit.
She was properly impressed!!

I remember the first time Louis Dean and I came here. He said, "Linda, you have been BESTED!!"

The margaritas were as good as the food and we had such a good time!

I got a kick out of seeing this area!
They are still putting up more debris!

Another staging area.
I hate it when some of my lights go out and I noticed where we sat, there were some that weren't buring so I guess they were not plugged in yet.
Campo Verde is located in Dalworthington Gardens at 2918 West Pioneer Parkway.
I want to go again in December with our friends, the Fosters.
Last year we went to their home for dessert and I thought I would invite them to our house this time.

Pam was our chauffeur and she delivered Virginia and me back to my house.
Since it was Tuesday - we thought we'd go Goodwill Hunting!
That's not Pam's cup of tea. She'd rather go biking!

These are my Tuesday Treasures.
Two large Christmas plaid tablecloths - I used plaids in the den at Christmas and through the first part of February. A small satin Christmas tree skirt, three read aloud books, a Christmas blankie, a brand new nice skillet with a divider - like to cook bacon or burgers on one side and eggs or potatoes on the other. Finally, a brand new wine bottle bag - insulated for carrying a chilled bottle of vino with a small corkscrew in the little zipper compartment.

Plus this bleacher seat for Louis Dean to use at the quads' hockey games.

Tuesday night I sewed the three pieces of Louis Dean's Texas quilt together!
I've watched Hamish McBeth while I have sewed this top. I looked up the actor and only then realized this series was made in 1994- 1997.
The white piece on top of the blue was for the Texas star.
However, tonight I messed it up and now I have no idea how to do one.
Guess I will have to think.....think....think....

Louis Dean stayed up really late that night - his feet were bothering him and he just couldn't sleep - so he was still in bed when I left Wednesday morning to go over to spend the day with Amber.
We made a run through Starbucks and I got an order of the Egg Bites. Low calorie since they only use the egg whites. This time I got the ones with roasted peppers. Really good.

Ambe had heard about a new to us Christmas store in Plano called Holiday Warehouse.
It's on 15th Street and it is AMAZING!!

SO much to see!!

Different rooms had different themes.

Every one spectacular!

All color schemes.....

and the traditional along with the whimsical.

It looks like the garlands are a combination of several all weaved together.
We got a lot of good ideas!

I love this idea of hanging lights on a branch suspended from the ceiling.
I have a hook over the baby grand piano in the den and I think I'm going to do that this year!

They had such unique ornaments such as this one that looks to be made of sand.
This would be perfect for Summer and Sabrina in Puerto Rico.

I must say this store is really pricey. WAY out of my budget.

Amber buys a special ornament every year and this was the one she chose from the Holiday Warehouse. What  a great idea to use small stones for the tree lights.
I may paint some of these for next year and use some of my jewelry pieces for the stones.

I had brought the kittens over and Amber and I took them to have their stitches taken out.
The doctor said they did so well - all healed up now!

Amber settled the kids down in the playroom when we got back.
They had snacks and did their reading and played while Amber and I watched a really good movie.
It's the story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and she was fascinating!

I did not realize how much we owe Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her fierce dedication to women's rights.
In 1959 Louis Dean was called back into the army after already serving two years.
There were some legal responsibilities he needed to take care of and he tried to give his wife, Ellen, his power of attorney. He was told he could give it to his father in law - but not to his wife. It had to be a man - not a woman. I highly recommend seeing this film.
She was confirmed to the Supreme Court 96-3 in 1993.

It was dark when I got home last night.
Louis Dean was sitting on the front porch waiting for me.
I had meant to come in and start taking the fall decorations down from in the den....

but instead, I took a shower and joined Louis Dean in the gazebo for a glass of wine and we stayed out there visiting until bedtime. I had left the kitties at Amber's - both kittens and the Bells love them to visit - so we had the French doors open and the attic fan on. Still warm in Texas but so not HOT!

It's kind of nice to sit out here in our one Christmas decorated 'room.'

We even had a campfire!

Louis Dean has been working hard getting this area ready to put the deck in.
He said one more day and he could leave it and start the deck when we get back.
So that gave us one more day here at home before we go to the ranch.

I used this day to pack away the last room of fall.
I may find the odd thing here or there but it is now a done deal!
ALL fall is packed in tubs or bins and I used just a few bags for bulky awkward things.
It's a lot of work decorating and thank goodness it all comes down much faster than it goes up.
When we get home from the ranch I will clean each room and then decorate it.
Louis Dean keeps suggesting that I 'scale it back'......that's a thought.
I can try.
While I worked, I watched two Hallmark Christmas movies and set to record a handful of others.
And guess what??
Louis Dean watched them with me!!

I ordered this year's Christmas cards and they arrived today!
I would love to send YOU one.
While I have many of your addresses, I still don't have all of them.
Please send me an email - adddress on the side bar of the blog - and I will put it in my book.

One of the reasons I need to get back to the ranch is because that is where I do my art now.
And I need to finish this year's Christmas paintings.
I am late doing the Christmas Painting Giveaway but here it is.

Every comment from here until the 21st of November - that's 10 days - will be an entry to win one of the Christmas paintings. I don't even know which one yet!!
If you do NOT wish to be entered - just say so.

We are back in the gazebo as I write this tonight.
 We aren't watching much TV and next to no news so this is where we tend to finish up our day.


Bluebird49 said...

Same here. We're not watching news and are doing quite well without it!
The kittens are something else, but Louis Dean is such a good sport.
I know you will sort out the quilt -- you have a way with fixing things.
Amazing how close it is to Thanksgiving and then Christmas, isn't it. And you have my address and I would dearly love to have a card.
Of course, I would love a chance to win the Christmas painting, too!! Thanks so much for having a giveaway.

Ginny Hartzler said...

This Christmas store is AMAZING! But my favorite picture is the one of little Tabitha with her head hiding in Louis Dean's elbow, and he is laughing so joyfully!

Sharon Larson said...

Linda, I enjoyed your blog again this morning. Yours is ALWAYS a delight. I enjoy learning new things, and I always learn something from you. Your blog is filled with JOY so my heart smiles while I am reading. I look for joy and positivity to fill my thoughts and you always provide that. My beautiful black labs' name is JOY, so I can say JOY all day long!
Would you be so kind as to share Lilian's address again so I may send her a Thanksgiving and a Christmas card?
Thank you for all you do to make this world a brighter place.

Linda Stephens said...

I usually comment on FB but will comment here to enter your contest. As always I love reading about your adventures. You live such a busy life. Love seeing the kitties and the joy they bring you. That Christmas store is amazing! Stay safe and well, sweet Lady.

Changes in the wind said...

Your outings where filled with good friends, loved ones and eye candy everywhere. Your decorating is a never ending job and glad you enjoy it. I have given you my address and received one of your wonderful cards last year.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I just love that Louis Dean was in the gazebo waiting on took a shower and joined him for a glass of wine. That just makes me feel good to think about what a perfect ending to such a good day. Sweet hugs to you both!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Great visit today Linda!! I always enjoy visiting at your house.

Debbie said...

oh linda, that store, what a treasure trove of christmas and so many ideas to hijack. i could spend days in a store like that and shopping there, or seeing these pictures, inspires me. i did not decorate at all this fall, i am excited about decorating for christmas!!

you are a wonderful couple linda, still so in love and it is wonderful to see!!!

the rest of the post exhausts me!! hehehehehehe

love the meme

Elizabeth said...

Wow that store looks amazing. Can't think of anything like that here is Ma.
If I think about it, I've been following your blog now for well over a year.
And although some days seem to go by slowly (with staying home so much) for the most part the year has flown by.
Thank you for sharing your days with us.
Please update us on how Lillian is doing.
I have a Thanksgiving card to send her soon.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice to get all the fall things put away before time to get the Christmas decorations out. Have a good trip out to the ranch. Hope you have a wonderful weekend !

Stacy said...

Oh my gosh, so much Christmas gorgeousness! If I wasn't already thinking about it (my daughter's house is already decorated inside and out...her answer to Covid blah's) your photos would have me ready to get my Christmas on for sure! Love those sweet kitties. <3 Have a blessed Friday!

MimiG said...

Good Morning - it seems like it was just September Morn! Time is speeding by. I'll probably have my grands begin to get a few things down from the attic, in order to not fill the garage. I'll get my fall things down Sunday, and then on Wednesday start the Christmas pieces. Will wait and do my tree last as (hopefully) will have a small family Thanksgiving get together, under 10, and they can help decorate. Can't wait to get this year's Christmas card to add to the others. I frame them and put them all around the kitchen and living room. Love them!

Deanna Rabe said...

The news is completely biased and we haven't watched for years.

I'd love to go to a store like the one you and Amber went too! Wow! I usually just take inspiration from stores like these, especially if items are expensive. You can usually copy what they've done for a fraction of the cost, and you being artistically gifted certainly can do it! You'll have to show us your branch and hanging lights when you do it!

LD is a wonder.

photowannabe said...

Linda, your days and activities are priceless. You spread love where ever you go.
Wish I lived near you. I would love to go Tuesday Goodwill-ing with you..
I would love to be entered in your give away. To win one of your paintings would be wonderful.

Jan said...

Hi Linda. Your kittens are so cute. The Christmas store sounds delightful

Sandra said...

I cannot get Bob past the first 5 minutes of Christmas movie he starts to drive me crazy because he keeps saying it's too perfect trees are not that green leaves are not that green and on and on and on so I don't watch Christmas movies with him. I wish that I could gather my mother from heaven I come out there and go with you and Amber to that holiday house and to that other Christmas place because my mother would just die of sheer joy to see all of that. She was much too sick and died too young to get to see all the things that they have now. But she was so much like you and she loved any and everything and thrift stores were her thing and she would buy anything that was $0.50 just because it was 50 Cent and if she had 10 at home she was still buy two more whatever it was. About the joy and the kittens Big Boy and Bow did the same thing for us. Jake was old for so long and he we loved him dearly but he had lost his ability to be fun but big boy until he got sick and now bow the joy is just like what you're feeling with the kittens and it's priceless

Unknown said...

Oh how I love your blogs. Your kitties are so cute. Would love to win your Christmas Painting.

Linda said...

Could you private message me your name? Email is on my side bar!

Vee said...

Lots of fun things going on all the time in your world. Louis Dean has done a fabulous job of streamlining everything outside. Anything to make life easier is a blessing. Yay for the healed kitties. No worries!

Deb said...

This post helped me get excited to put up my own Christmas decorations up.

Carole said...

How much holiday stuff did you end up buying?? Haven't seen the RBG film - will get it from the library. Cheers

Susie said...

Wow Linda, What awesome Christmas decorations in Campo Verde and at the Christmas store. LD quilt will be so pretty. Your gazebo looks nice and comfy. I will not be putting much decorations out this year, as no one can come over. We are going to be doing our best to get thru this winter and be healthy . Blessings to all of you, xoxo,love you, Susie

Mitzi said...

I have read all the Hamish McBeth books.The books portray Hamish much differently. MC Beaton also does anAgatha

I am a big fan of MC Beaton books. You would also enjoy her Agatha Raison books. Both are in video forms now, but do not portray either character as well as in her books.

Eva said...

I think you have my address, Linda, and I'd love to be entered in the drawing.

Lisa said...

This post was so Christmasy! I loved it. Those kittens seemed to be pretty spoiled and Tabatha has got yall figured out. Just precious!
I love your Goodwill finds!!! The wine bag will be nice to use when you visit friends for the holidays.

I would LOVE to be entered in the giveaway!!!!
I will also be leaving you my address because I want yours too. You can send it to me through my blogger contact form.

mustard seeds said...

Yes please enter me in your fabulous painting giveaway. We need a little Christmas cheer around here!

Rain said...

Hi Linda :)) Wowza, look at all that CHRISTMAS!!! I'm getting ready for the holidays myself, planning meals and stuff. Alex and I won't be doing gifts this year, we bought each other our house and we're happy enough with that!!! :) BTW, you have my old address in Quebec, I'll send you my new one in New Brunswick! :) said...

We are so tired of the National news...just watch local news stations right now...I envy you having kittens! We’ve had some great cats over the years, but Frosty and Rufus are not cat-friendly dogs 😞

Jackie said...

You and LD are amazing. Stay safe...hugs and more hugs.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Lovely Christmassy post. Your posts are always such fun to read.

Vonda said...

Hi Linda, I really enjoy your blog and would love to be entered in the drawing for a painting. Vonda

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

WOW on those places with the Christmas decos and I would really enjoy seeing them if we are ever in your area during the holidays, Linda. Looks like you all had a great time and then you found great bargains at Goodwill too. BTW I sent you an email with our address and i already have yours from last year.

Ashley Ewing said...

I never comment but admire your Santa paintings every year. So I’ll have to start commenting more in hopes of having a shot at getting one all the way in South Carolina lol. Also, I need to message Lonnie to get everyone’s address. I want to get better about sending cards. It’s something that not enough people do anymore.