Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tuesday Treasures and Wednesday at Home!

A 'normal' Tuesday includes a movie at Starplex, Goodwill, and ART!
This was the very FIRST Tuesday in a very LONG time that Ruth Ann and I did all three!

Just in case you are worried about all the debris I drag home on a near weekly basis. yesterday I had a trunk FULL of donations. So much so that I had the helpers come unload it for me.

AND I did not even bring home as much as I took!!
AND I have another trunk load of toys to take to Amber for her to pass on.
What I DID bring home: Two Rooster Plates - because I love them so!
A Croft & Barrow purse - which I have already filled and am using!
Two cushions for a chair on my upper deck.
A pair of pants from The Gap - which I plan to wear tomorrow.
AND - my favorite!! TWO baby dolls!
On Monday, all four quads wanted a baby doll and I only had TWO! 
They wanted a BABY doll - not a DOLL doll.
I promised them I would look for some at Goodwill the next day and I FOUND them!!!
I love it when that happens!!!
Thank you, Lord!
He blesses me in little ways like this.

Just look how similar they all look!
Same size and all bald!
They could be quadruplets!!

Our movie of choice was......


Our third activity of the day was ART!!
That's THE most important one!

Ruth Ann worked on her Santa.
Seems we paint Santa Claus year round!
I still have one to finish myself!

I worked on Dean's truck.
He came home one night and the truck caught on fire! He and Rufus were IN it!!
They got out but he couldn't rescue all his tools and treasures that a man carries around in his pick up.
A neighbor saw the flames and stopped to help.
Dean had beer in his truck - but it was hot.
The other guy had some so they sat on his tail gate and watched the truck burn.
He is still grieving over it.
While I was down there later and saw that burned skeleton, it looked like something I wanted to paint. And so I did! I still have another session on it before glazing it and calling it done.
Not sure if Dean would want it but I plan to offer it to Sherry.

We painted for an hour and a half and then Ruth Ann, Sherry and I sat in the living room and visited for an hour and a half. It was a PERFECT Tuesday!!

Wednesday is my 'Home' Day!
No make up, no leaving the house, just fluffing my nest and doing the odd and end chore.

It helps that I have my very own personal handy man!
I had to de-clutter a counter so he could put up a strip light for me.
Then I cleaned the kitchen.

Next he mended the sewing machine cabinet where a hinge had broken.
He tried one thing and then another but he did get it fixed!
He can fix anything!

I paid bills and did some writing, I read and played Scrabble.
We watched a little news and now we are about to watch Alaskan Bush People before going to bed.
Every day in the week is special.
Sunday - church
Monday - Quad day
Tuesday - movie, Goodwill and art
Wednesday - home day
Thursday - lunch out 
(tomorrow with both my daughters! Hopefully next week with my friend, Brenda!)
Friday - is just special
Saturday is too!!



Alexandra MacVean said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with trading "treasures", right? :) hee Absolutely STUNNING painting, Linda! Wow!!!!

I wanted to let you know that my new blog address is Please make sure to update your newsfeed so we can stay in touch! :)

Kathy said...

You have had a wonderful two days. What a find to get two dolls just like the others! I love the way you section off your week. I should do something like that.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Quad doll babies! One of your best finds yet! And they are dressed so pretty, too. I recently found a Baby Alive that walks at Goodwill! I love those rooster plates, they would go up on my plate rack. Heavens, the poor truck!!

Sandra said...

my mind is buzzing from reading your daily stuff you do plus all you do at home each day. the babies are perfect and so cute.. what a deal! the truck is beautiful and what a story on the burning truck. bob would be devastated if his truck burned

Changes in the wind said...

Love that is a good one to remember.

Stacey said...

A day at home sounds wonderful! I haven't had one of those lately.

Arlene Grimm said...

I love the painting of the truck Linda!! Looks like you could reach out and touch it. Have a fun day with your girls. I am off with my besties today...Thursday is a fun day for me.

Latane Barton said...

I always love hearing about your outings and all the fun things you do. Love the quad babies that you found.

Susie said...

Linda, I love that quote at the end of your post. So true my friend. The baby dolls are wonderful. My oldest granddaughter got a doll like that from me and she called her Susie doll. That doll has been everywhere and almost lost a couple times. She sits on a shelf in my Angie's closet right now. :) Love the truck painting. So happy you donated to goodwill and bought new things. It truly helps people. Here's to your sweet Mr. Fix It (LD) .:):) what would we do without our handy men?? I tell people when you are retired, there's six Saturdays and one Sunday in each week. LOL. Blessings to all, xoxo, love you, Susie

Vee said...

Depending on the weather of course! Well sometimes. I always enjoy reading the description of your days. It will be interesting if Dean will like the painting of his dear truck. Men get so attached to their "offices."

Linda said...

Those baby dolls do look like quads. You get some amazing stuff on your Tuesday runs. Surely Dean will appreciate the painting of his truck. I see Mr Fixit is hard at work.

Gram said...

I LOVE your burned out truck. A man was at an art show at the mall in Arlington where we had a business years ago. He painted bluebonnets and he had a picture of a dead, fallen tree with a squirrel on it. I commissioned the painting, but when I went to pick it up, he said, "I didn't paint the dead tree because I didn't think that's what you wanted." So, I had to make a trip back for him to paint my dead tree. That was 40 plus years ago and I still love it. I would commission you to paint me a Santa Claus if you would. Your's are fantastic! I also wanted to tell you your writing is so insightful. The first chapter of your book was great. I even wrote in my journal your thoughts of light needing dark, and your comment about the piece of the puzzle, (you and Summer were working on)"where we find what we're looking for when we look for something else." I love following you and the quads!

Deanna Rabe said...

I think Dean will treasure your painting, in time anyway.

I like that you donate stuff back, and that way you keep getting fresh 'debris.' Fun!

Enjoy your lunch with your girls tomorrow!

Carol Slater said...

Beautiful artwork! I am glad that you found the baby dolls for your quads.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I agree..your artwork is beautiful! And it's fun to hunt for treasures and even better when you have stuff to donate. Love the sweet little baby dolls! Hugs!

Nancy Chan said...

I love the rooster plates and it is wonderful that you found 4 baby dolls for the quads. Your painting of the truck is lovely. Love your quote. Everyday is a special day!