Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tuesday Treasures and Our Wednesday at Home

Tuesday morning - just as soon as I woke up, had coffee and we did our Bible reading - I was off to see my friend, Yulisa!! I told her I couldn't stand another minute of my hair!

Being the professional that she is - she calmed me down and proceeded to give me the best cut for my hair type and personality. She is the BEST!!
I LOVE the back!

AND I love the front!
Notice I am wearing my Goodwill find from San Antonio!
A White House/Black Market top for $3!

I got home in time to pick Louis Dean up and take him to an appointment with his new cardiologist.
He's always a little bit apprehensive when going to a new doctor but his wonderful Dr. Yepes had moved over to Medical City in Dallas and we opted to stay here with the Irving practice since it's more convenient for us.

We need not have had a moment's concern!

Dr. Uppalapati was wonderful and we all clicked immediately!
While she 'doctors' in a very different way from Yepes and before that, Jennings, she was very thorough! I just love it when we treat doctors like 'real' people and they do the same!
We noticed she was eating a fruit plate for her lunch as we were leaving and I told her that Louis Dean was a baker and had always given Dr. Yepes a batch of homemade cinnamon rolls. He always said, "It is my weakness!!"
She was excited and said, "Bring them on!" And so we will! Right after Louis Deam completes the three tests she has lined up for him. She is all about quality of life and testing that will give her a clear picture of what is going on with his heart. I like that. We told her how he experienced his one and only heart attack as he was lying in the heart cath lab with a team of doctors working on him.
She said, "Talk about perfect timing!" That's what we have always said!

I took LD home and picked up Ruth Ann and we were off on our Tuesday!
No movie today. We got a late start - it was 3:00 by then!
First we visited my friend, Reaoma, in the nursing home. Is that what they are called these days? Probably assisted living. Reaoma has a lovely room decorated in bright colors with lots of Native American touches. While she can't speak very much any more and she can't see well at all - she still laughs and makes you know she is still the delightful Reaoma I have known for so many years. Everyone there calls her 'Ms Reaoma.' We had a nice visit.

We decided to walk for exercise and what better place to do that than at Centennial Park?
I had some cracked corn to feed the ducks but we were out staged by an Indian lady who obviously comes every day.

As soon as she drove up - that;s her car up in the corner - the ducks started flapping their way over to her! She threw out POUNDS of cracked corn and here they came. She sat down and let them feed all around her. It was a beautiful thing to see.

We were feeding down below and got a few takers.

Then we decided to walk around to the other side. After all, we were there to WALK!

Geese, ducks and lots of fun!

It was a beautiful day in North Texas!

We loved the colors on the mallards.
Ruth Ann and I are going to read up in our bird books about some of these birds.

Some of the ducks have blue bills and blue coloring on their wings.
Beautiful! But what kind are they? 

Irving does have beautiful parks!

From there we hit up the Goodwill!

Here are my treasures! Those pretty green plates will look good setting on our white dinner plates for a March table setting. A couple of wine glasses in my favorite size - I like the small ones so I can refill them! AND - a new baby doll for when the quads visit. Always a winner!

My best buy was a Ralph Lauren skirt in a romantic flowing cream.
I'm already planning on wearing it to church on Sunday.
My only dilemma is shoes. I only wear Skechers these days......

I also scored on a Chico t-shirt! Win! WIN!!!

In keeping with Tuesday - I set out the art table and Ruth Ann and Sherry joined me.

I pretty much finished this wine glass still life.

I will highlight it next week and glaze it the week after.

The truck painting is glazed and done!
This one goes to Sherry and I will be painting another one for me.

Look what Sherry did!
She arranged my Starbucks cups to form Nita's!
Sherry's eye catches things we don't!
We are always happy to have her critique our paintings!

To end my Tuesday, Louis Dean serenaded me with a medley of love songs.
He had two dozen roses and a box of fresh strawberries waiting when I came in from my afternoon.
I love that he is still a romantic at 80 years old!!
We may be old but we are still sweethearts!

Wednesdays are my stay at home days and this was a good one!

The mockingbirds were singing as I was cleaning up the area around our kitchen pond!
They are our favorite bird!

Our project was ambitious.

It took us four hours - with BOTH of us working - to clean up the pond, prune the rose bushes behind it and clean out a whiskey barrel planter, rake up a garbage bag full of fall leaves. clean the rocks, refill the pond and rebuild all the rocks surrounding it.

I think it was a job well done.
I strung up two net lights on the two bushes and 2 strands of 100 count lights around the pond.
Then we came in and took good long HOT showers!
We ended our day with a glass of wine outside to admire our handy work.

Here it is - the end of February - and we are already getting an early start on cleaning up for spring!


G Dazeez said...

Linda, you got some great buys on your Tuesday shopping, the skirt is very pretty! You and LD are a great team, your pond is beautiful with the lights surrounding it. I'm so glad to hear you are happy with the new doctor. Your are very talented at painting, I think the old red truck is my favorite. Have an awesome Thursday!

Stacey said...

Linda, you have more fun in a day than anyone I know!

Your hair looks darling. I'm jealous of your shopping finds. Thank goodness you have another doctor you love. And...I adore your pond. ;)

Vee said...

Well I hope I look as cute as you when I get home from my hair appointment today. Highly unlikely that I will share a picture so we can all imagine my cuteness. Ha!

Love those mugs spelling out Nita's. That Sherry! And what a pretty, young doctor. Men like pretty and young. One of my father's care persons is a young lady and he is very charmed by her. Now if Louis Dean charms this doc with his baking skills, she'll be fully in tow. Ha!

Gosh, you both have more energy...

Sandra said...

when I went to my uncle funeral last week I had the same issue with shoes. I just went with my comfy shoes and did not worry about it. once again you scored big at GW... love your hair and the PIP preview of the back.. it looks great

Susie said...

Linda, Young love may be champagne, but old love is surely a fine wine. Love the new things. You are looking good, lady. Glad you and Ruth got a nice walk in. Sketchers makes some Mary Jane styles too. Blessings, xoxo,love you guys, Susie
p.s. is the Sherry in art class Dean's wife?

Arlene Grimm said...

I will take one of those cinnamon rolls...but before Lent starts. If you read my blog today you will know why!! Love your hair...sometimes a good trim is all that is needed. I love my bob and have had it now for several years.

Jill said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. :-) That is so great you found a doctor who truly listens and cares... that is rare to find it seems. We haven't had the best of luck lately with my daughter's health issues. Your hair looks beautiful!! Wonderful items you found :-) Hope you have a wonderful day!


Deanna Rabe said...

What a delightful Tuesday and Wednesday! You got some great deals! Your hair looks great, LD is quite a romantic!

I like working on projects with my husband,too! Makes hard work more fun and rewarding!

Linda said...

The new cardiologist looks like she might be Indian (country not teepee). I once had such a doctor and she also ate a plate of fresh fruit for lunch. I was always a little taken aback for my doctor to be munching fruit while visiting with me. You and LD are newlyweds. Not sure Bob was ever a romantic, but if he was, he lost it somewhere over the last 54 years.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love your painting! When I was scrolling down, I thought you had some pears and a huge glass of wine! YES, it is so well done that I had thought it was REAL!!! As usual, I love all your paintings! I am so blessed and happy to have one. And I want to keep it hung all the time! But of course people would think I am crazy. The pond and the lighted trees are GORGEOUS!! The Quads will LOVE it! And I even see a bit of a reflection of the lights in the water. You are beautiful, and so is your hair!! You always find the best clothes at Goodwill, and the plates are gorgeous! Your weekly Goodwill goodies are one of my very favorite of all posts...I can't wait to see what you got each week! I am so glad you both like your new doctor. As seniors, it is so important for us! Please keep me posted on the tests. We love feeding the ducks, and seeing the Duck Lady is really something.

White Lace and Promises said...

I love your hair and the top. You wear your Sketchers. I'm purchasing me some this weekend. This standing on my feet in heels at my age is for the birds. I love the way you and Louis Dean do life. Ya'll are just precious!

Pondside said...

You are amazing! I love this post because it just made me feel uplifted. I'm glad that the doctor is going to work out!

Small Kucing said...

It's nice to hear the new doctor is good.

Debbie said...

Your hair looks great, a beautiful cut!! Always hoping for good health for ld, fingers crossed for success with the new doctor!!

Carole said...

Love your wine glass picture - just fab. Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

The green plates are gonna be perfect for St. Patrick's Day!!
Beautiful new cardiologist. Wow. If I were a man, I'd pick her too. LOL [kidding]

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Linda, I love your new hair do. The back cut is simply gorgeous.

Penny said...

The new cardiologist sounds so nice and a true expert. Louis Dean will be in safe hands with her. Love your paintings, what great skills you have there. You must have been tired after all that work in the garden but well worth the effort, it looks beautifully tidy and fresh now X