Saturday, February 4, 2017

Our Weekend at the Ranch

We left Irving Friday in the late morning. A simple two hour drive is never simple and has NEVER been just two hours! Try three! Or, as in this case - four! That's because Louis Dean and I thought it would be fun to take the scenic route using the back roads. It was scenic but, since neither one of us have any sense of direction, we went a bit out of our way - taking a rather LONG way sown!
We stopped for lunch somewhere. That's where we went wrong. Louis Dean chatted up the waitress and she told us the easiest way to get to Malone. That's not our final destination but it could be a stop along the way. Somehow we messed that up although we did arrive at Malone - eventually.

I have pondered whether to talk about what happened at lunch. I think I will.
It was a truck stop/restaurant type of place. The restaurant was nice and had a Texas Depots theme with framed quotes of Will Rogers and Judge Roy Bean. While we ate we noticed an older man in a pair of coveralls. That's different from overall's. He had long gray hair and wandered around the restaurant looking at the framed photos and quotes. I heard a waitress ask if she could help him and he said he was just passing the time. I began to think perhaps he was homeless and/or hungry. When the waitress brought our check, I asked her if she thought he was hungry. She said she could go ask him. Turns out he was. We paid for him to have the buffet and a drink without ever saying a word to him. I felt like I needed to do something but I'm always unsure of myself as to how to do it.
Hopefully, he enjoyed a good meal.

We by passed Waco by coming in the back way but we did stop at the Dollar store in Mart before taking the road right there by the store to come on out to the ranch.

It's a pretty road scenic wise. Lots of ruts and craters, though, making for a rough ride.

Finally! We arrived!

Come on in!!

Dean left Friday morning coming our way and we left coming his way.
We went straight to doing critter chores first thing.
It took us about an hour and a half and it made for good exercise.

We came in and settled in at the camper.
We gave up on LOST and brought Boston Legal and Mash to watch.
When I uncovered the TV - I was shocked to find it was ON!! And HOT!!!
I keep it covered with a small quily when we're not using it.
Somehow, when we left I must have bungled around and hit the button turning it on. 
It had been on since we left on Monday.
Normally we don't come back this soon but praise God we DID this time!!!
We set the TV in the doorway so the cool night air could cool it off. 
I fixed a little supper for us and popped in a DVD and it worked just fine!

Good morning from the ranch!
We each had a good night's sleep and enjoyed our morning routine of coffee and reading.
We keep a Bible here so we can pick up on our reading just as if we were at home.

We do morning chores and evening ones.
I feel like a pioneer woman as I go out to deal with the ducks, chickens, roosters, geese, cats and goats! And horses!

Dean has a group of gorgeous cats.
This one is really extra friendly and has beautiful blue eyes.

The ducks are always a favorite with me.

Normally it is so quiet here but this weekend we can hear heavy equipment in the background.

Louis Dean says the goats are surprisingly strong!!!

Here we go! you can see her pretty eyes!!

It's been a peaceful weekend.

Lots of interesting things to look at.
I love the color and look of rust.

I saw this laid out on a board just as you would do an art display.

This is Dean's childhood car.

And then there are the horses.  We got to see them run a few times this weekend and everytime it just thrills my heart! I LOVE that sound!!

The best breakfast here is always bacon and farm fresh eggs!
I picked up two this afternoon that were still warm!
As a city girl - this is pretty exciting!

We will be going home tomorrow morning after we do the critter care.
Today my heart has been in two places. Here and in Mineral Wells where dear Danna was laid to rest.
My sisters were there and they said it was a beautiful service.
Pam posted a poem on Facebook that a lady wrote especially for Danna.
I would like to close this journal entry with these words.

She wanted to live
But her fight was all gone.
She closed her eyes
and prayed to go home.

She begged and she pleaded
But peace didn’t come
And she struggled to breath
As time lingered on.

One day as she lay there
He reached down His hand
He lifted Her up
And told her to stand.

Her strength was renewed.
Dressed all in white.
Together they danced
All through the night.

She sang and she twirled,
Like never before.
Rejoicing with Jesus
The pain was no more.

His words were so gentle
His hands so steady
“It’s time to go now
Your mansion is ready.”

Down a brightly lit path
They skipped and they sang.
Dancing with Jesus
Rejoicing again.

Written by God
Penned by Delores McPherson

Thank you, Delores 


Kathy said...

You really do look like a farm lady. I can't imagine having eggs that fresh. I'll bet they taste better too.

I have tears in my eyes as I read the poem written for Danna. Isn't that what we all want -- to dance with Jesus? Praying for her family.

Ginny Hartzler said...

So sad. Again, I am so very sorry. All we can pray for is that when our time comes, we don't suffer. You look so cute in that apron! I saw the top part on Facebook and thought it was a cute little dress. Horses! Yes, it is so exciting to hear them run! They are beautiful; especially the unusual black one with the snow white mane. The Siamese cat has gorgeous eyes! We have a Siamese, and he looks a bit like this one. I wish I could taste those just laid eggs! You did a wonderful thing at the diner!!! God does not forget anything we do for Him.

a portland granny said...

What a wonderful poem!! Just so true! Thanks for sharing it.

G Dazeez said...

That is a beautiful poem. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. The trip to the ranch is funny, happens to thehubs and I all the time. I like to tell him it is fun because of the company! The horses are also beautiful and I can imagine the sound you here when they run. Have fun Linda, enjoy the time outdoors!

Deanna Rabe said...

Beautiful words. For those left behind, its pain and sadness even though they know she's with Jesus. They'll miss her!

You and LD are so nice to go do critter care! So grateful you didn't have a fire!

Linda said...

It is wonderful to travel the back roads of Texas. It's nice to take life a little slower at times. Good for for showing kindness to another of God's creations, we aren'nt t seeing many examples of that these days. In the cities we're all so busy we seldom pay attention to those around us. I think we notice others more in small communities.

Vee said...

💕That poem is very special...

Now you know why you took the scenic route. ☺️

Sweet Tea said...

I've been teading back posts and have finally caught up with you. You're one busy gal! I've quit blogging but still want to check in with my blog friends when possible.

Jodi Walters said...

That poem hits so close to home. My dad started dialysis last week and my heart is so broken for him. He's only 75 and must be in a nursing home until he gets stronger because my mom can't lift him. He is such a man of faith, but yet this is so hard!!!

Sandra said...

I love the sound and feel of running horses, they shake the ground when they run. to be a true authenic pioneer woman, you might need to trade the pants for a long skirt.. ha ha and be careful around the fire pit if you wear a skirt... love all the rusty stuff and the car. my brother had one just like it..

Arlene Grimm said...

Linda, I think you have good discernment in reading people. So glad you and LD made sure that man had a hot meal. I have found when that still small voice whispers to me, I need to act. Have a safe short trip home.:)

Linda said...

I'm so sorry! We will add your dad to our prayers. What is his name?

Susie said...

Linda, The poem was beautiful. I know it's true. Glad you knew in your sweet heart that the gentleman was in need. God knew you would help. :):) Goodness that TV was part of the reason you needed to get back to the ranch. You may have to do what my sister (who is OCD) does...just go thru the camper on your way out double checking every switch and knob. LOL. Blessings to you, love you girl, xoxo, Susie