Sunday, January 22, 2017

Quad Sunday!

Our little dishwasher adventure is not over yet!
Saturday night we decided to do a trial run before Louis Dean put everything back in place.
Our OLD dishwasher would have standing water in the bottom at the end of the cycle.
So did our NEW one! It was about 11:00 last night when Louis Dean cried 'uncle' and realized he would need to regroup. He had been down on the floor and up and down and by this time he was completely worn out. So much so that, as we sat in the den with a glass of wine before bed, I told him I completely understood if he wanted to sleep in this morning instead of going to church and that's exactly what he did. He actually slept in the guest room since I would be getting up earlier and getting ready for church. At 3:30 this morning when I got up to go to the bathroom, his reading light was still on and when I peeked in there, sure enough! - he had the book up and was reading.
He said later that it was nearly daylight before he ever went to sleep.

After church I switched out vehicles with Amber and Mike and brought the quads home with me. I called Louis Dean ahead of time and he went off to pick up pizza, bread sticks and wings for our lunch!

They ate well and Granddad did the dishes - by hand - while I put them down for naps in the guest room and read a chapter from On The Banks of Plum Creek. It was the one on bloodsuckers and i mean to tell you I had their undivided attention.

Trystan was the first one asleep with Harrison next and then Logan and at long last - Kailey!
They slept about an hour and a half. I finished up the dishes and did a bit of housework. I'm still taking Christmas down.....and putting it in the Christmas house and cleaning......will it ever end?

I was taking a break in the living when Trystan came in. I had some one on one snuggle time with her and then - in the order they went to sleep - they came in one by one.
I got all the 'Big Kid' Legos out and they played for well over an hour!

Even Kailey who usually flits off after a few minutes and returns like a moth to a flame but never staying long - did not BUDGE for the entire time!!

Lego Play

While they played, Granddad watched football and I worked in the living room.

While I put away the storage tubs and vacuumed, it was the kids that helped me put the finishing touches on it. Harrison helped me move the two smaller chairs back into place and two of the girls cleaned the glass and mirrors and took everything off the coffee table - and then put it back while Trystan dusted the end tables. It was a group effort and it worked!

To celebrate we lit ALL the candles!!

After a little while, the kids helped me blow out all but four.
I love candles!

Since the living room looked so nice and smelled so good, we hung out in there for awhile.
Granddad was still watching football so I turned on some Yanni music and got out the books Amber had custom made of the quads' first year.

They love to hear stories about when they were babies!

Harrison said, "These are so CUTE!!!"

I guess they spent nearly another hour looking at them!

"Listen to the children while they play....."

Logan went to the kitchen to help me prepare the casserole for tomorrow morning's breakfast while dinner was cooking.

It has been a chilly blustery day so I thought potato soup would be a good meal.

It was! It was nearly 8:00 when we were finishing up and then they got ready for bed and had Facetime with their Mama and Dada.

I read two more chapters before bed. That was about 9:00.
It is now after 11:00 and they all just went to sleep!
Logan has been coughing and Kailey was flailing around on the bed flouncing herself over one way and then the other. Harrison was on the floor trying to go to sleep but all the commotion was keeping him awake. Trystan was being a jewel and quietly rubbing my socked foot as I sat in the chair and chatted with my sisters on messenger.
Finally, I got up and asked Granddad to come sit a spell and he did for about 15 minutes.
Then Logan got to coughing so bad that he took her to the den to try and calm her down. I had already given her the medicine her mommy had sent but it had not seemed to slow the cough down any. On the way to the den she threw up but thankfully didn't get any on her nightgown.
I cleaned that up while Louis Dean put Vick's on Logan's chest and then put her on the couch with her head elevated. I went back to the guest room with the other three. Mind you, it is dark in there except for a couple of nightlights. I slipped out to start my journal entry and had to go back three times to tell Kailey to quit talking so they could go to sleep.
It's been an adventure! Keeping it real here, folks.
You have all been here and done that, I'm sure!!

That's the beauty about being grandparents - it's not our normal routine.
My hat's off to Amber and other young moms who do this day in and day out.
Pastor talked about routines in his message today. They can be comforting and then they can also drive you crazy!

Happy Grandma on Facebook

I am so grateful my children are raising their children in such a manner as this.

Now I better scoot off to bed because I have the sneaking suspicion I may not get to sleep in as usual in the morning. However, we did go over one of the few rules in this house.
#1 - you do NOT wake MeeMaw up!!!
At their house - they come in the guest room and wake me up and that's fine.
At MY house - you do NOT wake me up!
However, I have left a stack of books for them to read in the morning and I will put a big thing of iced tea for them to share - Logan has her own water - plus a bowl of snacks such as peanut butter and crackers and cheese sticks and such.
This should buy me another hour!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so sorry that Logan is sick! But I know she loves being with both of you and you are a great source of comfort to her. Everyone wants their grandma when they are sick! The potato soup looks so good that I copied it and am going to make it! Easy peasy! So what is going on with the dishwashers I wonder...

Linda said...

You are such a delight. I hope you get your extra hour in the morning. Sounds like Miss Kailey is well recovered and back to keeping everyone on their toes. Those kids are going to have such wonderful memories of visiting their memaw and granddad.

Sandra said...

when you have four to cough that is bad. you are such great grandparents.. God bless both of you... I am sure their parents love having time alone. the dishwasher sounds like plumbing problems instead of dishwasher problems, like it is not draining right. hope i am wrong. poor LD... i would not have been able to sleep either thinking about it

Carla said...

I'm right there with Logan. I got sick
Tuesday and I've been draggin ever since. Now the medicine is kicking my butt. I'm moving slow. Hope Logan is feeling better.
That potato soup looked yummy.

Susie said...

Linda, Bless your sweet grandmother heart. You do remember being a young mom...that is one reason, I will wash dishes, fold clothes, or sweep when I go to my kids' houses. I remember working and trying to keep it all going. I love that the children helped you get the living room back in shape. What great kids. Blessings to all of you. xoxo, love,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I can so relate to what you go through. We only usually have three at one time - instead of four- but it is still a busy, fun time...busy, busy, busy.
It is fun to watch the kids look at themselves as babies. They are always fascinated, aren't they?
Hope Louis Dean can get the dishwasher fixed. How aggravating. xo Diana

Vee said...

Hope that Logan had a better day today. Those coughs are can be nasty. When Jakob was here with me last week, he had a cough and I put some Thieves on his feet and some Vicks on his chest and back. I apologized and he said, "Trust me, my mother does this every time I get this cough."

Wondered about the dreams after reading the chapter on leeches. Thanks for reminding me of that. I should have it at the ready for a time when I need to keep a grand's attention.

Diana Ferguson said...

Two at a time here keep me on my toes. Can't imagine four, and I am VERY impressed with all you do while they are there!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I copied your soup recipe! Love the idea that your reading the Little House on the Prairie books to them. Nancy