Saturday, January 21, 2017

Another Clean Room and Getting Ready for Church....

We spent all of Thursday and Friday watching the inauguration and all that followed.
Amber sent me a snippet of a video she took of the quads dancing along with Michael Flatley's group at one of the balls....

Back when Amber and Benjamin were young, they put on their very own version of Lord of the Dance and it was pretty amazing!!

I used the time yesterday to work in the den. The Santa wall is down and I finished cleaning it today.

It looks a bit bare bones for my house! I have debris stuff up in the storage building attic that I packed away when I decorated for fall. That means I have tubs and tubs of stuff that I haven't seen since August.

I don't even remember what all I packed.

We will enjoy less clutter for another week or two before I get it down. There continues to be a dead mouse smell in the den so I have kept candles burning and I have a fresh bouquet of eucalyptus branches. It still 'smells!'

Our entertainment this afternoon was watching Patton complete with popcorn and Diet Cokes!
Louis Dean has been wanting to watch that again for over a week.
Today I finally sat down with him.
He has most of that movie memorized!

Tomorrow we will bringing the quads home with us after church so Amber and Mike can have a free afternoon and evening. They will spend the night with us so I am making plans for Sunday lunch and dinner, Monday morning breakfast and some craft/art projects.

Louis Dean bought us a new dishwasher and it was delivered today.
He's been in the kitchen taking the old one out and putting the new one in while I have been in here writing. What in the world would I do without him? He is the handiest man I have ever met!

I have my clothes all laid out for church in the morning. I love doing that.
Tomorrow I am wearing a suit with hose and real shoes. 
Unless my hose has a runner. Then I have a pair of dress slacks, a sweater and the 'new' brown sweater jacket I bought last Tuesday. When my kids were little, I would lay out their clothes for Sunday School on Saturday night and I would make sure their hair was shampooed. 
Wonder if Louis Dean knows what he's going to wear?
He's a big boy and I never pick his clothes out for him!


  1. Hello Linda, your den looks so clean! I can't wait to see what you are going to do with it, you are so creative. I absolutely love your Secretary Desk, it is beautiful, the round top is so pretty. I recently found an old dilapidated one at a flea market and jr painted it black. I love it, I have all my writing tools and inspiration in one place. We watched the inauguration for 2 days too, I felt so proud when Lee Greenwood sang "I am proud to be an American" I cried. Have fun tomorrow with the kiddos!

  2. All your tubs of debri will be new to you if you don't remember what you packed. Have fun with the quads. I'm sure Amber and Mike appreciate you giving them some time together.

  3. Your home is lovely.

    Those quads are so cute and I love how Mike and Amber interact with them!

    I was admiring your secretary! I need a new desk and my husband wants to get me one like this! I can't wait!

  4. Hi Linda, not my birthday - my better half's! He doesn't like birthdays at a all and tries to ignore them. I watched the inauguration too - the oath was at 6.15am Saturday our time. Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  5. I love Lord Of the Dance, Riverdance, and Feet Of Flame. I had them all on video tape. In fact, we love Celtic and Irish music. We have a secretary desk much like yours, I love the style. And I am in love with your white leather couch, it is beautiful. I always like to have a plan of activities when our grands come over, too. I try to keep them busy most of the time. Crafts are a big thing. I know you will have a great Sunday!

  6. I too watched the inauguration...but I didn't as a LIVE STREAM....I was birding when it all took place...but as soon as I got home, I booted up the computer and watched it 'repeated'.

    It's always good to have a clean area. Bud and I will spend a couple of weekends gutting out the garage....we started yesterday 'til we both got to tired to go further...we'll finish after taking the week weekend, we'll have room to park a car. LOL

  7. I am with you on being blessed with a handyman. What do we do without them? Your house is back to looking warm and cozy and you know I love all your little twinkly lights. Do you use those fairy lights that I've seen advertised I was thinking about ordering one string of them. Glad you got a new dishwasher

  8. It is a great blessing to have a husband who knows how to do things. So glad that the new dishwasher has arrived and I hope that it'll soon be ready. Happy times ahead for you folks with the quads arriving.Have a blessed time!

  9. Linda, I love the tiny dancers. :):) Your den looks so welcoming. We have a dish washer, but I had Ted unhook it, I wash my hand...of course when it's just us that's not a lot of dishes. :) Can't believe the warm temps here lately. I like that you lay out clothes, I do that to save time....when there something happening. I always made my girls lay out their school clothes and Liz would still change her mind a few times. LOL. Blessings to all of you, love, xoxo, Susie

  10. I lay out my clothes the night before as well, Linda!! It takes some of the stress away when you are prepared. So glad you got your new dishwasher. Those are "maids" we cannot do without!!

  11. This year, like last year, I am trying to clean and remove anything that I am not totally in love with. Good will is getting some great stuff. You might just find some of my things!

  12. Linda, your den looks clean AND cozy. I hope you can get rid of the smell. Did you find the mouse?
    Love watching children dance.