Monday, January 23, 2017

Adventures with the Quads!!

Every day is an adventure!
 Add 4 four year olds and it's even more so!

However, waking up with these precious little people is a blessing.
The books, tea and snacks I left for them last night did, indeed, buy me an extra hour this morning!
It was 9:00 when I heard the kids whispering at our bedroom door.
"I think there are THREE people in the bed!"
Louis Dean had already got up and gone to the den so it was just ONE.
I must have looked like a mountain!
I DO pile pillows on my feet and practically build a wall around me!

I posted this on Facebook:

The girls brushed their teeth first thing this morning! We forgot to do this last night and about 3:00 AM Trystan woke EVERYONE up screaming, "We forgot to brush our teeth and now we have to go to the DENTIST!" Granddad rushed in there and said, "No one is going ANYWHERE right now except back to sleep!" And so they did and so did we! It's always exciting when you have kids in the house! We love it! 

This was the breakfast casserole the girls and I had prepared last night.
Popped it in the oven and it was delicious!!!
It's cubed toasted bread with crumbled bacon and cheese and the a mixture of 6 eggs, 1 T dry mustard, salt and 2 cups of milk poured over it. 

I served it on my Williams and Sonoma heart plates.

The girls all wanted coffee this morning so I made tiny cups for them with 1 T coffee and a half cup of milk. It makes them feel grown up!

Kailey got my red camera and took a ton of pictures!
I thought I would add this reality shot to tonight's journal.
(I did soften and crop it - just because!)
Under that big flannel shirt I am wearing the pink pajama top I bought last week at Goodwill.
We are watching the news - in case you were wondering!

This is the only other picture you can recognize.
She ran the battery down taking so many but it is cheap entertainment/
Kailey is a busy little girl and is always moving. Hence, all her photos were blurry!
I can relate.

After breakfast I had some mending to do.
The kids think I can fix anything and every week I get an assortment of critters that have holes or need to be mended in some way. The Logan blankie - which she has had from NICU days - lost a brown circle so I used embroidery thread and gave him a new one. The penguin had an ear muff come off and the elf had a hole in his hat. The horse just needed Granddad to glue one side of her hat back down. All better!!!

It's worth it all to see them smile!!
I wonder how old they will be before they discover I really CAN'T fix everything?

After our morning chores we were off to Chuck E Cheese!!!

We took them once last year and I went way overboard on the 'tokens' which are really like credit cards. I bought enough for several trips! Today I only had to buy the food. Easy lunch!!

Note Granddad in the background!
He is SUCH a good sport!
I'm sure he wanted to get back to the dishwasher project but the grands are more important than anything else. So, of COURSE he went to Chuck E Cheese with us.
It was kind of funny, though. I saw some of the employees bringing in Chick Fil A for their lunch!!

I really like this next pic!!!
I had been talking to Sherry by way of emails.
I told her this morning had been a zoo!!
I LOVE her response!!!

If you let all the animals out of their cages, life doesn’t seem like such a zoo, but a safari.  Not sure if that is any better…  Hope things calm down for you.   Sherry

I emailed her back with this pic!

THIS was the photo she sent me this morning:
She said, "Your trailer is calling."

Dean and I were walking down the road from getting the goats and the sun popped out and right above your trailer was a beautiful rainbow.  I was glad Dean always carries his phone around.  I’ve been missing both you and Louis Dean. 

We can hear it! I am excited that we had already planned on going back down to the ranch later this week. I can hardly wait!!

Now I'm going to go look through my children's books. Tomorrow I am the Mystery Reader at the quads' classroom. The obvious is lost upon me. I totally didn't realize that 'Mystery' meant no one was supposed to know! I was telling the kids all about me coming tomorrow!
Maybe they will forget and hopefully they won't be telling the class.....


Arlene Grimm said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. We make that breakfast casserole too and now I am hungry!!

Linda said...

Wow, you are incredible. Absolutely you need to go back to your camper and rest a few days! I'm impressed with those heart plates. I laughed out loud at the Trystan dentist story. LD truly is a treasure.

Ginny Hartzler said...

The tooth brushing story is a riot. Good for Amber!! I love the first picture, showing the pretty girls and their personalities. I was wondering if you are somewhere under there!! Your breakfast looks delicious!! And you DO have a bit of Valentine decorating! Gorgeous rainbow over the ranch. Can't wait to find out how the reading turned out at school!


Oh Linda....these grandkids of yours are so precious!! You truly are blessed.

Estelle's said...

You are on the go, go, go with your grandbabies! It's delightful to hear about and see! Should be pretty good weather for a ranch visit this week! Y'all have a ball!

Vee said...

Pretty sure that they'll never learn that you can't fix everything... What a lovely shot of your home away from home. Chuckling about how you ruined the surprise for the would have been so fun to see their reactions. Have fun with that!

Sandra said...

oh no on the mystery thing. it will be fun I am sure. I love the note and the rainbow over your trailer. I hope the dishwasher is fixed so you can wash the pretty red dishes and the casserole dish. looks yummy

Susie said...

Linda, The mysterious reader. :):) Oh I love you girl...You make me laugh and feel like part of the family. :):) I love that the little ones think we work such magic fixing this and that. Just Sunday, Emma said "Papaw can I show you something?" her father said, now Emma I will get that mirror hung for you...But Teddy just went ahead and hung it and took her old mirror down and we put it in the garage. So Little to make her happy that day. :):) LD needed a Chucky Cheese break too. The rainbow shining down on the camper is so nice. Blessings, xoxo, Love you,Susie

Jill said...

Looks like a lot of fun! That breakfast casserole looks yummy! I am on the Whole 30 right now so I will have to tuck that recipe away for later, lol ;-) Enjoy your week !


Deanna Rabe said...

I love the quad adventures! You and Louis Dean are so patient!

That's a beautiful photo of your trailer!

G Dazeez said...

Linda, you and LD are a special family, then add the quads and your house fills with even more love. Our Lil Willy moved to Colorado so we no longer get to see him in the weekends. Every photo we get, I seem changing. Thank you for sharing the photos of the quads, they are just adorable! Get some rest!!!