Thursday, January 12, 2017

Back Home Again!

For the very first time EVER, I felt like I was ready to go home.
Not that I wouldn't have loved to stay longer, but I felt rested, relaxed and ready to get back to the 'real' world. The fact that this is Dean and Sherry's 'real' world just makes it that much better.
We are grateful that we get to visit their world.

Louis Dean truly enjoys this time with his son.
I love to see them together!
While they talked, I worked inside the camper.

I like to leave it all clean and in order for our next visit.
I took off the blue denim sofa cover and replaced it with red denim. 
It's a Ralph Lauren duvet cover that I cut apart in order to make two pieces for the sofa.
Goodwill for $5.

Since it is only 31 feet, it doesn't take long to get it ready to leave.

It takes exactly one hour from the time I finish my coffee to when we are ready to drive out the gate.

Linens all changed and lots of laundry to bring back home.

Final check.

Lock 'er UP!

I had to blur me because when we kissed at the door, I smeared my lipstick all over ME!
I can't see any on HIM!

The horses were up there to say good bye....and that gravel is insurance that if it rains, we can park there and still get out.

The big white truck is ready to roll.
Can you see Louis Dean waving?

Headed down County Line Road.......

Beautiful scenery all the way!

We stopped for lunch in Hillsboro and then rolled smoothly on to Irving.
We took some back roads to Hillsboro and then picked up I35 to I20 to Spur 408.
Louis Dean likes to exit on Shady Grove to get off the highway and we drive across South Irving to get home. He unloads and I unpack and put up. Win! WIN!!
The laundry was started - load after load - and I took a long hot shower and then he soaked in a hot tub until he came out looking like a prune! Our evening entertainment was catching up with The Alaskan Bush People!

Today started with coffee and reading and news! We had not seen ANY news for the 10 days we were gone. Didn't miss much.

I started taking Christmas down in the kitchen and stopped to make us a good lunch!

I love those Facebook recipes and I saw this one early in the day.

Remember all those frozen eggs I had gathered?
They made a delicious sandwich!
Here is the link to the recipe:
  Although I forgot to add the cheese!
Still very good!

Between keeping the laundry going, I cleaned up the kitchen and packed away all the decorations - in that one room.

I still have the den, living room, foyer, front porch and gazebo left to do!

What takes long in the kitchen is changing out all the coffee cups and glassware.
I have to run them through the dishwasher before I can put them back in the cabinets.

The tree is gone and all is done.
I swept the floor and called it a day.

For now I will bask in the glow of  yet another CLEAN room!!!
I lit THREE candles in there to celebrate!!


Linda said...

I do believe you're back in the swing of things. Is Bush People on TV or do you get it from Net Flix? I expect life to begin hopping pretty quickly around your house.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Welcome Home. You both needed your wonderful home away from home rest. Hugs.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your camper is so cute inside!!!! I like the big red looks camperish! The black and white horse is beautiful! Glad you are both home safe and sound. Your red denim couch cover is so well done that I could not tell it WAS a cover! I have my Valentine things out now, soon will be Easter decorating!

PATI CLARK said...

💄Smeared lipstick 👄 is the best💄 ...too cute !

Kathy said...

So glad you had a good rest on the ranch. I know you are happy to be back in your house. You'll have to get lipstick that doesn't smear. ;)

Susie said...

Linda, I am glad you and LD are safely back home. I know you got some much needed rest and quiet. I love when my house is clean , I know you do too. :):). Blessings to you , love, xoxo, Susie

Sandra said...

you live in the best of both worlds, and live your life full of joy and happiness and Family... it may have taken you a lifetime to get where you are, but your life is certainly blessed now

Vee said...

Another day in paradise...

You pack your Christmas mugs away in cabinets? I pack mine away in a box so I leave more room in the cabinet...I always need more room in a cabinet. It is prolly time to purge.

Now I wondered why you blurred yourself until it was explained...messy kisses...gotta love'em. Ha!

Diana Ferguson said...

Glad you made it back safely and had a great time. Did you see where I didn't get to go? (sad face) Our RV had to go to the shop for a repair.

Nita said...

It's good you had some down time and ready to go full steam ahead once more, but full steam ahead is the only way you roll. I'm glad you were ready to get back to your world. I know your house missed you.

Say What? said...

Welcome Home. It sounds like time on the ranch was just what you needed. That sandwich sounds so yummy. I love sandwiches. I'll have to try that one.

NanaDiana said...

I am like you. I always scurry around and make sure everything is done before I go somewhere because I want to come back to a clean place that has some order to it.

Good for you that you got so much Christmas packed away. I am happy that you were ready to go home...that's a good feeling when you are rested and ready to head home.

Have a wonderful weekend with you and smoochy face! xo Diana

Linda Reeder said...

With all that work, you will need another vacation soon!

Arlene Grimm said...

We came home from our little house today as well. It was hard to leave. It is so peaceful there....while I love being on the grid, a little time away is good for the soul.

Anni said...

Back home and already hard at work. You, with all your energy, makes me in awe!!!

Hope your week ahead is a perfect one Linda.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm glad you had a good visit and got back home safe and sound. There's always so much to do and most of it falls on us! But getting things clean and in order feels good too. Enjoy your day. Hugs!

Debbie said...

you are hard to keep up with linda, you sure do keep busy and have lots of energy!!

we talked about that egg salad on Facebook, i need to make some!!

your kitchen looks so pretty - is it just me, it still looks decorated!!