Friday, July 3, 2015

'Crash and Burn!'

We went to bed exhausted on Wednesday night but I totally expected us to spring back on Thursday morning! That didn't happen!! I woke up late - even though I had been looking forward to spending the day with Amber!

While I missed the foot massage we were going to have - I did get over to Dallas in time for our movie date!

Our movie of choice was Aloha and it was a good one!!
Amber and I both love Hawaii - from a couple of Synchro trips as well as the one she and I took to Oahu to celebrate her 18th birthday!

I was back home by 2:30 and thought I would tear into my housework!
WRONG! Louis Dean and I visited for a few minutes and then decided to take a nap.
About 4:30 we got up and watched a recorded TV program after he went to get our favorite hamburgers, fries and onion rings!

 After we ate, we mutually decided that all we wanted to do was to go to bed! So BEFORE 6:00 PM we were IN BED with lights out!!!
We really DID 'crash and burn!!'

"To collapse from exhaustion; poop outI was just about to crash and burn(1970s+)"
I did not leave our bedroom until 7:15 this morning when Louis Dean said, "Breakfast is served!"

He had made homemade biscuits, chicken fried steak, gravy and scrambled eggs!
AND coffee!!!
I ate and we went right back to bed for another three hours!
We were REALLY tired!!!

I did not do the Friday Beauty Shop Run!
My sweet sister, Deanie, has been handling that lately but Mother's sweet hairdresser posted a pic of Mother this morning for me!
I am looking forward to seeing her on Monday for a nice long visit!
We are taking her to visit some of our cousins in Mineral Wells.

Finally - around 11:00 - I started in on my day!

I do so love a good movie! I will gladly re watch the ones I REALLY like! 
Over and over!

The James Bond ones are some of my favorites!
While I can still remember the sexy first Bond - Sean Connery - my true favorite is Daniel Craig.

He reminds me of my youngest son, Benjamin!!
Something about the eyes, the lips, the dimples and the hair color as well as the build.
No wonder he's my favorite Bond!

I cleaned the den while I watched my double feature.
I LOVE the smell of clean and the ritual of lighting candles when the room is 'done!'

I had the TV sound turned UP as I continued on into the kitchen to clean.

At least once a year EVERYTHING gets cleaned - this area gets done weekly!

But on top of the stove and along the tops of the cabinets - it's more of a seasonal thing!

I feel a little UN patriotic but I started taking down all the red, white and blue!
I will have a 'clean' palette for a few weeks before adding the sunflower them for August.
I am only 59 days and a wake up from September 1st and I can hardly wait!!!
I am going to take that whole week off from normal activities to decorate and bake and celebrate my very own personal holiday!!!!


Sandra said...

i am the opposite, when I get tired, i can't sleep, the more tired the less sleep and I can't sleep in the AM at all. i worked the ER in a hospital for a year, the Friday and Saturday night 11 to 7 am shift. i would go home dead tired, fall into bed at 7:30 and by 10:30 i was wide awake and could not even take a nap... i was much younger then. i might be able to sleep now... hope i don't have to find out.

Susie said...

Linda, Maybe you and LD have been stressed over his surgery...stress wears me out. Hopefully your 4th will go smoothly and after your rest , you two will feel more like yourselves. It's not been easy for you guys.......remember all the rain stress and clean up stress? Maybe you can just sit back and enjoy your family time today. Hugs to everyone. Love you, Susie

Arlene said...

I believe in resting when your body says REST. Like you, I am looking forward to fall. I already have a cross stitch framed and ready to display. I will share it on my blog next week. Right now I am cross stitching a Thanksgiving project. I love fall!!

Linda said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh..........the life of the when ya want, sleep when ya want. I love it too! You are so blessed with Louis Dean :-) Happy a happy matter what you decide to do.

Nonnie said...

My goodness! You two were truly pooped out! Would you believe I am not allowed to use that expression around our kiddos? I want to know where the hamburgers and fries came from in those nice blue checked wrappers. LD is my kinda guy!

Wanda said...

So happy you were able to just rest, sleep, and watch your double feature. I love the Bond movies...but still love S. Conery.
Your house just twinkles happy. I hope this is a really good weekend and week for you and Louis Dean. Hugs.

Vee said...

How wonderful to be able to rest when needed and it sounds as if it was very much needed. Love your descriptions of home blessings and the lovely results. My entire house needs a blessing!

Penny said...

Sounds like LD is recovering very well, and I am glad you have taken the opportunity to rest and sleep when you needed it. Your kitchen looks SO cosy and inviting Linda. I love Daniel Craig as Bond too, I think he's fab x

Donna said...

You WERE pooped!
I also love Craig as Bond! Such a cutie!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I was just thinking about you and Sept the other day. I would have loved to hear Elvis do his thing on September Morn. :)