Friday, July 17, 2015

A 'Quiet' Morning, Slow Afternoon and Moving Furniture.....

The 'Quiet' woke me up this morning at 7:30 when the power went off. The 'quiet' was SO loud!!
I lit a few candles in the dark rooms and slid open the kitchen drapes to let in some light before taking my book, camera and phone out to the gazebo.

There was a load of clean wet clothes in the washer so I hung them out on the line to dry!
It felt like a good old fashioned thing to do!!
The quiet didn't wake Louis Dean up!

It was special to hear only the sounds of nature for a little while.
Birds were singing and the wind was shaking the leaves on the cottonwood tree, making it sound a little like rain.

This is the same cottonwood that made us so miserable with allergies during the spring when cotton was floating around like snow flakes!

My heart skipped a beat when I  turned around and saw this yellow elm leaf  down there on the ground. Only 45 days to September 1st!!!

I am coming to terms with my dying Golden Euonymus bush.
I planted this way back in the late 60's or early 70's and I guess it is just dying from old age.
It has grown big and bulky - but it DID hide that honking big telephone pole!
It was planted there in order to discourage Summer and Jesse, Jr from climbing it when they were children. When Louis Dean feels better, I'm going to ask him to go ahead and cut it down.

The lights came back on at 10:00 so I went back to bed just as LD was getting up!
Then when I woke up from my nap - he was back asleep in the guest room!!
That's the way our day has gone. A little activity followed by resting.

I watched a couple of movies.....

I had never seen this one before!!
 I did recognize the famous face slap and Cher saying, "GET OVER IT!!!"
I had always wondered what that was about!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was really good - but really LONG!

Finally, late this afternoon, Louis Dean looked at me and asked, "Are you game to unload that bookcase?" I gathered up my small amount of energy and said, "Absolutely!!"

I unloaded it and Louis Dean moved it......

away.....but not TOO far away!
He made it to the foyer and that's where it will live until we can shuffle furniture up in the guest room which will be its final destination!

Now to unload the new secretary which has remained in the truck since I bought it on Tuesday.

He's thinking!

OUT of the truck but still not in the house - yet!

It wasn't easy but he got it in the front door and past all that debris on the porch!
He said it would stay here until morning.

However, as I started my journal entry, he came in and said he thinks he figured out how to get it down the step and into the den. And so he did.
Thinking we would finish putting it in place tomorrow - I went back to my blog post.

Next thing I know, here he comes again!!
He was like a dog with a bone!
The secretary is IN the den but still on the dolly.
I'll tackle the job of situating it and then loading it up with my journals and filling the drawers with THINGS! I have MUCH to sort through and a LOT to throw away!!!
Not my favorite thing to do but I have all weekend to do it!

For now - it's 10:00 and I am SO ready for bed!!!


Blondie's Journal said...

You need days like this. Hubby and I are never in tune with our naps. He gets up with the sun and I'm a late sleeper. He can hit the hay at 8 pm., and I'm more like 11. long as we connect on the important stuff. And that LD has some good energy! You, too! Good luck with the furniture moving!

Jane x

Wanda said...

Once again, I need to take a nap just following you and Louis Dean around your house, loading, unloading, moving, etc.....You are both on my hero list. I saw Moonstruck years ago and loved it. My Cher and Nicholas Cage were both so very young. I think I recall the other one being slow and long.
Tomorrow will be gone to Elizabeth's Funeral, and then since it's close to our second daughter, will hang out with their family and go to Sat. night Church with them.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Good job LD and Linda. Not easy when one is tired/feeling not so very good. Napping is GOOD. Hugs.

Penny said...

I am really looking forward to seeing your new desk in situ and full of some of your favourite books and treasures. Glad to see LD back in overalls, surely a good sign?? X

Sandra said...

it is a good thing you got all those naps in before the big moving of the secretary. that is a lot of hard work. LD is like me, once i start something i can't stop thinking of it, especially if it is a problem.

Susie said...

Linda, I bet you wish you could cut that cottonwood down. I do not like those trees. Their fluff can clog up filters. Plus as you said cause allergies. Planting a bush to keep the kids from climbing a pole..LOL, that sounds like something my siblings and I would have done, try climbing a pole. I am glad that LD thinks things out before tackling them. Hope you all get back to being 100 percent well and feeling fine. Blessings to all, love you, Susie

Kathy said...

LD is just like my Joe. Once he has something on his mind he has to do it. The secretary is so beautiful.

I have to go through things and throw stuff out too. But the energy level just isn't there. I napped all day yesterday and could do the same today.

I love your video of the cottonwood trees. So peaceful and relaxing.

I've never seen Moonstruck, but I loved Benjamin Button. I read the book after I saw the movie and believe it or not, the movie was better. That rarely happens.

Changes in the wind said...

So good to see LD up and at it. Maybe he just needed a little challenge. You know how men are.

Arlene said...

I loved your cottonwood tree was so calming. I went for my walk at 8 instead of 6 and let me tell you it is HOT outside already!! Like you I am anxious for fall. In fact I will have a fall blog post next week!lol...I have spotted some Fall things out and about in the stores. I had to laugh at LD and the secretary. I am like that too!! Once I get a bone I will worry it to death!! I look forward to seeing what you place in the secretary!! I love was a piece of furniture I had wanted since I was a girl. My home did not have lots of "fancy" things and I always longed to have a home like the Cleavers on TV.:) Now the Lord has blessed me with a lovely home and I am thankful for it!!

Linda said...

It's not so bad if the power is off during the day.....but a person sure learns how much we depend on electricity. I have been hanging out clothes for a couple of weeks....I LOVE the sheets when they smell so fresh. Not gonna happen today, the rain has changed my plans and I'll be working inside today.

Jeannie Marie said...

You have reminded me that my load of clothes is still in the washer, washed a second time because I discovered it last night when I went to do a load. Now that it sat overnight, I must wash them again! What is up with my memory lately?

Cheapchick said...

Such a nice piece of furniture - and a steal of a deal.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautiful secretary! It will look wonderful with all your things on it. I love days of rest but activity too!


Nonnie said...

I love the early mornings and would spend more time outside if it weren't for the teeny little whatevers that like to bite me. Your secretary is beautiful and, like you, when my husband is ready to move something of mine, I stop what I'm doing to help.

Vee said...

Wondering if the bush will come back when it is cut down. All of our forsythia bushes did. It made me smile to read "honking" big. Did we give ourselves away? =D Well now, it is great that you two got the Secretary in...I think you will love situating it and making it look lovely. The photo of your laundry hung out to dry is delightful!

Carla said...

LOL you two just don't relax do you. David and I have some furniture to move too. Since Pamela moved out I'm gonna move my desk into her room and out of my sewing room. YaY