Monday, August 26, 2013

This day one year ago......

we were just arriving down in the Westlake RV Resort in Katy, Texas where we would live for the next 7 months. Space #43 was just 5 minutes from Quadville. 

I remember taking this picture but it seems SO much longer ago than just one year!

My work bag which I packed every morning. I would take socks, water, tea and lunch things plus the A&M squishy pillow to rest my arm as I was feeding the babies. They ate every 3 hours - around the clock!

Sweet little Harrison in his little boy blue button shirt!

By the shape of the head I THINK this is Logan.

Louis Dean has been multitasking since the beginning!

He was pretty proud of that then - and NOW!
He can still get more babies in his arms at one time than most!

I remember Tummy Time!! Amber has always been a SUPER MOM!!
Trust me - this tummy time took awhile to put down and take up!

I've always loved this pic!

It seems to me I look so much older now than I did then.

You get a whole 12 months to get a year older - and then it seems to happen in 2 weeks!
Or maybe I was too busy to notice before now.

Here's a recent pic taken Saturday of the girls!

Not so little anymore.
And their looks have changed over the year.
No longer newborns, infants, or babies!
They are full fledged TODDLERS!!

I am grateful that I was at a place in my life where I could pull up stakes and go down there to be with them. I am just as grateful for the loving support of my husband. NONE of this would or could have ever happened without HIM!
It has been a joy for us to watch them grow and develop! From the very beginning they all had their very own personalities. What fun it is to watch them week by week as they continue to learn about life, the world and each other. 

In other news, Louis Dean is much better today although he has stayed in bed. He got up a few times to eat and watch the news. When I finish writing he said to call him and we would watch a little TV together.
Never EVER again will I allow us to run out of Zyrtec!!

I felt like I needed a little pick me up this afternoon so I had my hair cut!
That ALWAYS makes me feel better!.

As I was leaving a little before 2:00 my stylist said, "There they are!! Right on time!"
She feeds the birds twice a day!
For some reason this just made my heart happy!

I'm happy I was where I was a year ago  - and I am happy to be where I am TODAY!


Susie said...

Linda, I remember when I first started following you...the babies weren't born yet. It is so hard to believe it's been a year or more already. They sure have grown. I think of all the love you and your LD have given those babies, and everyone involved and all the love you received in return. It's a blessing. May you see many , many more years of that sweet love .xoxo,Susie

Amber B. said...

We've come a long way, baby! They are truly special babies. :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your kind comments. I cannot imagine having four the same age. What a blessing you two must be to your daughter and family. I enjoyed reading through your blog posts this evening.

Vee said...

It is an amazing story and I am just so happy that we got to watch it unfold. We saw God all over it! Really, I think Hollywood should be calling. =D

So good to know that LD is feeling better today. I do think you both have those darling quads all figured out.

As for looking older? I don't see that at all!

Deb said...

It has been quite a Happy LD is feeling better....not fun having allergy problems...the air quality has been so bad...those babies are just so precious...

Jutta said...

What a lovely memory lane post!
p.s. Sent you email.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

How things have changed in one year! They are so precious...and so blessed to have you in their lives.

Kathy said...

What a long way you have come in a year. I went back and read your post from a year ago. It was quite an adventure getting to Katy. Because you see the quads all the time you don't realize just how much they have grown until you see a post like this.


Those kids, both newborns and the parents, have so much to be thankful for in the past year. Their health and growing strengths, but most important for the 1st year was both of your help and time. You two rock Quadville!!

Changes in the wind said...

What a great look back...Amazing how time flies.

Bernice said...

Thank you for sharing a look back,looking at the babies now it is unbelievable how far they have come.
Your love played a big role in thier development. Amber is so blessed to have you and LD in her life.
Glad LD is feeling better.
And you look have not changed a bit:)

bj said...

My dear Linda, I so enjoyed this look-back at such a wonderful time in your life. You and LD went thru some times there that most people never have the blessing of. 4 babies....that is such an amazing thing. I loved going thru it with have such a great way of telling us about things...just like we were sitting down at the kitchen table with you. I love your zest for life...your happiness and the way you freely show it. I love that YOU love LD so much and how it comes thru this computer screen.
You have many more wonderful GRAND adventures just waiting for you and I know you are going to love every minute of them.
love and kisses and thanks so much for your tests came out GREAT.

Sweet Tea said...

Happy then
And happy now.
That's a great way to be!

Carla said...

Doesn't seem right but look how much those babies have grown.
Glad it's so much easier now