Friday, September 10, 2010

Skinny Jeans, Skechers......and a Senior Center Membership!

Louis Dean and I joined the City of Irving HERITAGE SENIOR CENTER this afternoon! Again. I did NOT just now become a 'Senior Citizen'....alas I have been one for quite awhile. Two years ago I had knee replacement surgery and joined the center so I could do the water aerobics and use the gym for my physical therapy. Then after Louis Dean had a heart attack we renewed our membership so he could build back some strength by walking on the treadmill. It has been several months since we lapsed but we are now members in good standing for another year!

It is a bit disconcerting to gaze into my mirror each morning and see my mother's face looking back at me. And I am often taking by surprise as I catch my reflection in a window while out shopping. Today was a bit easier, thanks to my sister, Nita. She gave me a pair of what Amber says are now my 'Skinny Jeans!' They are a size 6!!! I thought it said 9 but then the other writing would be upside down. Now I am NOT a true size 6  but I AM thrilled to death with the label in these jeans! Maybe they don't measure the same over there...the label says 'made in Egypt'!! To wear with these 'Skinny Jeans', my sister ALSO gave me a pair of Skechers Shape ups! Now these are NOT your typical old lady shoes! As a matter of fact, the young ladies at the desk of said Senior Center were quite impressed. We joined AND did a work out this afternoon. However, I DID keep the 'old' pic for my NEW was of a YOUNGER me!

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Amber said...

I love this post, it makes me smile. Those jeans do look great on you! And the important part is that you're staying mobile, that way you and LD can continue doing all the things you love! Hope you're ready for a road trip once we finally land in a house!!!