Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Journal Pages From the Past.....

I have been keeping a journal since 1986 and I often like to leaf through the pages and recall the years gone by. I have been a bit nostalgic and sentimental lately so I decided to give in and look at my life as it was 20 years ago and then at 10 years past! 20 years ago Amber was 5 years old and Benjamin was 2. Life was extremely busy back then! This is a quote taken from the entry dated September 5, 1990: "I can't imagine having time to sit around and watch TV or wondering WHAT I am going to do! Someday I will look back on these years of 1985-1990...and MISS them! I'm always busy and happy. I try to plan each day to get the most out of it. Let the kids go in the spa @ 4 pm (after I gave them haircuts) while I set in a lawn chair on the deck reading and doing some handwork. Amber went to Awanas- in SPARKS now! She was so excited! It was 10 pm before I had them in bed."
This is Jesse, Benjamin and Amber as we vacationed the next week in South Texas.

Summer treated us to a week at a condo on Padre Island. Look at how LITTLE Amber and Benjamin were!!! (They are in the blue swimsuits.) They both still love the beach!

I love looking at these old photos even though it makes me FEEL old! I must have had so much energy back then!!

This pic is the only one I took from the journal dated this week 10 years ago. Those two little kids are now 15 and 12 in this snapshot. The entry for September 15 reads: " I had a 'Ladie's Day....after I exercised I took a bath oil bath- did my toenails and put on fingernails....painted Frosted Apricot. Did my make up and wore a Hunter Green loose dress- comfy! Took Amber to ICA for her sitter job and I went to McFrugal's and the Indian Market. We're in the 'black' on our check book for the first time in a long time. Jesse took Benjamin and Amber to the mall for photos (see pic above) then to Dillard's for Ben some clothes and to see the movie MI2. I went to Irving Bible Church for Revive Our Hearts Conference with Nancy De Moss and John Elliot. Came home to a quiet house."

Sometimes it is good to stop and reflect on the past. I have done that now and am back to my lovely life today! I am ending this post with a quote from Louis Dean's history teacher when he was in college not sure if he wrote it or quoted it but I LIKE it!

"History is a study of the past in light of the present for the benefit of the future."


Netagene said...

Greetings from Alabama! I spotted your note on John's Dublin taxi blog. I don't remember how I found him, but I always enjoy reading his, and seeing the pictures. I just thought I'd drop in and say hello. At several friends' insistence, because I write so many poems, I started a blog last November. I live here in Birmingham but attended junior college (then marriage and divorce, etc.) in the Tampa, Florida area. I was there a total of about 30 years. I've been through Texas (driving with a friend once, just changing planes at DWF a couple of times) but that's it. Anyway, you seem like you never sit still! Wonderful! Netagene at http://blindedbyinsight.blogspot.com

Marie LeJeune said...

I love the quote at the end! Its fun to look back and reflect and to read about what your feelings were during that time.

Amber said...

How amazing! Love that you have those memories, and look forward to keeping your journals for the years to come. It's amazing to think how much our lives change over time. Love you then and love you now!

Diana Ferguson said...

Wow 25 years of journaling. I wish I had done that!!!

Unknown said...

I often wish I'd been motivated to keep a journal over the years - but blogging makes it a lot easier!