Saturday, September 18, 2010

FALL Ready!!

The house is FALL Ready!!
The fireplace holds electric candle lights until we get some proper cool weather.
I made the ceramic pumpkins back in 1982.....somehow they survived the house fire of 1983. Not much did!

I love the fragrance of candles as well as the ambiance!

My 'Fall Tree.'
Simplify.....I am TRYING!!
It takes a good while to turn on all my little lights!
This big old basket sits on the baby grand piano.

SO.....I am ready INSIDE the house for fall......still working OUTSIDE! Tearing out the parched dried up marigolds and planting some fresh new mums. Slapping on some house paint no one will ever is the east side of the gable and seldom seen by visitors but I know it is there and still needs painting.  Then there is the shed and lawn house in the back....and by my back bedroom door.....oh PHOOEY! I must get out there in the Texas heat and start doing some real work! Feels like summer OUTside but looks like FALL INside!


Marie LeJeune said...

Your house looks gorgeous and cozy! I love the fall colors.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Ok, I'm coming over for trick or treat. It is just a fall wonderland at your house!!! xoxo

Amber said...

Just as I always remember it. :)

See you tomorrow!