Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally FALL!!!

I am SO thrilled it is FINALLY fall in the DFW area!! Yesterday after we came home from church I opened up some windows and flipped on the attic fan (which I dearly LOVE!) and crawled back into bed and slept peacefully for a few HOURS!! Fall is here and I am SO excited!!! I have had an awesome weekend!
A fellow blogger and long time friend, Marie, sent me this beautiful hand crafted birthday card......which inspired me to give my computer/desk/sewing room area a much needed sprucing up! I have tacked the card into this cool white 'frame thing' I found Wednesday at Goodwill for $2.99. Will add pics and/ or a mirror later and maybe a band of some sort to the top and bottom of the card so it will fit properly. Marie THOUGHT she was sending me a card! Instead I received a birthday greeting AND a new piece of wall art!

I decided I HATED the ugly desk which is totally functional but in a deep dark cover and ALWAYS covered in DUST since it sits right beside the French doors which are usually OPEN weather permitting. SO I covered it with a length of beautiful pumpkin colored nubby textured fabric! Reminds me of that Bible verse...."Love covers a multitude of sins." SO does fabric! I also brought in the plaques that were hanging on the back wall outside the doors. I am loving the 'look'......

Then I took down some needleworks I did in long years past! I have NOT thrown them out yet so let's just say they are 'retired' for the time being! Instead I added the white metal hanging basket my friend, Stephanie, gave me....(I think she RETIRED it! One gal's 'retired things' is another one's new found treasure!) and then hung more of the plaques. I like them SO much better in here than outside!

Saturday afternooon was my grandson's 8 year old birthday party. This is my daughter in law, Leigh Ann, and we discovered we were wearing matching necklaces......and they were from Scotland! Leigh Ann bought hers when she and Jesse were visiting Amber and Mike last October. (A & M lived in Aberdeen for a year.....August 09- August 10.) Amber sent mine for Mother's Day!

We got a good laugh!

Jesse had set up a little 'Wine Bar' for the adults. Let me tell you that Coco Bay wine tastes EXACTLY as the coconut suntan oil SMELLS!! Delicious!

It was a pool party and even though it had rained all morning the water was perfect! Jesse had the pool as well as the spa all heated, then dove in to play Water Dodge Ball with the kids! He is a GREAT dad!!

And he has an excellent sense of humor.....seldom gets ruffled! His kids are blessed to have him as their father!
We played checkers in MiMi Camp this year so Granddad and I bought Sam his very own set!

To put the finishing touch on my weekend, I had CHILDREN pay us a visit! My neighbor kids from around the corner and up the block came to call. These kids are precious and so dear to our hearts. They USED to live right across the street and would take Lucy for walks and stroll over to sit with us on the front porch in the evenings. We sure do miss them even though, technically, they are still in the neighborhood! Tray, Brittany, their baby sister, Nikki, (soon to be one year old in November!) and their cousin, Page, toured my 'decorated for fall' house and then we had snacks and played Chinese Checkers. Nikki got tired so Brittany and Page tucked her into our bed for a little nap and she was out like a light! Now if that is not the perfect way to end a weekend.......well, I don't know what is!!

~ The only reason we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend. ~  

Chuck Palahniuk



Nita said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Your life is filled with good, fun and settled in feeling. I'm so happy your at this nice place in your life. We're all very lucky.

Amber said...

Love it! New computer area looks great.

Marie LeJeune said...

I love what you did with the card looks like it belongs there. And what a great deal you found on it I love it! (looks like a button fell off the one flower) said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like it was a good one. That is one cute card and love the way you were able to display it in your new "find".

Tks for stopping by :)

PS Need to try that coconut wine!