Monday, February 22, 2016

Sisters Weekend!!

We kept the car parked Saturday while Nita and I walked across the street to the beach!!

We had spent a leisurely morning, the three of us, drinking coffee, reading the devotional book Nita had bought for all of us at Christmas, talking, laughing and making plans. Then Deanie, who was still recovering from a bad bout with diverticulitis, went back to bed for awhile.

Nita took her fancy camera took some of the best pictures!!
Every evening she has been sharing her photos with me so don't go thinking my skills as a photographer are improving because they are NOT!
We both loved this one tiny perfect footprint in the sand!

Saturday was beautiful, warm and sunny and Nita and I walked up and down the beach, stopping to collect any pretty shells we saw.

I LOVE the sound of the waves and the sea gulls!

EVERYTHING looked picture perfect to me!!!

Even the man of wars that we found on the beach are beautiful - and dangerous!!!
You do NOT want to go stepping on any of those!!

My sister, the photographer!!!

Is there anything better than walking on the beach???

We enjoyed every single minute out there!!

Another man of war!
There were lots of them washing up!

We didn't bring beach chairs, blankets or even swim suits!
It's FEBRUARY, we thought! We won't NEED these, we thought!
I just stretched out on the sand and soaked up some sun as I enjoyed the ambiance of the BEACH!!!

We were out there a few hours before we went back to  the hotel to get some lunch!
We had all saved our take home boxes from Benno's from dinner on Friday so that's what we ate on Saturday and it was delicious! Naps followed and we all three slept soundly!
I think we have all been really tired and NEEDED this time to rest and recoup from LIFE!
When we woke up, we cleaned up and headed out for our Saturday night in Galveston.

I was surprised at how crowded it is down here in February!!
Parking was crazy and we FINALLY found a spot but getting IN it was a lot of fun!!!
A disabled man was in the car behind us got a real kick out of watching us!
I got out and was standing on the sidewalk when he called out to me, "You girls must be native Texans! None of you know how to parallel park. I'm from New Jersey and that's all we have up there!" Deanie finally got out and got the car IN the parking spot! Nita and I both freely admit - we don't know how to park!

We walked down the stairs to the beach where we set up our photo shoot.

Nita wanted to take pictures of us toasting on the balcony of our hotel. 
Every room has a view of the beach......but we checked in late in the day and the view we have is about the size of a postage stamp! SO - we took the camera to the beach!!

It made for an even prettier picture!!

Nita set the timer and ran back to get in the shot just as the sun came out!
It was as if God was smiling on us!

I love the beach and all that goes with it and when I'm here, I wonder why I don't come more often.

We packed up our things and headed down the beach to Murdoch's Shell Shop.

Nita wanted us to pose by this pole but I notice the water coming up and backed away.
Deanie got caught!!!! Her brand new Skechers have now been baptized!!!

We made it to Murdochs and browsed the ENTIRE store!
I just loved this sign!
"I gave up wine once.....
It was the worst day of my life!"

I just HAD to include this cute poster from Facebook!

Then I proceeded to buy myself a glass of wine!

That's my chair in the middle and that's where I sat to drink it while we watched the waves and felt the sea breeze! This has GOT to be the coolest place to be on the island - summer or winter - the breezes are blowing cool ocean air!

We felt like kids again having this much fun!

Saturday night on Pleasure Pier is CROWDED!!!

The lines were too long for everything so we had our picture taken and made other plans for the evening!

We needed the odd and end things like wine and water, cheese and fruit, tee shirts and shorts - and you can get ALL of that with one stop at Walmart!

Our dinner plans changed to Tortuga and it was a good choice!
Jutta and I had been here when she was visiting from Finland back in November!

It was good then and it was good now!!!

A great way to end our Saturday night in Galveston!!


I am happy to say that this morning Deanie was feeling MUCH better!!!
We once again had another great Beach Day!!

Nita took this one of Deanie and me. 
Deanie says it just LOOKS like we are holding hands!

Yesterday there were chairs and umbrellas to rent!
We thought we would rent them today since all three of us would be spending several hours on the beach. Well, today was cloudy so the rental people didn't come.

So we did what we have done all of our lives!
We made do with what we had - in this case it was large pink granite boulders!!!
No problem!!

Today was an even better beach day than yesterday!
We found more shells and saw more birds and simply relaxed to the bone!!!

Feeding the birds!

Nita bought frozen green peas and they ate them up!!

I think this is a GREAT pic of my super cute sister and, while I don't want to brag - but I WILL!!! - I took it with my cell phone!!

Deanie is feeling better than she has in a very long time!
Believe it or not - she was really quite comfortable resting on that rock!

So was I!

We WERE at the beach and I was happy to see potties up there on Seawall Blvd,
Deanie said this one should be captioned:
Do I? Or don't I???
Nita took this one with her telephoto lens!

We lunched on the beach from our picnic bag of yogurt, crackers, tea, water, chicken salad (from ALDI's), celery, Cheese Nips and such.

We went back to the room around 2:00 to clean up for our last evening here together!

Our first stop was the harbor!

Nita took some great pictures......

She loved all the boats and the names.

One of the things Nita REALLY wanted to do was see a ship sailing out of port.
Sure enough, our timing was perfect and we watched Liberty of the Seas as she glided away!
Later on, when Nita was checking Facebook, she discovered our lovely friend, Shannon and her husband, Allen, were on that very ship!!!


Is this not the coolest thing???
Bon Voyage to a lovely couple!!!

From the harbor we went on to explore The Strand!

Nita makes THE swankiest photographer!!!

I  just loved this pic!!
Might I just add that little ole me took it??

We had a ball looking at all the majestic old buildings.

Galveston has weathered many a storm.

This photo was taken by Nita in honor of her daughter, Leah!

Next on our list of Must See's was.......

La Kings Candy Store!
We got our walking in trying to find it but we DID!!

I got a Raspberry White Latte, Nita had an iced coffee and Deanie had a milkshake.
ALL delicious!!!

While Bubba Gump was WAY too crowded last night -
we walked right in this evening!

We just keep on celebrating our time together!!

We have made a lot of memories and we are ALL feeling better than we did when we started this trip!

Deanie was bound and determined to get well enough to come and she did!
We all love traveling together because it is just so EASY!

We have already set the date for our next Sisters Trip for February 2017!

We still have tomorrow!
We will be packing up and going home but we will be doing it TOGETHER!


Jutta said...

Beautiful photos, special time! I feel like I was there with you!! What a blessing to have sisters and do trips like this one.

Deb said...

You girls are beautiful so happy you had such fun...precious memories ❤️

Estelle's said...

Looks like a wonderful time! What a blesssing to have a close bond with your sisters! Making memories on the beach..lovely!

Latane Barton said...

An absolutely gorgeous time at the beach. What fun.

Sandra said...

i can see all your fun and my two favorite photos are the tiny foot print and the empty chair.. they are art. i can hear the waves and smell the sea and feel the sand. i love the beach and that is why it was so busy in FEb... almost everyone loves the beach..

Linda said...

Wow, amazing, all of you look rested. So glad Deanie is feeling a lot better. Lady you are obviously a beach and water person, it's clear that's what rejuvenates you. Looking forward to what you get into coming home.

Deanna Rabe said...

What a lovely time you're having!

Kathy said...

My sister and I have done Sister's Week in July for 15 years now. I'm glad you and your sisters are doing it too. And have e en set the date for next year. What a wonderful time you are having! I love the beach too. I feel as if I were there with you.

Nancy Chan said...

Beautiful sharing of your weekend spent together with your sisters. The beach is great! Thank you for sharing your weekend with us, enjoyed your photos.

Nonnie said...

Loved looking at all the pics and enjoying your good time together. I'm hopeful your Deanie is feeling better. What a weekend. You guys really pack it in. I've never seen a man of war before. Creepy.

Susie said...

Linda, You girls all look so good. Enjoying every moments together. Deanie was looking well at Bubba's. Hug your sisters for me. Keep on having fun and caring about each other. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

bj said...

awww, this is such a sweet post of sisterly love and happiness that it made me cry a little blessed you all are to have ea other. I don't have a sister to share these good times with...I do have a handsome younger brother but he lives so far away, we don't get to share time much.
So glad you had such fun...your sisters are so cute..well, all three of you are adorable.

Carole said...

Make do with what you have - an important philosophy, Linda. Loved learning about your trip. Cheers

Pondside said...

You make a powerful case for a weekend away with sisters/best friends. What a lovely time you three had. The pictures really say it all!

Penny said...

You all look so relaxed and happy. What a wonderful trip you have had. Happy times, happy memories X


With all that is shared in your photo album here today, I just don't know where to begin.

What a wonderful journey to Galveston and taken us along for all the sand, surf, food, and fun. I share in your happy faces Linda. A perfect weekend.

Kelly said...

That looks like such a fun trip! I enjoyed looking at your pictures since I've never been there before. I hope to one day get to visit TX. I love the beach too. This time of year was probably nice because it wasn't so hot and humid!

Sweet Tea said...

What fun! I enjoyed all the photos
and could "feel the love".

BeachGypsy said...

I feel like im right there along with yall on the journey! Lets have fun!!!