Friday, February 26, 2016

Quad Wednesday and a BIG Tea Party!!!

Amber said the quads had been talking all about not getting to stay long enough last week on Quad Wednesday! They insisted they do NOT want to go home until after dinner or DARK!!

Hearing them at the door is one of my favorite sounds in all the world!!!

The kids ARRIVE with a lot of laughter and talking - and it lasts all day long!!
Granddad had spent the night with them on Tuesday and came home only an hour or two before they got here Wednesday morning. You would have thought they hadn't seen him in a WEEK or more!

We did all sorts of fun things, such as filling the bird feeders, running around in the front yard, playing with sticks and other things children love to do!

We had baked sweet potatoes and smoked sausage for lunch along with milk and applesauce.
Reading and naps followed. I got up early that morning so I was REALLY looking forward to snoozing myself! However.....things don't always work out as planned! Harrison and Trystan went right to sleep. As I dozed off, Kailey woke me up so I had to tell her to lie down and be quiet. I was just drifting off again when Logan woke me up. I held firm and they DID rest and eventually napped - just as Trystan and Harrison were waking up!!!!
You KNOW the feeling!!!! YUP!

Sooooooooooooo.......Harrison, Trystan and I played Memory Game in the guest room and then I dolled Trissy up for the big tea party!

She really and truly looks like a little DOLL!!!!
She acts like one, too!!!
Soon EVERYONE was awake and all ready to play Tea Party!!

Granddad can make the kids laugh like nobody else!

Logan was bound and determined not to crack a smile - but she DID!!!

My friend, Dawn, from Florida, said.....

Just like Mrs. Patmore's tea room on Downton Abbey!

We used the tea set my stepson gifted us!
The kids like to set their real tea cups right in the small circle just designed for them!

Tea PARTY Time!!!!
They have such good manners!!
Did you hear Harrison ask, "Shall we eat now?"

They do love their tea parties!

I taught them the tea pot song!

I'm a little tea pot
Short and stout!
Here is my handle and this is my spout!
When I get all steamed up - hear me shout!
TIP me over and POUR me out!!!

We did art appreciation afterwards and it proved to be interesting - as always with grandchildren!

Mother and Child by Gari Melchers 1906

All four agreed that the baby is a boy.

This piece of art was a bit trickier to talk about.
I asked, "Do you know who painted this?" and I totally expected an "I don't know" since the quads aren't even four years old yet!!! Imagine my surprise when they ALL answered, "MAMA!!!"
Indeed! Amber painted her version of this back in our homeschooling days and I must say it was very good!!! The kids must have seen it although I have not seen it hung anywhere other than in her craft closet when they lived in Katy. Kids notice EVERYTHING!!!
We went on to have a good discussion of the painting. They noticed the moon shape right off!

From 6:00 - 6:30, Louis Dean and I had a 'Happy HALF Hour' out in the gazebo! It was the only time I had sat down all day other than when I held vigil during nap time.

Logan is the epitome of a Texas Little Lady!
Fancy dress and BOOTS!!

It was a windy day here and you know how protective grandparents can be!
Kailey thought the ear muffs were cool but Harrison wasn't so sure!

However, he DID leave them on - unlike Trystan!!
These two play SO well together!!!!

It's funny but sometimes one of them will come and tell me, "Harrison says he's not MY brother anymore! He SAYS he's TRYSTAN'S - or Kailey's - or Logan's!!"
I tried to explain that he does not have to CHOOSE whose brother he is!!!
The conversations of multiples is ever so interesting!!

Kailey usually goes 90 miles an hour and yet she will cuddle up in her Granddad's lap for a very long time! We think she didn't feel well so she takes comfort with him. Their relationship defies reason.
Why did they bond so intently? God must have a reason. He loves them all equally and yet there IS a very special relationship between him and Kailey.

I came in and started dinner. Trystan and Harrison were playing in the guest room and I stood in the hall and listened.

"Ain't it kinda funny what the children say."
I love to listen to them as they play!

We all had such a good time!
Amber arrived after dinner and in time to help with the baths!
Then we all hung out in our bedroom doing snap-something or other and she had us all cracking up!

This is REALLY funny!!!!!


I washed all the sea shells we collected on our Sisters Trip!!

I saw a Facebook posting about painting the shells with a Sharpie pen.......
while mine do not compare with the ones I saw.....this is what I did in just a few minutes this afternoon.

These will make nice keepsakes from our 2016 Sisters Trip!!!

Well, tonight was the beginning of another great adventure!!!

Amber and all four kids came to spend the night!

Harrison and Kailey are going with us to the ranch in the morning!
They are SO excited!!!!

I had dinner ready when they got here - chicken and rice - and then we all played the Tea Party Game that we didn't get around to playing yesterday. Harrison won AGAIN!!!!

It was a wonderful Thursday and I am going to bed with a house full of
sweet children under my roof!

Looking forward to introducing Harrison and Kailey to their Uncle Dean and Aunt Sherry tomorrow, as well as the baby goats, roosters, chickens, ducks, horses and peacock!!!
Oh, we are going to have some FUN!!!!


Jutta said...

It is going to be excellent !

Susie said...

Linda, There's no denying those kids love coming to your house. What a fun time. It would be great if every grandmother were as sweet as you. Oh that nap time didn't go a well as others. I think the kids will absolutely love camping. Wishing everyone a safe fun time, Blessings to all, love , Susie

Nancy Chan said...

I so love your quads too. They are so sweet and are a blessing to you and LD. Have a fabulous weekend!


Sweet memories for y'all!!

And, can't wait for all the happenings when you return!

Stacey said...

Linda, those kids just couldn't be any cuter! Love that last picture of you with them. ♥

Sandra said...

i would enjoy that tea party myself and i can hear all the joy of opening that door... love the funky shot of LD and the doll all dressed for her tea party. so many cute pics of the quads here

Linda said...

Love that picture of Trystan dressed for the tea party. Too cute. Kailey is the one that usually gets my attention. It takes a lot of energy to always be different, to be out of sync. I think her little inside self finds refuge with grandpa. A place she feels safe to recharge her batteries before she goes back to her work of being different. Have a good time in the country.

Vee said...

Lots of things going on your way! Have a blessed time down there in the country with Harrison and Kailey.

Penny said...

Have a wonderful trip, I look forward to seeing lots of photographs from the Ranch! X

Wanda said...

Oh Linda, You have the best blog ever, and every story and picture just tells of your love and fun with those adorable quads. Sorry I've been out of the picture for a while...lots going on...(not bad) just lots......
I'm trying to work out a blog schedule so I can slow down, but be consistant.
Have fun at the ranch. Sound like a very special trip with two of your dolls.
Love and hugs

Gypsy Heart said...

Such fun and continuing to create beautiful memories! I do have to say that you look exhausted in that last photo. No naps can do that ~ :)