Friday, February 19, 2016


Nita said we would leave at 9:00 this morning and so we DID!!!

We stopped to pose for a picture before we set off!!!

Packed tight! Well, not quite - I still see some room for 'debris' if I find any!!

Deanie is the Queen of the Back Seat!!

Nita put on some Momma and Papas music and we blasted ourselves down the road like we were teenagers!!!

We are ON our way, ladies!!!

First stop - Collin Street Bakery!!!

This was Nita's very first visit!!

I bought a coffee, sausage roll, and apricot ginger scone!!
Deanie just sat there and looked pretty!

I also bought an entire apricot pie!!!!
We are going to PARTY!!!!  

Back in the car and on down the Interstate to the next stop!

Just three sisters out having fun!

Nita was browsing......

Cool looking bird houses!!!

All three of us got a good laugh at this!!!
'Caps' was what we called this back in the late 1950's!
We never had a cap gun to shoot but we did have rocks and we would pound the caps on concrete and make them pop and have the best time!!!

LOVE these signs!!!

We had a lot of fun stretching our legs and looking at all the cool stuff at Buc-ee's!!!

You KNOW we are in TEXAS!!!!

Back on the road and we change drivers as we go through Houston!
I drove from The Woodlands until we passed Nassa 1 and then we switch back to Nita taking the wheel. Now I MAY have got lost for a little while trying to find the I45 South HOV lane!!! And I MAY have frightened a pedestrian when I was attempting to get into another lane to make the appropriate turn......but we DID it!!!! 


We were so glad to BE here!!!

LOVE the sounds of the waves!!!

Stock Photo

Our first meal on the island was Benno's Cajun Seafood - aka Benno's on the Beach!
It is my FAVORITE place to eat in Galveston!!!

The food was delicious!!!!

And the wine is served in frosted beer mugs!!!

It was a wonderful meal!!!!

From there we went to Academy Sports to find shoes for Deanie!
You know, it is easy to leave something important at HOME!!!

She found a pretty cool pair of Skechers Memory Foam!!!
Amber has put us on to this brand and we are ALL loving these comfy shoes!!!


We checked into our hotel and realized we should have checked in as soon as we hit town!

It was booked solid so instead of the desired third floor - we got a room on the first floor!!!

Whatever!!! The beach can be seen - WAYYYYYY out there - if you have binoculars!!

We don't really mind! We are just so happy to BE here!!
We tucked Deanie into her bunk bed and Nita and I went out for a walk on the beach.

SO pretty!!!
 We sat together right there on those rocks for awhile talking about our lives, our past and our future!!! We picked up a few shells and made plans to spend a good part of the day tomorrow right here!!!

Feet up! 
We are loving our trip and are looking forward to tomorrow!!!
Deanie is asleep in her bunk and Nita has the bedroom while I get the sofa bed!
They are both sound asleep by now and I will be soon!

We all called our husbands today - several times!!
We miss them and they miss us - but it is important to take some time out to simply be SISTERS!!!!

*****Note to my Facebook friends!!!*****
You may want to hide me for the next few days as I am posting a blow by blow account of our weekend!!!! It may be a bit of an overload!!!


Deanie W said...

Surprise! I'm not sound asleep 😊 it has been a great day👍🏻

Linda said...

Are you sure Deanie is ok? She doesn't look well. Who's taking care of your mom? Hope Deanie is well enough tomorrow to join you in having a good time. I'm looking forward to your reporting tomorrow. Galveston holds no appeal for me but if it's your thing I'll have a good time keeping up with you.

Jutta said...

I wish you three a great time together, full of love, joy, and happiness!! Love your photos.

Ordinary J said...

I wish the freeway here in Los Angeles is like this one through Houston. I envy your freeway in TX, there seems to be no traffic:) What a fun sisterly getaway!

Penny said...

Have a fab time! I know you will! X

Kathy said...

I love getting away with my sister so I know you will have a great time with yours. Hope Deanie is up to going out today. I will be looking forward to your blow by blow description both on facebook and here. Have a wonderful time.

Susie said...

Linda, I am so glad you girls have this time. Enjoy every moment. I like the beach too. I have a pair of shoes like Deanie just bought. They are nice. Take care of each other. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

I love Skeechers too...just picked up a taupe pair at Ross yesterday. If you girls see a Ross store, stop and browse. I have found the best prices there!! Looks like you are having a ball!!

Sandra said...

after seeing the rear end of the SUV i am thinking you meant 3 weeks trip not 3 days. eh??? at least there is not enough room for you to bring home a bunch of new stuff. stay away from the thrift stores. HA HA.. love the feet shot and the food looks delish...i love my sketchers, they don't have laces, step in walking shoes.. i really like these to

Changes in the wind said...

This is such a special thing to do, so glad that you make plans for it to happen.

jamarson1 said...

Have fun ladies!

Pondside said...

Many many years ago, when our son was tiny we spent a week in Galveston and Corpus Christi - so beautiful! It was at the end of March and the weather was perfect. It sounds like you three are going to have WAAAAY too much fun! I will be lurking around for all the fun details.

Deanna Rabe said...

Have fun! Makes me wish I had sisters!

Jan said...

What a blessing to have sisters-makes me wish I had them! I'm looking forward to seeing your adventures!

Nancy Chan said...

Enjoy your holiday with your sisters, Linda. Galveston looks beautiful. Enjoy your weekend!

Estelle's said...

Oh fabulous!!! Enjoy!!! Have a glass of wine for me!!!

Cheapchick said...

What a great first day! I hope you guys have a fabulous time - and definitely room in that vehicle for some "debris". Be sure to do some shell picking too!

Sandy said...

I'm from Ohio but will be driving to Galveston in November for a cruise! I'll be excited to read about the places you visit there, to look forward to! I visit your blog religiously!

Debbie said...

Enjoy all your time together [I know you will!] How I'd love to do something like this with my sisters!

BeachGypsy said...

You lsdies have a wonderful time there!! Safe travels and make lotsa pictures for us please ok? I have been to Galveston only once and we had a great time...back in the early 90s. My favorite part was wandering around the historic neighborhoods and making pictures of the beautiful Victorian homes. Some lively and bright ones there. We were able to buy our own soon after (not in texas) and thats where we raised our kids. Yall have a great time and enjoy the beach!

Carla said...

Nope I'll never Hide you. LOL Love to see what you're up too. Wine is served in a frosty beer mug? Now that's unique. Glad y'all made this time together.