Tuesday, February 23, 2016

God's Been Good to Us!!! Home Again!

We had a ball on our Sisters Trip but all good things must come to a close!

Sweet Deanie got just a little bit more beauty sleep Monday morning!

She LOVED her comfy bunk bed!!!

I got the sofa in the living room area. This worked great since I stay up later than my sisters do.

Nita got the bedroom!
We all felt like we had the best spot!!

We spent one last morning together talking and drinking coffee!

We loaded up and packed the car tight!

Nita and Deanie didn't even put make up on and look how pretty they look!

Nita drove through the rain at times on our way home, stopping for potty breaks and gas.
Nita did stop so I could grab some lunch! I was the only one HUNGRY!!!

It was home sweet home!!!
I do believe Louis Dean was glad to see me!!

We spent a little time in the gazebo catching up!

Feet up and wine poured!

Nita went home to her sweet husband, Mike!!!

Deanie went home to her husband, Charlie!
AND to Mother since that's where she's at for another week or so.

As good as it is to GO - it's just as nice to come HOME!!!
However, we have already set the date for next year's Sister Trip!
Destination - San Antonio!

This morning I slept late and stayed in my gown all.day.long.
I'm STILL wearing it as I write but will take a nice long hot shower and shampoo my hair when I finish this journal entry!

I've stayed pretty close to the den all day.
The TV stayed tuned to Chip and Joanna Gaines with episode after episode of Fixer Upper!!!

I worked in the foyer and could still hear the TV.
I went with a Tea Party theme in there!!
The last of the Christmas came down today. 
Poinsettia dishes packed up and stored away. I also found the odd and end things plus all the gold and angels from the foyer.

I embellished this 1929 Vogue's Book of Etiquette years and years ago.
It makes for very interesting reading!

The tree is decked out with tea cups, lace, green pearls, fabric roses and a bit of gold rope.

It's nice to see all my tea things again. Normally, they live in the curio cabinet in the foyer.

 I do not have pretty tea pots so I will be searching for a few at the thrift stores this year!

Roses are a popular theme to tea dishes.

I displayed the tiny set set I made for Amber when she was a year old.

I am happy with the way it looks!

I cleaned and fluffed the living room next!

I love the way Deanie has all her candles grouped in her living room so I made a similar tablescape with mine!

It smells so GOOD!!
I still have the kitchen to put to rights before I go to bed......
and eat something......
and watch a few episodes of Unforgettable.......
AND take that shower!

I love this sign I have in the living room.
It is truly the basis for a good marriage and a happy home!


Blondie's Journal said...

I think it's just great that you had this time with your sisters. And believe me...some of us need make up (ahem) and other don't. Sometime it's not so much a need as a simple pleasure and to be 'presentable'. Heck, I wear it when I'm not even leaving the house. It makes me feel alive! Anyway, I think it's great you guys got away and I know LD was happy to have you back!!! :)


Ordinary J said...

I will never take a photo without makeup on:) And I will not let my family or friends take a photo of me without makeup on:) I look like dead without makeup, lol:)

Nancy Chan said...

Good to read of your wonderful trip with your sisters. Home sweet home back to your love ones, waiting for you at home. I am the lazy one, usually without make up.

Nancy Chan said...

Good to read of your wonderful trip with your sisters. Home sweet home back to your love ones, waiting for you at home. I am the lazy one, usually without make up.

Vee said...

I knew that you gals would have a great time together! Glad that you were all welcomed home so warmly. =D

My! You do your house whispering so beautifully. I really like the gathering of the candles. Since it is snowy and blustery here today, I have my Christmas lights on. Tomorrow will be a good day to pack them up and put them away.

I heard about the wild weather spreading across Texas across the southeast and fretted. Dang tornado weather.

Susie said...

Linda, Glad you girls had a fun time together and are safely back home. Into the loving arms of your husbands. What a great blessing time with family can be. I love your tea display. The little set of Amber's is so sweet. Blessings , xoxo,love you, Susie

Estelle's said...

Now this was a fun getaway! There is something quite special about sisters! Your home is as cozy and lovely as ever. You simply must frame the picture of your and your LD! I love it!!

Nita said...

It was a great trip. God showed favor on us the whole time. It was like here you go girls, this is for you ! I enjoyed every minute we had together. Thankful we made it back to our loving husband's. Enjoyed your blog, your home is so warm & inviting.

Deanna Rabe said...

I love your tea theme, tea is a favorite thing of mine!

You do wonderful things in your home.

My thrift store addiction said...

Hi there, I'm visiting from Lone Star Sisters! What a fun getaway--love it!

Sandra said...

GLAD to see you are all home with hubby's and had such a great time.. home is where the heart is even if it is fun to get away. i really like the teacup room/motive. and love you socks

Penny said...

You were doing a little nesting just to say 'I'm Home'! LD looks so happy to see you. X

BeachGypsy said...

So glad yall are home safely! I do absolutely love the way all those candles look grouped together and lit! Very very pretty! Hope you have a nice relaxing evening my new friend!

Say What? said...

What a fun trip. You and your sisters are cute as can be, but I think my favorite pic is that of you and your man. I agree: He was happy to have you home.