Monday, February 15, 2016

New Hairdo!!! And Morning Coffee!!!

My mother is SERIOUS about her coffee!!!!
At Deanie's she has her own personal coffee bar set up on a corner of her bathroom counter.
She is in TOTAL control of her own coffee!!!
This has not happened by chance but after a power play that lasted a long time where Mother drank ALL of the coffee before Deanie and Charlie even got in the kitchen!

Over here, she can't even turn the pot ON!!!
You need a manual to figure out how to do things in this house!
First, you have to slide your hand down between the curtain and the coffee cart and hit the button on the power plug which automatically turns on the strings of white lights beside the coffee cart and over the French doors. THEN you have to know to hit the tiny 'grinder' button to OFF before you hit the ON button - or it will sound just exactly like a cement mixer! LOUD!!!
SOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......whoever is awake first - Louis Dean or myself - gets up and turns on the coffee! Mother has already been awake for awhile and once was even sitting right beside the coffee pot just waiting for someone to turn it on!!!
She then proceeds to drink several cups QUICKLY!!! I have never seen anyone drink coffee as FAST as she does!!! By the time we get around to breakfast - the coffee is long gone!!

By the time we had our coffee, Bible reading, out loud reading, done our Karate exercises and dressed - it was noon!!!
 Louis Dean made some wonderful biscuits and served them up with fried eggs, bacon and sausage patties!!! Talk about GREASE! All our joints should be moving smoothly after that meal!!!

I bagged up a couple of those biscuits and a few strawberries and went off to get my hair cut!
It was November when I last had it done!!!

I have the BEST hair stylist EVER!!!!
Please note the beautiful necklace I'm wearing!
A Christmas gift from my Yulisa!!!

I usually get my hair cut SHORT SHORT but I am liking this new 'longer' version!!!

After I left the salon, I decided to drop by Thrift Giant on Beltline Road and lo, and behold, they had 50% off everything today!!!! Just wait and I will show you my scores!!!

Mother watches a lot of TV and it makes me feel vaguely guilty. Kind of like putting a child in front of the television set and using it as a baby sitter!!! I tried to interest her in old movies before I left and even sat through the ending of an old Jimmy Stewart one - really old because he played an ungrateful son of a preacher and his wife in Civil War times! She insisted on me turning it to CNN before I left! She was still there in the den when I got back so I turned it off and made us some ice tea and settled her in a chair on the side deck while I showed her all my treasures!

First I had to clear the table of the fire starters I had been making.
I used the leftover candle wax in the jars after the wick's been burned down.
Melt them in a a pan of hot water and pour the wax into mini muffin pans.
Makes perfect fire starters for both our fireplace in the den or our outside fire pit!

This pretty arrangement is now in the gazebo!
Just $1.25!

I don't NEED any more coffee cups but this one of the painted ladies was just $0.30!

How in the world could I pass up a nice large platter like this????

Brand new insulated tea glass!!!! $1.00!

I love to buy fresh pillows to use outside!
When you get them inexpensively at thrift stores - it doesn't matter that they don't last forever!!!

After my Show and Tell, we went around to the gazebo for cheese and crackers!

Louis Dean and I had a glass of wine while Mother ate with both hands full!!!!
I think she had a good day!

Did you watch Downton Abbey last night???
I loved it when Carson discovered meal making wasn't as easy as he thought it was!!!!

Louis Dean prepared dinner tonight - and remember! He prepared breakfast for lunch earlier!!!
I called him Carson and told him he did a splendid job!!! Don't forget to clean up!!!!

It's only 9:00 but our day is done!
The dishwasher is humming so the coffee pots aren't ready for in the morning just yet.
I'll do that right before I go to bed. I did set out our cups, though.
Mother's is the largest! I bought the one Louis Dean will use in Hawaii back when I took Amber for her 21st birthday. LD likes it because it is so thick! That keeps the coffee hot longer!
MY cup came special delivery by way of Royal Mail from Scotland!!!
It was a gift from my friend Penny of the Homemade Heart!
Mother is in the den watching the Grammy Awards. Louis Dean took a hot bath and I just checked on him and he is stretched out on the bed sound asleep! I know he only meant to lie there a moment!
I think I will begin the process of closing up the house. Both sets of French doors are open to the night sounds and I have had two mayflies land on my computer while I have been writing this evening! It takes a good 15 minutes to turn out all the lights and shut and lock all the doors. Put the dog up and the cat out - or in. It will take at least that long for Mother to get from the den all the way to the guest room - and it's not really that far! But perhaps she will want to stay up and finish watching the Grammy Show. Whatever. I am heading to bed grateful that this has been such a good day. ANY day you get your hair cut is a GOOD day!!!


Linda said...

Ok, I need to understand more about these Louis Dean biscuits. How do you use them for both breakfast and make strawberry shortcake with them? I read the recipe on Facebook and I believe it said something like a cup of sugar which I suppose makes them sweet enough for shortcake but breakfast? I don't think of sweet biscuits with bacon and sausage.

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, i haven't been by for the longest time,Linda, but I feel I'm slipping back into your familiar and warm life.

Your mother makes me laugh and smile. I know she brings you much joy and you for her. I wish I had my mother this long.

Your new hairstyle is highlights your cheekbones. And change is good. I was stuck so long with long, straight hair that I constantly pulled into a ponytail. Now I'm shoulder length and feeling like I have a 'style'!

Enjoy your easy days, mom and man...I know life is good for you.


Vee said...

Hi there! You look so cute! Love the new do. I liked the scene with Carson trying to cook and cope, too. Your mother knows what floats her boat. Perhaps she needs a little Mr. Coffee at your place. They probably have one cheap at the thrift store. You had me chuckling over the very old Jimmy Stewart movie. Cute description.

Penny said...

Your new hairstyle is lovely Linda. I love getting my hair cut too, it really freshens up my attitude when my hair is tidy. Your mum is a coffee addict! Wow, my heart would be racing if I drank that much coffee, but she is obviously thriving on it! So glad you like your cup, I enjoyed choosing it for you XXX

Pondside said...

There's nothing like a good haircut to put a shine on a day. Your hair looks lovely! I'm so glad that things are working out for your mother's stay. It sometimes takes TIME to work out everyone's schedule.

Latane Barton said...

What a lovely, newsy post. You had a full fun day! I loved hearing all about it. Oh, and I agree with you about Carson having to make dinner for his missus. I loved that. Wonder if I could try her trick, wrap up the hand and feign an injury? hehe.

Estelle's said...

Another full day of activities at The Chapmans! Glad y'all are having a good visit! Love the red jacket! Cute and sassy hairstyle too!

Changes in the wind said...

Love the hair cut:)

Arlene Grimm said...

Love your cute do...doesn't a new hairdo make everything right in the world. Looks like your mama is happy to be there even if she is watching tv a lot. At her age, she gets to do whatever she

Sandra said...

your life is just so so so much FUN..always FUN.. your mother is fun to. i drink my coffee fast also.. i drink 2 or 3 cups to one of bob's. and i get it the moment i step out of bed, i can't wait. your hair looks super. i love the red on red in the chair watching TV.. i love TV to, coffee, TV and computer/kindle MY LIFE and it is fun for me to.. so don't feel guilty. she may be like me. i love to do what she is doing

Cheapchick said...

Beautiful hairdo! You look great. And great finds at the thrift store.

Say What? said...

I spotted LD's cup right away and recognized it. Tell him Aloha from Hawaii for me. :D

Stacey said...

Linda, your hair looks so pretty! Days are busy but fun. :)

Susie said...

Linda, Love your hair-do. Your mom looks so happy. Bless her heart. Wow that LD is a fabulous baker. Those biscuits looked so yummy. Wishing all of you the best. xoxo,love you, Susie

Wanda said...

Hey, Linda. I've been away from your blog for too long. Life has really got in the way of what I planned to do...But after the cooking class tomorrow at the clubhouse, I have several days that look clear on the calendar so I can catch up.

Now, your post is so delightful. Your mom is so cute...I can see if she was staying with us, I would have to buy a larger coffee pot...HaHa. You hair is adorable. I love the way the back falls. So stylish. Your Thrift Store finds are great. We have the same cup as Louis Dean from Hawaii.

Love and hugs

PATI CLARK said...

Very Pretty !!! Love the new hairdo !!!

Nonnie said...

Oh yes, love the new haircut. And yes! My husband and I thought it was hilarious that Mr. Carson got a little comeuppance from Mrs. Carson. The biscuits and strawberries look yummy.

bj said...

first off, your mama is just as cute as she can be...
LD is a saint for all his all your treasures and really love you cute "doo"...getting a new one myself this week.

Deanna Rabe said...

Your hair looks great! I laughed about your mothers coffee 'power play!' She's a serious coffee drinker! I wouldn't worry about your mother and the tv. It interests her and she's keeping up with the news, etc.

Gypsy Heart said...

Wow, your Mom is a serious coffee drinker! :) I don't drink mine fast...try to savor it. She is always smiling so I think she's happy, even if she does love TV. At her age, whatever she enjoys is good.

Love your hair! I don't know how you went that long without a cut...mine drives me crazy. LOL Sometimes I think about having mine a bit longer but reality is, I don't have the patience. Your stylist is really good!

Wish I had a few of those biscuits ~ :)