Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Quad Wednesday ~ Valentine Crafts!

Valentine's Day is almost here! 
Today was my last chance to do some crafts with the quads so that's exactly what we did!
Crafts! A LOT of crafts!

When I was working in the dining room a few days ago, I rediscovered these cardboard frames I had tucked away! They were meant to be used by the older grands but I must have forgot where I put them! The quads painted them this morning!

Amber brought the kids a little earlier than usual since she was planning to pick them up a little earlier than usual. We were just barely awake when they arrived! I woke up, turned on the coffee and jumped in the shower! Louis Dean was drinking his first cup and was still in that 'stupor state.' As soon as the kids came in laughing and talking, our adrenaline kicked in! 

It was pleasant enough to play outside in the back and they have started playing with the little tent again.

They call it their 'camper!'
"Come on! Let's all go get in the camper!!!"

We made Valentine chains for them to use to decorate for their parties.

They took turns painting their frames.

Each chose a different color.
They loved watching everyone paint their turn and offered advice.
"Paint along that edge. You missed a place! LONG strokes!"

They did a really good job!
I used the same brush and just washed it and palette tray between colors.

Kailey was last because I told her she was THE most patient one!
She really ate that up! "I am VERY patient!!!"

Granddad supervised playtime while I prepared lunch:
Chicken Noodle soup and PBJ sandwiches!
They were impressed with the cloth napkins, napkin rings, heart shaped plates and bowls.
Eating at the dining room table is a lot of fun for them and makes them feel special!

Granddad started the BABY POWER cheer when they really WERE babies!!
I read the chapter 'Chimney Fire' in the Little House on the Prairie before we all took naps in the den.
I'm impressed with how much they remember of the stories each week and I think they have developed a real love for Ma and Pa and Mary, Laura and Baby Carrie!

I had set out some things last night that I wanted to do with the kids today.
That little box of 52 Nature Activities has lots of cool ideas!

The kids just naturally started playing in the dirt, making mud, gathering stones and discovering worms all by themselves. The cards were not needed!!

I love LOVE love to hear them talk to each other!!!

I think the quads love playing outside here because they are free to explore and discover stuff! While I wish all the leaves were bagged and GONE, the kids loved rustling through them and even found some toys they had 'lost' when they played out here in the fall!
They like turning stones over to see what's underneath.
When Harrison was gathering up all these rocks, he told Trystan, "These are precious stones!"

Kailey has boundless energy and such a spirit of JOY!

All our crafts from today!

The heart shaped Big Brownie was baked for Dada!
By the time it went home with them, there were some fingertip streaks where they had sampled the powdered sugar!

The frames turned out nicely and I'm certain Amber has some photos for them!
I included one from the photo shoot Debbie of Ladybug from Texas did with them last September!

We made lavender sachets for their Mommy and they all agreed they smell 'delicious!'
Kailey said, "They smell just like your TEA, MeeMaw!!!"

The kids play and entertain themselves very well.
They love Lucy and express sorrow when she barks at Louis Dean. They order her to the kennel when she barks but then feels so sorry for her that they let her right back out.
Granddad fixed that early this evening. Imagine their surprise when they went to the kennel and found it was LOCKED!!! Instead of letting Lucy out, they petted her through the cage and gave her dog treats!!

Granddad had playground duty while I prepared dinner.
We even manage a glass of wine in the gazebo while it cooked!

Pasta and meat sauce with bread and butter for the meal along with milk, and followed by a freshly baked cookie!!! Or two....and in Harrison's case it MAY have been three!!! But he DID eat his dinner! Or most of it!

I am so grateful for this little boy!!!
I wish everyone could meet these special children.
Harrison has such a sweet spirit. Sweet as SUGAR!!!
Kailey is so full of JOY and Trystan is the most CHARMING little girl!
Logan truly has a servant's SPIRIT! This afternoon the children discovered a dead bug - which they called a June Bug - in the dining room floor by the French doors. They were right outside in their 'camper' but they spied that small little dead bug from there! They called and yelled and told us all about it as we were sitting in the gazebo. I went in to deal with it but Logan was already in action! She said, "I've got it, MeeMaw!" She had taken a tissue and picked it up and put it in the trash with the other three kids thanking her all the way!!!

It's been a good day! 
Still and all, I am beginning to feel like the old lady I am!!
As soon as they left, I collapsed on the sofa and Louis Dean gave me a foot massage for nearly a whole hour as we watched an episode of Elementary!
He's in his music room now while I write.
This afternoon he introduced Kailey to the microphone and has organized things so he can have it all ready every week when they are here. He is about ready to teach them a few songs and he is excited about it!!

Our home has morphed from the quiet home of a retired couple into the happy, bustling, busy, exciting, energetic and entertaining place where grandchildren can play, explore and create! This house was ALIVE from 10:30 this morning to 8:00 tonight!!! With their departure, it has once again turned into a calm after all the excitement of the day. I can hear the classical music drifting in from the stereo in the living room. Lucy is snoring behind me in her kennel. Most of the lights have been turned out so the house is only softly lighted by the candles and electric candle lights. I am truly tired to the bone - but it is a happy tired! 

I close tonight's thoughts with the following:

I am grateful for the children in my life!!!
If you do not have any in yours, I suggest you borrow some!!!


Linda said...

Well lady, this is just about the nicest post I've read in a very long time. Did my heart a world if good. How is it you can't teach Lois Dean not to tease Lucy and make her bark? Poor Lucy.

Nancy Chan said...

Hello Linda, it is so nice to visit you and once again enjoy your family time through your sharing. I enjoyed the videos and it is a joy to see a happy wholesome family.

Nancy Chan said...

Hello Linda, it is so nice to visit you and once again enjoy your family time through your sharing. I enjoyed the videos and it is a joy to see a happy wholesome family.

Kathy said...

I look forward to your posts on Wednesdays about the quads. I was mentioning to Joe tonight that they will be 4 this year and we just can't imagine where the time has gone. They are sweet children. No children in my life right now and I miss it. If I knew any children I would borrow them as you said. By the way, I love that heart brownie. It looks so delicious. I hope Mike shares it with Amber and the kids.


Lavender sachet?!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I would love those, they turned out so pretty. And the frame painting/advice---- it's amazing how well they get along. Oh, and be still my heart; heart shaped brownie!!

Changes in the wind said...

So many special moments with the quads...they will never forget.

Arlene Grimm said...

What fun...I love the frames! I may steal that idea for my grands. And like you, when mine leave, I collapse on the sofa!!

Pondside said...

What a day you had! The Quads are so lucky to have a grandmother and grandfather who are so energetic....and inventive!

Vee said...

You are blessed and so are they! I am impressed with the lot of you! I will be very happy to see how those music lessons with Grandpa come along. They surely are ready for some marching to the beat, and learning some songs. I was shocked to learn that children are NOT always taught the good old songs that I learned in school.

Penny said...

What a busy day you had with those wee darlings. I love that Louis Dean was sitting with them in many photographs; the watchful, caring Grandad In the backround, so lovely. I was exhausted just reading about your day, so I can understand how tired you must have been as you wrote this post. I so enjoyed your description of the quiet house, the music etc. You are so positive, and such an inspiration X

Sandra said...

I like the baby power... so cute, even LD is cute. LOL... and they are so good to share painting time.. you are teaching them great life skills. that apron with the crayon on it is really cute.. and when they are older they can look back at this and remember

Carole said...

You are so good with these kids - I would be totally wiped out! They are so lucky to have you and LD. Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Debbie said...

omgoodness....they are such lucky children!!!!! cute crafts!!!!

Bev said...

What a fun day...and I'm sure you were exhausted!!

Susie said...

Linda, I bet you and LD slept good last night. Those kids are so entertaining. So good about helping too. When you said Harrison said the stones were precious, that sent me back in time. My daughter Kathy loved gathering rocks. Once I found four pieces of gravel on the TV and I said, "Kathy are these your old rocks? " She said so innocently, "No mom, them's my new ones. " Just touched my heart. She still likes rocks. If we could always remember the wonderful things of our children's lives . Blessings to all, Love all of you, Susie

PATI CLARK said...


darlin said...

Absolutely beautiful! Right from the crafts, the play and the dirt... what fun, exhausting without a doubt, but energy well spent! The quads are so adorable, and getting so big!

Wishing you a relaxing Sunday!

Carla said...

I was tired just reading and watching the video. LOL