Saturday, February 27, 2016

Celebrating Saturday and Sherry's Birthday - at the RANCH in the COUNTRY!!!

Oh, my goodness!!! Where do I start?
 We have had a busy, interesting, fun, exhausting day IN THE COUNTRY!!!!
Harrison and Kailey keep talking about being IN THE COUNTRY!!

We all slept like logs last night!
The kids woke up up at 8:00 this morning announcing, "MeeMAW! The SUN is UP!!!!"

And so it was!
NOT our normal waking time for us when we are down here in the camper but it worked for us today!

Pancakes and strawberries for breakfast using our brand new griddle for the very first time!
We've had for over a year!!

As soon as breakfast was over we dressed and headed out to explore!

Checking out Sherry's tractor!

Sharing the 'Country Experience' with these two make it an extra special weekend!

Every child loves a little bit of MUD!!!

I got so tickled at how much Harrison LOVES mud!!

After the tractor and the mud, it was time to meet the chickens!

Pretty exciting!

Kailey got to hold one and so did I!

The kids even collected eggs!
Kailey had a brown one and Harrison's was blue.
I'm not sure what he thought about that!

Louis Dean and his son had a little sitting time together!

The mockingbird gave a grand performance an we were all ears!!

Now on to meeting the baby goats - and their mamas!

This one is the most tame and easy for the kids to pet!

Such a SWEET face!!!

Sherry has the patience of Job with the children!
Note the baby goat chewing on her shirt?

Sherry said he must be teething!

Just a couple of little kids enjoying the country!

Harrison found every single bit of muddy water on the way back to the camper!

And I always enjoy all the scenery!

We all made a trip into Mart to the Dollar Store where I seemed to spend money like a mad woman!
I got everything from Peach Cobbler donuts to chips and all sorts of things in between, including a new coffee cup for me and all manner of glow in the dark things for the kids.

Lunch was eaten outdoors per Harrsion's request.
Works for me!

Naps followed lunch - and this time I separated them!
Kailey in the bedroom and Harrison on the couch.
Kailey went to sleep when Granddad decided to take a nap too!
Harrison - not so much! I worked on the photos for my journal and Harrison fidgeted and slapped his hands together and hung his feet over the back of the couch and - well, you get the idea!
When I finished my photos, I got in the lower bunk and took a little nap myself - until Harrison popped up beside me waking me up! I sent him back to the couch and drifted off - until Kailey woke me up! This is becoming a routine.....

Anyway, after we ALL woke up - meaning Granddad got the only real good nap! - we went back out to explore more of THE COUNTRY!!

Aunt Sherry came down and became an instant favorite of the kids!!!
Who wouldn't love an aunt that will take them for a wheel barrow ride???

We all gathered firewood as a family for the dinner tonight.

Harrison and Kailey LOVED riding in Aunt Sherry's truck!!

She hitched a chain to the back of her truck and pulled some pretty impressive tree limbs up to the camper for our fire tonight!

You can see Dean and Harrison out there gathering wood.
Dean was showing him a woodpecker's nest in a piece of the fallen wood.

My favorite place down here - the meadow.

I snapped this pic of the three horses and then they took off running and it sounded just like a western movie. I absolutely LOVE that sound!!!

Dinner preps and before dinner drinks - Fruity Sangria!

While Sherry and I worked on the food, and Robert worked on the camp fire, Uncle Dean played with the kids!

This was the first time I have seen Lucy actually  PLAY!!

I'm not sure who had the most fun - the kids, Lucy, or Dean!

It was a great evening out on the deck!

Shish kabobs, baked potatoes, baked beans, garden salad, foil wrapped packets of onions and mushrooms in butter, stuffed jalapeno peppers and German Chocolate Cake!!!

Good food, fun and family!!! Win! WIN!!!!

Everyone pitched in on the clean up and Sherry helped get the children to bed.
We sat around talking and just enjoying ourselves.
While Kailey and Harrison didn't go to sleep right away, they didn't disrupt the rest of the evening either. Last night I chased everyone OUT of the camper and made it quiet so they would go to sleep.
Tonight worked much better - the drone of the adult voices seemed to sooth and lull them into slumber much better than the still quiet - although I had a fan on and then a little electric heater for background noise.

This is blurry but I love it!
A three generation pic of Louis Dean, Dean, and Robert!

We watched the first episode of Season 3 in keeping with our tradition.
They say Season 4 gets better.


Jutta said...

Those two children have such a fun visit at the farm! Simply a true wonderland!!

Bluebird49 said...

I'll bet there are at least 2 grownup kids sleeping in the camper--- especially after you couldn't get your nap! I'm wondering what will happen when they no longer take naps! :) Sounds like Harrison is already thinking "naps are for babies!" Youall are making memories that. none of you will forget. When they're old as we are they'll be telling their grandkids about their awesome grandparents and all the exciting adventures they had with you. Treasures!

This kind of thing needs to happening with kids ---so much. Country air.They look completely in love with country life! You are a brave grandma, taking them that far from home overnight. Another "memory made" for all. :)


Susie said...

Linda, I had to laugh about your little mud dabber. :) I loved the picture of the kids with the eggs and the one of Harrison and the baby goat is adorable. I bet Amber and Mike loved it. I have a feeling you and LD are going to have a hard time getting to the ranch without any of the quads, now. :):) makes me smile thinking of them calling it the country and loving the great outdoors. So you got to see that sweet Robert too. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,love you, Susie

Estelle's said...

What sweet memories are being made the kiddos....there is nothing better as a child than spending carefree das in the country! Love it all!!!

Sandra said...

all i have to say is now i want to come and meet aunt Sherry tooooo. what memories you are creating. i want to hold a chicken and a baby goat and listen to birds and climb ON the tractor... not look at it.. ha ha.... i am so happy for you all that the sun is shining and you remembered to take their mud boots. i want to wade in the mud toooooooooo

Nita said...

Boy's will be boy's...nothing better than a good stomp in a mud puddle. I love it !

Linda said...

Now you've done it. When it's time for the other two to have their turn there's no way you'll be able to leave these two at home. Harrison is so precious. I love the pictures of him and the baby goat. Kaily looks like she's having a good time. What a wonderful learning opportunity for these kids.

Pondside said...

Making memories - isn't it just the best!? The Great Dane was just in Alberta with four of ours and I can't wait for summer when the two oldest will come for the whole summer holiday.

Debby said...

I am reading in reverse order. Now I get it, two little ones. I'm sure the other two are next. Can I be your grandchild. What fun for all of you.

Deanna Rabe said...

What fun! Good country fun!

BeachGypsy said...

Looks like a perfect day to me!! Yall having great weather too? These kids will always remember these precious times!

Carol Slater said...

Sounds like a lot of fun to me. I am anxious for spring so that I can go stay in my camper.