Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Tuesday's Treasures and Wednesday Brunch

 We left the ranch around 1:30 Monday and stopped at HEB to pick up some Jalapeño Saltines for a friend and I grabbed us a couple of sandwiches from there along with a salad instead of stopping at Subway. 

It's a good thing I did as it took us nearly 2 hours to get to Hillsboro due to a traffic accident.
It was 5:30 before we got home!

I made me a salad and 

served Louis Dean the very last of the fajitas!
"Waste not - want not, love!"
Did any of you watch Peirce Brosnan  in Remington Steele??

I remember him speaking that line in one of the episodes.

We took turns watering the front and back flower beds after which LD took a nice long bath!

I met up with Brenda shortly after noon at Texas Thrift!
We only shopped that one store and had lunch  at Chick Fil A.

The yellow tags were 50% off and the rest was 30% off with our senior discount.
The lamp was $6.

Another yellow tag!

And another!

The chalk board was $5 less the 30% discount.

I hung this note holder in the foyer to put Summer's mail in and hang things to give in bags.

Louis Dean likes it when I find something for him - so he was happy with this western snap shirt!

Somehow I missed reading this book so I snatched it up!

Not a yellow tag but so pretty!
Brenda found it for me and I could NOT resist!

I'm so glad I got it!

I'm going to use this huge tablecloth to cover the baby grand in the den once I get that window wall done. One more session to drywall and then I will move on to painting, putting up trim and decide on window treatments. Then DECORATE!!

The bracelet and earrings were both yellow tag sales.

This beautiful necklace was not but still a nice bargain with the senior discount.

I start out in the mornings watering the back yard flower beds and herb gardens and close out the day with watering the front ones after the son goes down and then we celebrate with a glass of wine  before bed.

I have been sleeping a lot lately so it was 10:30 when I got up  this morning and 2:00 before I started preparing our meal.

I saw this recipe on Facebook and knew we would love it!
A little olive oil (I used tomato infused) and a layer of flour tortillas.
Whisk up some eggs - Sherry sent us home with a dozen huge ones - and some chopped homegrown tomatoes with seasonings and chopped onion and fresh chopped herbs from my garden.

Sprinkle grated cheese on top and I added a few sprigs of cilantro.

Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.


I had cooked bacon but forgot to add it so I served that on the side.
Topped with sour cream and guacamole - Perfect!

This evening I mixed up a tuna salad and we may eat a sandwich or salad of that after we come in from watering!

Louis Dean has been working on this song.....

Goodnight from the Chapmans!


Ginny Hartzler said...

The yellow tablecloth would be perfect to put somewhere for the fall. I think my favorite is the chalkboard. Louis Dean will look really sharp in the red checked shirt!

Rita said...

Never watched Remmington Steel. When I was young I had no interest in detective, police, or murder shows. Now they are my favorites--lol!

Thrifted lots of goodies again and also lots of yummy foods to eat. Hope you are staying cool! :)

MadSnapper said...

We are Willie lovers.. beautiful.. good song to practice on. I remember Remington Steele but never watched it. I did not start watching TV until I married Bob when I was 40. my kids and their dad watched it together and I hid in the bedroom reading. that lamp was a steal of a deal

photowannabe said...

Such Treasures again this you win the prize.
That tablecloth will be perfect on your piano.
Total yummm on the tortilla breakfast bake. I think I will have to try that one too.
Hope the weather isn't too, too hot and that you stay safe during the storms I am reading about.
Wild Summer Time.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Wow, you really scored big on the yellow tag sales, etc.! It all looks like so much good and fun stuff! And your salads and meals look SO delicious! That tortilla thing really looks great! I may try a variation of that! Glad you are home safe and I hope you are staying "cool as a cucumber". Have a wonderful rest of your week.

Deanna Rabe said...

The egg bake looks so good! You found some good deals at the thrift!

You’re in a good routine, and when you mentioned tuna salad that made me hungry! I’ll have to add that to my menu.

We’ve been enjoying our pool everyday, after Tim gets home from work. He, Kyle and I get in for an hour or longer. It’s a nice way to spend the late afternoon.

Susie said...

Linda, One of the fellows at senior music sessions can sing some Will Nelson tunes and does very well. I have always like "You Were Always On My Mind" by Willie. I enjoy seeing what all, others cook...but I am just about done with ever cooking. LOL. Some days when it's hot nothing sounds good. I do eat lots of salads. Blessings, xoxo,love you guys, Susie

Jackie See said...

Linda, we have sleeping late in common! I have slept till noon a few days these past 2 weeks. I blamed it on the heat. Too hot to go anywhere or do anything outside except water. Yesterday it was 100 degrees at noon. Today we have cloudy days but still 96 degrees. Jr is running errands, I am so blessed that he is always willing to run while I stay home and nest. I have been purging again, asking myself just what I plan to pack and move. We still haven't found a house yet but are planning to move into a condominium until we do. I have never really been attached to stuff so it is exciting to me to start with a clean slate in a new home. This new adventure we will be on very soon! You and LD are so blessed to have the ranch to go to, it looks so peaceful and love the MOPS. How are the kitties? Love to all the Chapmans `jackiesee~