Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Friends, Treasures and Other Blessings.....

Wednesdays have become my 'catch up' day to  post my journal entry.
It seems the more I stay home - the more I stay home.
I could easily become a hermit - but maybe for only  3 or 4 days a week!

I watched church online Sunday and that seems to work well for us.
Unless Louis Dean knows that he will see the Bells or the Cumbys - it's more of an effort to get him to go to church....and I understand that.
We belong to a huge church and we love it - but it still holds a few problems for Louis Dean - as in the loud music and strobe lights and sometimes the seating situation.

You know what? I think I am going to suggest they have a designated senior citizen seating area in the very back for those elderly and mobile challenges ones as well as the heart patients who can't tolerate the magnetic speakers due to pace makers..... as LD has.

At any rate, we watched church and I cooked and cleaned in the afternoon while Louis Dean worked outside.

Another good meal from my Bistro cookbook!

Watermelon, feta cheese and minced mint - so refreshening and delicious!

I have been working on the den window wall project.

I'm nearly halfway done - with the drywall.

I am loving the texture and it's kind of fun for me to do this.
My first 'drywall' project was my hall!
My oldest grandchildren - Sam, Faith and Levi helped me tear down all the wall paper and the I put up the drywall and painted it gray and finished it out with white trim.

My second project was the laundry room and I painted that a green - that can never be duplicated as I used my oil paints to glaze it. I love it still!

The third project was Louis Dean's bathroom - again a green and I still love it, too

Tuesday was a busy day and I was up early - but Louis Dean was up even earlier!
We worked together in putting on a big pot of pinto beans that I had left soaking overnight!

I went off for a lab appointment - my labs came back abnormal on my urinalysis from my check up - so I went back in to do another. For some reason I could not 'go' enough for the testing and ended up drinking 5 bottles of water over 30 minutes in the waiting room. Finally - success!
Next off was a trip to Home Depot for more drywall and two rose bushes.
Alas, the roses looked terrible so I bought two hibiscus instead - two of those for the price of ONE wilted rose bush!

Next up was a stop at Kroger for Louis Dean's wine.
He is a box wine drinker and when he gets low - it's time to get more.
He likes to combine Chillable Red with Crisp White or Sunset Blush.
All are low in alcohol content and he doesn't drink much - but he loves to see the boxes lined up on the shelf in his room!

I'm out of order on my photos here but I met up with Brenda for our thrifting adventure after which we had lunch at Chick Fil A with Billy!  
A sudden hard rain came in just as we were going out of the thrift store and then into Chick Fil A!
No need to water that day!

When I came home I went straight to the kitchen to make a double batch of cornbread!

The beans were delicious as was the cornbread!!

Now here are my Tuesday Treasures....

Brenda found this for me - a large fall colored tablecloth WITH 8 matching napkins!

I absolutely LOVE this sunflower beaded pillow!

And I know you all know how much I love how much YOU love summer!
I am not taking one moment of joy away from you - but I am so looking forward to FALL!!

Guess who was holding this cover up for me to take the pic??
Summer Dee!!! My first born daughter and my mini me.

I hit the jackpot on signage this time!
Nearly all the signs were from Hobby Lobby and Kincaid's.

And all were so reasonably priced - unlike so may other things in the store.

Brenda and I only buy the really and true bargains.

All of the signs and such will be hung on my newly redone den window wall.

The Paris theme continues into the den!
Perhaps one day my son Jesse will take me there!

Having a glass of wine in Paris is on my Bucket List!
It's okay to dream....

A Yankee Candle for under $5?

I love this pretty pillow.....
It may live in the guest room or in the gazebo!
Right now it's in the living room.

I am eternally grateful to have a Home Sweet Home!!

Kimmy came by on Tuesday afternoon and brought some more treasures from June!
Louis Dean was so excited to get this hole puncher.

He is losing more and more memory every day but he continues to love his projects.
The hole puncher is perfect for him as he prints out calendar pages and writes in the dates and month  and then gives them to me to fill out our 'schedule.'
As in doctor appointments and visits and such.
This is good for his brain and helps him stay in touch with things.

Summer arrived from Arkansas to spend a couple of nights while she has a dental appointment.
She just missed seeing Kimmy but our dear friend and neighbor Ilene was out walking and we all ended up visiting.

What a blessing to have such good friends - and family!
Kimmy and Ilene both went home with a container of pinto beans with ham chunks, slices of homemade cornbread and chopped onion,

And Louis Dean was such a happy camper to  have good food and such good friends to visit with!

This includes Sophie!
Kimmy's beloved dog.....
She is so precious and I look forward to both of them visiting soon.

Just so you know, Kimmy's mother, June, our dearly beloved friend passed away recently and Kimmy has had to make different living arrangements. She took care of her mom for the last several years and has now moved in to her aunt's home where where she will take care of her, Aunt is 90 and prayers for Kimmy will be so deeply appreciated.

Today - Wednesday - both Louis Dean and I have been working in the yard and the flower beds.

The neighbors to the east of us are going to put up new  fencing so Louis Dean has been working all day in moving the lumber and stones and debris away from the fence.
His plan is to load it in the truck and we will take it to the ranch this weekend!
As in go down on Saturday and come home on Sunday or Monday!
I'm excited about getting to be there even for just a weekend!! 

I close tonight's journal entry with this signage....

I love this!!!
Sometimes it's a challenge to live FULLY 
but we should keep trying!
Now is all we have - savor and enjoy each moment!
Live with no regrets...


Debby @ From My House to Yours said...

I enjoyed this post. You had quite a haul from shopping - all if it will look nice in your home.
It’s something how some people are just caretakers. I’m sorry about Kimmy’s mom and now she will take care of her aunt. I know someone like that. Very special.
Sophia the dog is a cutie!
Enjoy your drywall project and oh, the beans and cornbread looks delicious. That’s on my menu this week as well. Just like my grandma used to make.
God bless

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so sorry for Kimmy. I think you have a wonderful idea about a seating area for seniors! It is all about inclusiveness!! Please let me know if they agree to do this. I love all your Fall finds. Fall is my favorite time of year to decorate, and I may have more than you, three huge tubs full. But not room to put it all! I want to see your walls up close when you are done. I love green and that is the color our living room is.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you have been busy! I know you loved your home projects!
Sorry for Kimmy ,(that isn't June she lost, is it?!) Loss is so hard...Moving is so hard! Life is hard!But not for you!
Sophie is a cutie and she knows it!
If I had your pretty gazebo...that pretty pillow would reside there, I believe! Love, Trudy

MadSnapper said...

my mothers house was green outside and every wall in the house was a different shade of green except the kitchen and it was YELLOW, screaming yellow. I asked why they did not stop when they saw how yellow it was, she said we already paid for the paint.
I can't believe you are painting and putting spackle on walls, I can barely do my housework. painting would put me in bed for a week..

Latane Barton said...

Now those beans and cornbread is my kind of eating!! Wish I had some right this minute. I love ketchup on my beans, chow chow on my peas. I'm just weird that way. hehe

photowannabe said...

I love everything about this post and how you always look on the positive side of life.
I do think "live Fully" changes as we age and those we love change too.
We must live as fully as the good Lord helps us do it.
Hugs for Louis Dean finding projects and things to keep those brain cells going. Your love goes a long way to helping that out.
Enjoy your short time down at the Ranch. Come back Monday