Friday, June 14, 2024

Summer Days With My Very Own Summer Dee!

 I have long held hopes and dreams of Sanford & Son vacating the back yard - but I was not holding my breath!

Our neighbors getting a new fence spurred Louis Dean into action and he is well on his way to cleaning up stuff!
We will be taking a load down to the ranch in the morning and we think Dean and Sherry can use some of the stones in their landfill projects.

Summer totally impressed Louis Dean with her overalls!!!

Isn't she the cutest thing???

She had a dental appointment and then her car has been in the shop for repairs and we are enjoying having this special time together!
She is handier than a pocket on a shirt and has blessed us with her special talents!
She fixed the problem Louis Dean was having with pop ups on his lap top and then got his phone working again. Jesse calls it 'drive by clicking' and he had accidently hit some button that said he was 'unavailable' when we called his phone and it said 'call failed' when he tried to call out!
It's always good to have family members that know how to 'fix' things for us!

I have been working on the drywall and hoped to have it all done by now - but that didn't happen.
One more session will be next week!
I've narrowed down my color choices and hoping by the end of July this project will be a done deal!

This afternoon Summer and I went to La Madeleine for a late lunch. 

It's always a good thing to be able to spend some one on one time together!
***note to Whitney***
I am loving my tiny cross bracelet!

Louis Dean and I are both enjoying these slow gentle June days.
Most days we stay at home and we love that!

Tomorrow we will make a quick trip to the ranch to unload his truck of 'stuff!'
Summer will be here at least through Sunday as her car is not ready yet.
We will leave out kitties here with her since it will just be for a few days.

With all our work in the yard with  plants and pulling weeds and keeping things watered -
It will be hard to get away for any length of time or we will lose all our flowers and such.
Mulching helps but we haven't done enough of that yet.

It's a good thing to stay busy and busy we are!
But not overly so.
Striking that balance is a challenge - and I think we are finding it!


Kathy said...

Summer is a gem. She can do so many things to help so many people. And she is so cute in her overalls. Have a safe trip back and forth to the ranch.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Summer is so darned cute! And she is always smiling no matter what she is going through. Louis Dean is looking so good! Hopefully you will now have the back yard of your dreams!

MadSnapper said...

Ha ha Sanford’s brother lives in our house. It’s never ending. Summer looks so darn cute in those overalls so glad y’all got to go out to eat and at least that backyard keeps Louis Deanwith something to do

photowannabe said...

Love, love, love your Summer Dee. Those overalls, too cute. Glad she is there for a few days too.
Hope you got all of your "debris" down to the Ranch ok and now your Sanford and Sons area will be cleared..yay...
Awesome photo of your Honey enjoying the slow gentle June days.

Donna said...

Summer is indeed a sweet and caring!
I need to get out in our back yard and do some more planting.
Happy Father's Day LD!

Anonymous said...

Summertime,summertime,sum-sum sum-mer-time. (And all that Jazz!)
Always a good time for Summetime!
(It took me forever to type that! My brain's gone, sweetie!)😉