Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Good Times in Branson!

We have had such a great vacation here in Branson!

Memorial Day we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, had baked beans, chips and cantaloupe for a late lunch.

Monday night we went to see A Tribute to Neil Diamond and we loved every single minute of the show!

Keith Allynn did a great job and we were thoroughly entertained!

He has an 11 piece band that was  awarded the 2023 Band of the Year here in Branson!

After the show, Billy took Brenda and my picture with Keith and that was fun!
I'll share more pics in a later post!

It was our only late night and we came back to the campground and went right to bed!

Today was our last full day and it was a special one.

Our long time friends, Jacki and JR drove from their Missouri home to meet us for brunch here at the park.

Billy outdid himself with cooking the bacon to crispy perfection and a plate of scrambled eggs while I made a fresh fruit salad and baked two cans of biscuits.
Everything tasted so good that I had seconds - something I have not done in months!

We have been friends for 14 years through blogging and Facebook but this was our first time to meet in person! It was like old home week since we have already shared our lives through the years.
They are famous for their beautiful 2 acre spread with a huge pond - they decorate lavishly for all the holidays and especially Halloween and Christmas!

Packages, cards, prayers as well as our joys and sorrows have been shared over time and we love each other. Thank you, Jacki and JR, for being such good friends to us and for driving over to see us!
Remember, we have full hook ups on our driveway and am hoping y'all come down to Texas soon!

We left this afternoon for our last attraction - The Branson Belle Riverboat, cruise/show/dinner!

We were the very last ones to board and at 4:05 were seated on the fifth row in front of the stage and being served the first course of dinner! We had no idea that we would be eating first thing!
We were all stuffed from the brunch but the food was so good we soldiered on and ate again!
None of us got the Clean Plate Club but what we did eat was delicious!

I misunderstood and thought they said absolutely no videos or photos - so I didn't take any.
Billy was listening better than I and he took some great pics which I will share in my next journal entry.

The entertainment was cruise ship worthy and we all had a good time!
It wasn't even dark when we were driving back to the campground for the last time. 

Missouri is Trump country and we stopped at this place to shop and take pics!

We came in and went right to bed!
It must be 'old age' but we were so sleepy.
I woke up after a few hours and thought I would go ahead and write this journal entry.
Louis Dean is still asleep - but I will be waking him up in order to give him his medicine in a few minutes. I hope he can go right back to sleep.

There have been severe storms all over the south this Memorial Day weekend and they have caused a great deal of damage, injuries and even loss of lives.

Summer has been staying at our house and taking care of the kitties.
Early this morning another storm blew in and the power went out.
Seems Irving had three transformers that were knocked out in the storm.
Power is remains out to many parts of the city - including our neighborhood.
Amber and Mike's neighborhood was especially hard hit but they did not suffer any damage to their home but had a good bit of trees and parts of trees come down.
Other neighbors did not fare so well and trees fell on cars, houses and even blocked the entrance to their neighborhood.

So far our electricity has been out 12 hours and Oncor is working on restoring power but says it may be days. 

Summer will be going back to Arkansas tomorrow as we drive home.
I'm thinking we will be having another adventure on our return!
My friend, Jean, suggested we buy some dry ice to save some of our freezer food - good idea!


MadSnapper said...

I wondered if those storms we are seeing on TV were in your area, so glad none of your family was harmed. they are ravaging the middle of the country and am waiting to hear from the friends who live there.
what a fantastic vacation and I know you are happy to be home even without power. I wondered who was taking care of your cats while you were gone. I have met 3 blog friends over the years. Myra and Debbie and I am ashamed to say I can't remember the other ones name right now. she doesn't blog any more and for me, out of sight is out of mind

Donna said...

Glad you had a fun meet-up with your friends! That's always fun...
Yes, the weather has been crazy while you've been gone. Hope it hasn't affected your home! If it has, hopefully you have a generator. The ranch might be a good place to hang out until all this craziness passes. Our power was out yesterday, again, for about four hours.

Anonymous said...

What a great trip you had!

Hope your power is back on!

Deanna Rabe

Ginny Hartzler said...

Looks like you left town just at the right time! Especially since Summer was there to help out with the power emergency. Love the pic of you and Louis Dean!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda

Why do you believe Mr. Trump would make a good president for the USA and also be a benefit to the rest of the world. We are all in this together.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a wonderful vacation to Branson and hope your power is restored by the tome you’re home. Ours has been out since noon on Tuesday. Miserable, but at least we had no damage to house or cars, just many trees down. Love reading your blog! RHill, TX

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad your home and family were safe from storms, Linda, and that you and LD continue to be enjoying your trip to Branson. From reading your previous post too, yiu are both enjoying the music and friendship. We know how great it is to meet with a fellow blogger as we did the same recently.