Monday, May 20, 2024

Catching up on my Days! Tuesday - Monday!

 I'm a little late in keeping up with my journal entries......

So this is a catch up kind of post from last week through the weekend.

Tuesday was my 'day out' and I absolutely love spending time with Brenda!
This LOVE canvas now hangs in my kitchen! It replaced the donkey with wine and that is now in the living room

Costume jewelry is aways fun!

As is greenery - aka debris!
The long ivy garlands are brand new and I am still playing with where I will use them!

I took apart the white flowers and trashed some of them and made two bouquets to use.
This is in our bedroom against the black  curtain over our window AC unit!

The stalks I saved are now in the foyer.

Tuesday's night supper was a gift from Stephanie - our beloved next door neighbor!
Stuffed shells - Italian style and I added a salad and garlic bread!
Don't you love neighbors who give you food??

I left the book I was currently reading in Brenda's car so I started a new one!
I haven't read the Memory Keepers Daughter - but I will!!

We left shortly after noon on Friday to head to the ranch stopping at the Lone Star Cafe for lunch!

Louis Dean said, "Gimme that LOOK!"
So I did!

I am continuing to eat healthy and this salad hit the spot!

Louis Dean, on the other hand, enjoyed his meal where nothing on his plate was healthy!
Fried okra, French fries, chicken fried steak and lots and lots of gravy!
He ate every bite!

We were here long before dark with a short stop at HEB for milk and eggs.
I was thankful Dean and Sherry had left the camper AC on but when we came in - it wasn't very cool and I couldn't get the lamp on.

Turns out the AC wasn't cooling but the fan was still blowing - that's one problem.
The other one is that there are five electric outlets not working.
All factory installed ones at that. The extra outlets Louis Dean has installed still work.
I knew there had been a power outage and thought it would be a simple matter to check the breakers and that would be that.
Not so.
Breakers all looked fine.
The fan would not blow when I set the control to 'cool' so I did the only thing I could think of doing - I jiggled the control - and it came on!

The thing is - if I so much as touch it - off it goes!
About 5 years ago we bought a new camper AC unit and Don the electrician installed it for us.
However he was going to come back and put in the new thermostat control and a part that goes up in the ceiling. 

I'm hoping and praying he will come and figure out what's wrong with the outlets as well as change out the AC parts.

In the meantime - I am beyond thankful the camper is staying cool!!

My nerves were a little strained by this time so I set up the art table and started painting!

Louis Dean put the new fan we bought together and as long as I have some air moving around me - I'm okay. No way we can air condition the front room!

Saturday afternoon Sherry came down and took me for a ride on their UTV.

It's a tough machine and she let me drive it for awhile.
We went all the way to the back of their property where another tank is surrounded by thick woods.
It was unbelievably COOL back there in the shade! So many wildflowers and lots to see.

Louis Dean loved using his brand new lawnmower!

A campfire closed out our Saturday!

Sunday I was back at my art and by late afternoon, I had made good progress on four paintings.

I'm keeping this one and will go ahead and hang it when we get home....
even if there is a Santa hat in it!

I did the final glaze on this companion piece to the other canvas I painted for son Jesse and it is finished!

The Mr. and Mrs. Claus is a gift to a friend....
one more session to finish it and then another for details and a third for glazing.

 I painted this one before but did another one for a gift.

Here is Tarzan - brother to Samantha and Tabitha....

And this is Mama Kitty - mother of them!

She's so much smaller than her offspring!

Tarzan is a muscular guy but he's just a puddy cat around me.
He crawls up into my lap and hangs over my shoulder and loves attention.
I love him, too!

Louis Dean has had a good time redeeming a picnic table.
He loves fixing things!

We celebrated Son Dean's birthday on Sunday with rib eye steaks, baked potatoes, baked beans, pepper poppers and a German Chocolate birthday cake!
Guess where we ate the meal?
At the picnic table!

Louis Dean has been a happy camper!
So much so that he wants to spend one more night and go home on Tuesday instead of today.

He loads his truck up with tools and STUFF and has unloaded everything and cleaned out the back of his truck. 

He still had a couple things to do on his project and will finish it next month when we come back down here to celebrate out 19th wedding anniversary!

So now I'm all caught up!
I'll spend the rest of this day getting our medicine boxes ready for a month and finish taking notes from my 2001 diary in preparation to writing the next chapter in my book - chapter 33!

Summer shared this pic with me and it is so true!


photowannabe said...

So sorry about the AC but glad you are still fairly cool in the camper.
I am happy you stayed another day...why not? LD is certainly enjoying his self and seems to find the best things to keep him busy.
Yummm on your meals and wow on your paintings. They will be dearly loved.
Linda, I adore your "coy" look...perfection.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love this last quote and in fact just copied it a few days ago! If the outlets that Louis Dean installed are the only ones working, maybe he can fix the other broken ones? I love your horse painting! and the coffee one. You could paint a small coffee painting and hang it in your coffee corner! Aren't you and I the only ones left on earth who do not have pierced ears? Or am I remembering wrong? So where do you get the clip-on ones?

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Linda. Texas gets hot quickly in the spring so I hope you get the AC fixed. Glad you are enjoying your time in the country. I love all of your fun artwork and thrift store finds. What a great dinner your neighbor brought over. I hope things continue to go well. Have a great week!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

All of the paintings in progress are wonderful, Linda, and my favorites are the Christmas kitties and Mr and Mrs Claus. Good for you on continuing the healthy eating! And yes it is great to have good neighbors anytime and ones who bring dinner even better😋

Rita said...

Hope you get the lights and AC sorted out.
Love seeing all your artwork--in progress or finished, doesn't matter.
The gift of a meal--now that's a really wonderful neighbor! :)

Debby said...

Enjoyed this post! You and LD enjoy a good life.

Estelle's said...

That is a darling picture of you that LD took...I know you are in your happy place, but the heat is hard to be comfortable with no AC....enjoy your time and the beauty of the country....good to see a post from you!

MadSnapper said...

glad you have a cool place to stay even if you can't use the front room. hope he can come and get your place ready for your next visit. this summer just might be the hottest on record. i love The Look.. and LD usng his new mower. would like to hug Tarzan. playing on the ipad is like your painting. when I play i go to a happy place and forget what bothers me about life.

Wanda said...

Enjoyed your post Linda. I'm sitting in the waiting room waiting for Don's repair cataract surgery. Scrolling up and down and just enjoying your life. you're healthy lifestyle is showing up you look great

Debbie said...

when i get to the end of your post, after reading every word...i can barely remember the beginning - there is so much exciting stuff!! i enjoy reading about your days with brenda, that sounds like such a special friendship!! i really enjoy reading about the way you care for and decorate your home!!

i get food from neighbors way too often because i have the kindest neighbors!!

ld should eat whatever he wants, whatever makes him happy, at his age...he must be doing something right!!

i NEED a/c...i can't live without it!!

mr. and mrs. claus are AMAZING, you have so much talent and energy!! this was a fun catch up!!

Deanna Rabe said...

I’m so glad you have a place I. The country to visit every month! Isn’t God good? Those kitties are cute and I love how you called the one Puddy Cat!

God, good friends, good food, family. It’s how we survive in this life!

Hope the ac issue gets fixed!

Susie said...

Linda, I am afraid all the control jiggling you do doesn't put you on the same level as Mr. Fix It...L.D. But I love that you did it and got the AC going girl. LOL You are precious. Lots of cats to run the mice away. I love the saying at the end of this post. I always say my sisters and I have our mother's big old worry gene. I do pray all the time. When I worry, I ask God to forgive me for forgetting he is at my side always. Stay cool. Blessings, xoxo,love you guys, Susie

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Love the quote in Summer's picture. Is it okay to share it?