Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Gentle Country Days.....

It is absolutely WONDERFUL to be here at the ranch!
I can't thank Dean and Sherry enough for their gracious hospitality in allowing us to not only 'squat' here but to enlarge our presence and send down some pretty deep roots in what is -in my opinion - the most perfect spot on the property! 

An evening campfire is just one of the many pleasures here!

I have a funny story to tell - it happened on Sunday!

I flooded my tiny camper bathroom the day we arrived - had the faucet turned on full blast when the water was turned on and since I wasn’t IN the camper - I didn’t notice it until I saw the cats standing at attention! So this is Louis Dean’s idea for drying out the toilet paper!!! He’s a creative thinker!!

Those rolls are STILL wet!

A beautiful bouquet of roses and wildflowers and a scented candle are on the table between our chairs in the front room and I love sitting here for my Quiet Time in the mornings.

We had cereal for breakfast and a delicious supper of Tacos on tostados,

It looked so pretty!

I did the final step on my Christmas truck painting by glazing it with Liquin.

And I finished the companion piece to the Barista for son Jesse.
Just need to let it dry and then glaze.

I worked on my cat painting of Tabitha and Samantha.....
I did okay on Samantha but totally messed up Tabitha - so I will be working on them again!

It was early to bed on Tuesday night  - I did not go to the bee meeting as I could NOT bring myself to leave the ranch!

Wednesday morning and this is my Country look!
No make up - hair pulled up in a twist - hat and apron on - loose clothes and bare feet!
I love it!!

I saw the workers arriving this morning and while Louis Dean was taking a morning nap I decided to walk down here and see what they were doing.

The goats are everywhere!

They are curious creatures and try and chew the clothes right off your body!

The house is HERE and now the movers are putting it in position next to the existing house....with a little help from the goats! NOT!
To me it is like magic that that huge house that was up County Line Road and to the left is now HERE!! Exciting times at the ranch!

Dean is an avid gardener and I am always so impressed with his plantings and with Sherry's house plants. Put together - it's green inside and outside their home!

Son Dean delights in making 'toys' available to his dad!
First this week was the weed whacker! Not it's a Craftsman Alligator tool!

They are having too much FUN!
No----can one have TOO much? I don't think  so!

Son Dean, LD and I were sitting on the deck having happy hour together when guess who joined us???

Brother to Tabitha and Samantha and Ginger!

Sherry said he has not been seen since the last time we were down here - 35 days ago!
I fed him a rotisserie chicken carcass that I had been saving for him and some cat food and he was STILL hungry! So I added some pepperoni and he finally got full and nestled with me on the slider.

Rufus is our oldest grand dog and we love him.
He's blind and deaf but he knows when we are here and comes up to visit and I always have treats for him.

I'm loving every single minute of BEING here!



Ginny Hartzler said...

I could not believe the country girl photo of YOU> I even enlarged it. You actually look about 15 years old!!! I think being in the country somehow turns back time for you.

Anonymous said...

I see you "barefootin'"... looking about 15! You look just so happy and cute, my friend.
I'm barefoot most of the time unless I have to go out. I have never liked to wear shoes, and Mama didn't make me unless I went to church, school or out in the snow -- (of which we had too little, in my opinion)! Have you noticed less snow than when you were a little girl? Or was TX snow free?😶
I'm with Ginnie. I think the Ranch turns back time for you, (barefoot and fancy free)! Enjoy, my sweet friend! Squeeze every ounce of "happy" you can get there.
Thanks for the cat, goat and Rufus pictures!
It's good knowing my TX friend is so happy!

Anonymous said...

I love the country version of you. I very rarely wear makeup since moving to the country. Lol. Barefoot not so much. You have so many fun animals to photograph and love on. So what's the new house gonna be used for? Oh and I love the truck picture.

Brenda said...

You look like a sweet teeny bopper…you amaze me…Brenda

Estelle's said...

It's wondaful to see how much these days mean to you....your holiday paintings are just talented...y'all continue to enjoy your time at the ranch...

Donna said...

Hahaaaa...the flood...and the toilet paper!
Can't wait to visit with y'all on Thursday.
Maybe Tarzan has bonded with you! You think of bringing him home with you? Poor thing!
See you soon!

Deanna Rabe said...

Enjoy meeting up with your blogging sister! I fondly remember meeting you and Summer for breakfast. It made our friendship more real!

Country life suits you, friend. Enjoy every minute!

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Linda! I am so glad that you and L.D. are having such a nice stay in the country! See you again soon!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh, I love your country life! It just looks so wonderful there...I would have a difficult time going back home to "civilization". This country life would be the life for me all the time. I can't wait to see what they are going to do with that house! Now that looks like a fun project! I used to watch a program on HGTV (or was it DIY) channel called Texas Flip and move, where the people would buy at auction an old house that was scheduled to be either demolished or moved, and they would move it to their auction lot and totally renovate it and then auction it off again and move it to the buyer's lot. It was quite an undertaking, but a lot of fun and I loved the people who did it. I don't think they are on the air anymore, but it was fun at the time. Enjoy your time there at the farm. I know you will make every minute count for something wonderful.

Changes in the wind said...

Nothing is better than seeing friends happy and happy you and Ld are.

photowannabe said...

Oh how I love your Ranch. Fantastic photos and I wish your time there didn't have to come to an end.
It really is your happy place.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

You look so cute in your country picture.
The ranch is definitely your happy place.

Debbie said...

ooooh you are a country girl at heart!! yummy tacos, they are best at home!! i LOVE the red truck!!