Monday, April 15, 2024

Bloom Sisterhood, Alan American Hockey Game and we are IN the Country!

My alarm went off at 6:00 Saturday morning - and I pushed SNOOZE three times before I got up!
Brenda and I had tickets for Boom at Fellowship Church and I wanted to be ready by 8:30.

Louis Dean was awake as well and asked if I would have coffee with him.
I said, "After my shower."
He is so sweet!
He said, "I'll go turn your coffee on now and then I will listen for when you turn the water off and will pour it for you to meet me in the music room."

We had our first cup together as we watched the birds at the feeder right outside his window.
He made me a second cup after I got dressed and then a THIRD cup after I did my face and hair.

I love that he wants to spend time with me.

I had no idea how huge an event this was to be!
SO many ladies!!! We had to park a long way from the church entrance and I did NOT wear walking shoes! We saw one beautiful lady in stiletto heels and she was really struggling! 

Lisa Young was the first speaker and she was wonderful!
Brenda and I had great seats thanks to one of friends that she serves with had saved places for us.


The second speaker was Candace Cameron Bure and I can't believe I totally forgot to take a pic!
She was such a joy and her testimony is amazing!

I did not realize that she is also a producer and this is her latest movie.

There was a free showing at 3:00 that afternoon at Fellowship!
Brenda and I didn't get to go since we had already made other plans but I am looking forward to seeing this!

The Bells invited us to an Allan Americans hockey game!

It was SO much FUN!!!

Louis Dean and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!
And we WON!!!

I'm going to have to get me one of THESE!!!

We meant to be on the road by noon Sunday to head to the ranch - but it was 2:00 before we pulled out of the driveway. Stopped at Home Dept and HEB in Waco and were at the gate by 5:00

We are HERE!!!!
And with no gnashing of teeth, either!

Everything is so GREEN!!

Son Dean loaned his dad his weed whacker and LD got right to work clearing a path to the small fire pit!

It is so wonderful to BE here!!!

I couldn't wait to get up this morning and go out and see everything!

The yard is a wildflower meadow and I am so excited!

Louis Dean is weed whacking around huge bouquets leaving them to bloom!

We brought two new rose bushes to add to the rose garden.

We have discovered that roses grow well here - even in extreme heat and little rain!

LD hung up the new wind chime I bought at Hobby Lobby on Saturday.

Son Dean brought down two goats to help Louis Dean 'mow' the grass!

There's two big stakes to chain them so they can't eat where the prettiest flowers are.

I went down to see Sherry around noon today and the mops walked along with me.

Baby chicks....banties.

A roaming goat came up to visit with Samantha!

It's thrilling to see the huge 1925 house sitting next to theirs!
This is the antique door they will use for their master bedroom.
Sherry's been working on it!

Original rug from 1925.
Can you imagine how pretty that must  have been?

Original linoleum ....
 I may ask for a small square to clean up and frame.

We are having a ball and I am so thrilled to be here!
I've done some nesting and fluffing and am about to set the art table up.

I do love leftovers and this was Louis Dean's lunch.
I think I'm going to do easy food this week!

I believe there's a bee meeting tomorrow night and I'm hoping we get to meet up with a sister blogger and her hubby sometime this week for a visit.

I finished Still Alice and it was such a good book and helped me have a deeper understanding of dementia. 

I think I will read a Nicolas Sparks book now!


Anonymous said...

I certainly don't have to ask, "Are we happy now?!" ๐Ÿ˜‰ Y'all will have a wonderful time. I loved the pics ,-- especially the goats and mops...and Samantha, of course! Is Tabitha still with you?
Louis Dean is the GOAT!
Love you! Trudy

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love wildflowers better than roses or other cultivated flowers. I like your windchime. You and Louis Dean are looking so good!

BeachGypsy said...

YAY!! Welcome back to the country, y'all! Such a pretty place to be!! I love that pretty, colorful picture of the texas wildflowers at the end of your post. Love that picture of you and Louis Dean at the game in the seats, y'all are adorable! and you looked especially pretty that day, and your hair-do too. Loved all the country pictures. I love seeing all the animals. Do they have any donkeys??? Yes, that Lisa Wingate sure writes great books, I've read 2 or 3 by her. This last one was particularly great though, "Before We Were Yours". Wow, what a wretched woman that Georgia Tan was! Thats so cute the kitty and the goat visiting each other at the door! So neat how animals are with each other. Well, have a wonderful time out in the country! ENJOY! OH, that old door they are working on for the old house. I LOVE those old linoleum rugs. They rolled out and you cut them to fit the room and my people called them "rugs", but they werent actually rugs. They came in the MOST BEAUTIFUL colors and patterns and I've tried to buy them but they are extremely hard to get now because they contained lead or arsenic or something really bad, I forget what it is? There are very few places that make them now, and they are VERY EXPENSIVE and really nothing like the pretty ones I grew up with.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The countryside is truly beautiful right now with all the wildflowers growing! I'm glad you can enjoy it up close and personal. Your view is beautiful too. We have a field here behind the house that is full of wildlife and flowers too. hope you enjoy your stay!

MadSnapper said...

so glad you are back at your country home and wish I had one like it, or one like it that could be my always home. I want a goat eating my grass that doesn't belong to me.. no caring for the goat, just the use of it. your place there is a true blessing and LD seems to be so very happy there. I love the photo of the two of you today. you both look wonderful and happy.

Debbie said...

i am so happy to read that you have landed in the country once again, your words are bigger and brighter than ever!! i do feel this is where you belong!! love the door, all those beautiful flowers and we can't forget those "bells"...they sure do bring you a lot of joy!! you look wonderful linda, all dolled up!!

photowannabe said...

My sentiments two look so adorable and happy in your "Happy Place".
Love the critters, love the wild flowers, love your times with really doesn't get any better than that!!!!

Buttercup said...

Love seeing our country pictures, especially your goat lawn mowers. Thanks for sharing.

Brenda said...

Love love love your blog...I enjoy the mystery series that Candace to Dr. read the book that is so sad years ago...went through this with my best, Linda, and her husband...not easy...we learned so much as we were with him...he was just 70 or so...enjoy your stay at your summer place...enjoy your are one amazing woman...God bless both of you...He will be with you...My Linda went on that she never wanted. They were married 50 plus years when he died in 2020...the good news is patients with dementia have so much help and can live years...and do well like your sweet husband seems to be doing...prayers my friend...

Brenda said...

Be sure to read THE WOMEN and THE GIRLS WE SENT AWAY...

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Pretty wind chime.
Love the picture of you and Louis Dean.
Those "lawn mowing" goats look very well-fed, haha.