Sunday, September 19, 2021

Rest and Recover Time.....

I woke up at 5:30 Thursday morning and we were on our way to the hospital by 6:45.
No coffee stupor time. Just get dressed, feed the cats and do poopy patrol, do our devotional reading and get in the car and go.

Tabitha was looking out the guest room window as we were leaving.

I drove us straight to the hospital - the right one, this time!
Since I had already done the pre op check in on Tuesday, it was easy peasy.

Louis Dean was with me when we arrived and after getting all situated in the pre surgery room, I discovered only one person could be there for me. Praise God I had the best pre op nurse!
Louis Dean is pure gold but Amber was already on her way and we decided it would be best for her to stay with me. Louis Dean was good with that so he went on back home and the nurse went out to meet Amber when she arrived and escort her back to where I was. 

Surgery happened right on schedule and went exactly as planned.
The anesthesiologist made the perfect 'cocktail' for my surgery. I woke up being fully my normal self. No groggy foggy hangover and not the slightest bit of nausea.
AND I was totally pain free! The incision cut was made inside so no wound to dress or take care of on the outside of my body.

Once I was in my hospital room in the womens building - brand new and so nice! - I called Louis Dean.
I have had 9 surgeries in all, and this was the easiest one ever!

Amber and I hung out together and watched a couple of movies.

Skyfall was the first one. We are all huge Damiel Craig fans and have already planned on watching the last Bond movie featuring him together......No Time to Die.

We even had a second feature!
I ate my way through both movies!
Amber went down to the cafeteria and got me a loaded baked potato which I proceeded to eat - every single bit right down and including the skins! Then we split the most delicious chocolate caramel brownie with whipped cream and cherries! YUM!
It was then I noticed the 'Clear Liquid Diet' on the wall chart.
Oops! That was obviously a mistake and I was starving and ate everything Amber brought me.
She's a Quad Mom so she always carries snacks in her bag. 

She left me with lots of good things to nibble on through the night.....and I ate them all.

I only had an overnight stay at the hospital and was what they call an 'Out Patient with Observation Service.'

I love fragrance and this Ginger Souffle made both me and the room smell good!
Summer gifted me two of these jars on my birthday a few years ago. I used the first one up right away and then I saved this one for special occasions. Like vacations and hospital stays.

I went home Friday but it took awhile.
Dr. Nuss was busy with an emergency and didn't come up to sign my discharge papers until late afternoon.

 No worries!
Once again, for lunch they brought me a clear liquid meal.....but Amber exchanged it for a regular one and then she rearranged it into a chicken salad. It was so good!

Since we were a captive audience - we enjoyed a third movie together!
I had no idea how good this movie would be!

Dr. Nuss arrived and it was time to go home.

I called to tell Louis Dean we were on our way!

He made a Welcome Home sign and had a bouquet of roses he had arranged himself.

I think he missed me!

I have been resting all weekend and have remained pain free.
Mainly I am just tired so I have puttered around and taken naps and rested a lot.
I feel a good bit of pressure in my bum but can't complain at all. 

The cats were happy to see me.

I left Louis Dean instructions for feeding them - but their bowl was empty when I got home.
You would think I would be their favorite since I'm the one that takes care of them. 
NOT! They pay him attention and wrap themselves around his neck and purs in his ears!

One always sleeps better at home and I do and did.

Brenda came by Saturday afternoon and brought a huge fresh fruit bowl and a King Ranch chicken casserole.....along with a bag of birtthday treats!
We visited a few minutes on the driveway and she admired the outdooor set my friend, Lynn, gave us.
We love it and sit out here for a little while of every day.

I am being such a good patient!
Resting and napping and getting plenty of sleep.
Nesting a little here and there and putting together a few things to take to the ranch with us.
We watched church online and I did a few chores today.
As in filling all our medicine bixes for a month.
I also cleaned and sorted my lingerie drawers.....which is funny because I did the very same thing in January of 2020 when I had my left knee replacement surgery.
Surgery brings out the nesting instinct in me.

I thank you all for the many prayers prayed for me. 
I am so grateful I have insurance and access to such good medical care.

So I am bidding you all a good night.......

"Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together."

Thomas Dekker


Carole said...

Glad it went well. Rest up and enjoy. Cheers

Ginny Hartzler said...

Wonderful news! I am so glad you are back, and it went even better than expected. Amber is such a great mom and daughter!

Judy said...

Good to hear the surgery was ‘a breeze’ and hoping the recovery goes well. How nice to have your daughter with you at the hospital. Take care and keep being ‘a good patient’!

Anni said...

You made it through with flying colors!! I love your flowers from L D!!

MimiG said...

I was very happy to see this post! So glad the surgery went well and your are recuperating at home! Prayers answered...
Enjoy your "down" time and the beginning of fall. Your daughters are the best!
Have a restful, recovering week!

Deb said...

Glad to hear that all went well and you are recovering quickly! Hope you have a restful week.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

So glad you let us know you are on the road to recovery!! Just keep taking it easy and let your family wait on you a bit!!

Donna said...

So happy to hear that your surgery went well and your postop care was excellent. Liquid diet, what liquid diet? Ha! You look very well, like you have been on holiday. Louis Dean did a fab job with your bouquet. xoxo

MadSnapper said...

I can't believe that you even have fun going through surgery! Good idea for Amber to come and stay with you they did not allow that here because of our overflowing covid hospitals. It sounds like everything went well and so did the trip home and all the things that you got to do and see and eat

Changes in the wind said...

So glad to hear it all went well and your are pain free, that is wonderful. LD is so sweet to welcome you home with a card and flowers and Amber is a keeper for sure.

Vee said...

What an excellent report. Being good and very bad (that clear diet ignored) all rolled into one cute package. It is good to be pain free and what a blessing it will be going forward. Glad Dr. Nuss was not wearing his mask. He's one of those who look as if he graduated from high school a minute ago. ☺️

Sweet Amber, sweet Louis Dean. They took very good care of you. Amber may also have been your partner in crime. Ha!

Have a great week!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So glad to see you are home again and doing so well. Just try not to over do things. A good sleep is so important to healing and I know it's always better to be home in your own bed. Welcome home.

Jan said...

So glad you had an easy surgery and that things are going so well! Keep taking it easy!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm so glad to read this and find out everything went well. WHEW! I know you are relieved to have it over with. Take care and take it easy my friend! Hugs to you both!

Lisa said...

Glad it all went smooth. You have wonderful family and friends and don’t forget to throw in that cute doctor. Haha.

Wanda said...

So happy to hear the good news. You are such a trooper! Been away from blogging, but wanted to check on you!! Love hugs and prayers

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Glad to read the surgery went well, and got a chuckle out of your not seeing the liquid diet sign until after you ate your dinner. I'm guessing it did you no harm?
You look great. Hope you recover quickly and have no more UTIs.
Don't overdo.