Friday, August 24, 2018

We are BACK! At the Ranch!!

We left the ranch on Sunday, July 15th, under the cloak of darkness because the temps had been topping 100 degrees. That makes it nearly six weeks that we have been away. 
We were more than ready to get back down here!
It IS my Happy Place!

Louis Dean did the driving and I read all the way to Waco.
The Loop by Nicholas Evans.
I hope to finish this before our cruise.

We drove straight through from Irving to Waco stopping only once at the Rest Area past Hillsboro.

We had a late lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant!
El Conquistador. Nothing fancy but great food and service.
I had the BEST margarita!
Half top shelf and half frozen.
I didn't even know they could do that but now that I do - it will be the way I order one from now on!
Louis Dean is a good sport when I ask him to take my picture....usually.
But after he kept holding the button down and taking 39 bursts I was ready to take my phone back!

Reality shot!
That's my 'I mean it!' look.

We had a really good meal. 
I usually always order a taco salad and Louis Dean usually asks  to eat some of the shell.
He told the waitress how the shell normally tastes 'old'....
Well, we had the best little waitress and I ate the salad and he ate the shell.
When she came by the table to ask how it was - he proclaimed it delicious!
We were both Happy Campers as we drove the last few miles to the ranch.
As in 27 miles, I think it is.

Louis Dean took Hwy 84 as we have been trying to find the tomato man.
Alas, none of us have seen him all spring or summer......

Coming in to Mart.....

and we are HERE!!!

We stopped at Read's Grocery for milk and bread....
He went in......

and I stayed out in the truck.
Until I noticed the mirrored door!

I do so love being in the country!

We came in the 'back road.'
I thought all the roads to the ranch were 'back roads.'

Louis Dean is a sweetheart!
I had forgotten about the sunflowers but he remembered how much I love them.
By the way.....we found a whole bunch of them on the way to the Bush Toll Road in Irving on Thursday. Who knew I could have been picking sunflowers all month long??

Getting closer.....

and closer!!!

YES!!! We are at the ranch!
We will not be staying long so we didn't have much to unload.
Once we did, we came in and took a little nap.
Dean and Sherry had turned the AC on last night so it was cool and comfy in the camper.
It was 98 degrees in the front room.

Around 7:00 Dean and Sherry came by on their way home.
They had spent the day looking at chickens and doing errands.
It was so good to see them!
The time we spend down here with them is precious to us.
Dean is Louis Dean's only son and they enjoy each other so much.
We all know how special Sherry is - to Dean and to all of us!
And I must say that I truly love Dean as much as I would if he were my very own son.

They went on home to do Critter Chores and we took a glass of wine out to the deck to sit and watch.....

We watched the sky and the clouds.

We put our feet up and relaxed.

We saw the moon rise up through the trees...
then I decided to go down and do a walk about.
There were critters to see!
I left Louis Dean sitting on the front deck as he was kind of tired.

Sherry has been using her tractor a lot while we've been gone.

With the drought, it's been a good time to dig the new tank out even deeper.

All the geese and ducks are happy in their new duck pen.

Here's Thumper! 
He thought I had brought treats but I had already given them to Dean for when he brought them in tonight. I'll be sure to have some tasty things for him tomorrow.

This is Mimi.....I didn't see BBQ......??

I walked on down to the new peacock pen......
Other feathered critters live in there with the peacocks and I love this photo of them on the top roost.

Meet the new peacock!
He is a handsome thing!

I went on around to several of the hen houses.

Then I walked back to the camper by way of the road around the new tank.
I do not remember what this wild white flower is called but it only appears towards the end of summer. I have my Texas Wildflower book down here and I will look it up tomorrow.

It's a good little walk from down where the critters are up to our place.

There we are!

Louis Dean was still sitting on the deck with the lights on behind him.
I string up lights everywhere I go.....

Lights outside and inside.

I do love all of God's lights......

So we are here and I have a little light shining out in the front room in case I want to get something out of the fridge. Louis Dean was tired and has been in bed asleep for an hour or more.
I am about to close this journal entry and tuck myself into the girl bunk with a glass of ice tea and my book. It is so good to be back. I do so love this ranch and am so grateful for Dean and Sherry's hospitality and generosity in giving us a place to escape to and enjoy the country life.


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a beautiful evening you have had! And a full moon to guide you around in the dark. I really like the shadow picture of the chickens!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Sweet Dreams Linda. So glad you are both at the ranch tonight.

Susie said...

Linda, So nice you can go to the ranch for a break from the city. Hope it's not too hot while you are there. It was a sweet day here yesterday...we opened the windows for some fresh air. Loved it. Good to see the critters again. Take care and have fun. Blessings to all, xoxo, love you, Susie

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I’m sad cause I was all set to met up Monday in Waco! We’ll at least it will still happen this year! Enjoy your time!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's been quite awhile since you could be in that Happy Place of yours so I'm glad you could get back there before you leave on your vacation. Nice too be able to check out everything so you know it's ok too. Thank the good Lord for air conditioning on a hot day! All the critters look like they don't mind the heat at all. Life in the country is good.

Vee said...

Reality Shot: Hahahahahahaha...

Enjoy your brief time at your favorite place.

Changes in the wind said...

I think part of the fun of going to the ranch is getting there:) Enjoy your stay.

Sandra said...

I am so glad you are back in the country and all the critters did well without the two of you.. I had no idea it had already been 6 weeks. I thought about 3 maybe.. I am a sucker for mirrored doors to... would have had to do what you did. you might remember 3 years ago I took a photo of me in an elevator with 4 mirrored walls. I should go back with the new ME... have fun

jujupage1 said...

We all take reality photos from time to time. I never ask my dad to take photos because sometimes, they just don't turn out great, let's just say that!😂

Carole said...

It's great that you can read in the car - I just can't - I get a severe headache if I try to. Have a lovely stay. cheers

Jan said...

So glad you have a retreat in the country where you can relax. We so enjoy our country home. Even after the best vacation, I'm always excited when we drive up the road to our house!

Debbie said...

beautiful images of the countryside...and the farm animals also!! i love road trips, backroads...driving in the car with snacks and games, chuck and i always have so much fun!!

i love the picture of the moon shining atop the camper. it's so peaceful and so country!!

you are the queen of lights linda, every time i see those clear lights i think of you....and no one does them better than you!!! have a happy sunday!!!

Rain said...

Hi Linda :)) I LOVE your "I mean it" look!! ha ha ha! The food looks great! Your ranch time sounds like a dream. That is a great photo of the Sturgeon Moon! :) Beautiful birds, especially the peacock!

Saimi said...

I love Mexican food and a taco salad is one of my favorites. I'm with Louis though the shell has to be fresh and crunchy. I'm impressed you can read while in the car. I just can't do that, it's not a motion sickness thing, its more like the words jump around and I get a headache trying to catch them. The farm life is the best, what a wonderful life of relaxation and fresh country air! Love all the happy animals you have there.
Have a happy Sunday!!

Sue said...

Love your Happy Place, Linda, thanks for sharing. I so enjoyed my visit.

Pondside said...

Hi Linda - I'm just having a good catch up on what you've been up to. Not long now until you are up here, and I look forward to hearing just when you'll pull in to our harbour. I plan to be there to meet you!