Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tuesday Treasures of a Different Kind.....

No Goodwilling or thrift store shopping for me today.
I am still deep in the throes of Fall Decorating Madness!
It was into the afternoon when I came up for air.

Kimmy and June came by for a quick visit.
They had been out doing errands and heard I had some pumpkin muffins for them.
June got excited when she saw I had put in some cinnamon rolls, too!

Look at their sweet little dogs!
This is Sophie - she's been with them about a year now and is precious!
Note their super cool canine car seats!

This is Maggie!
We all had a nice driveway chat and then they were on their way and we headed over to see Reaoma.

Louis Dean loves to sing and play his guitar.
He especially likes an audience.

Reaoma looks like she's asleep here but she wasn't.
She opened her eyes some during our visit and I knew she could hear us.

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

Among My Souvenirs

And we had a visitor!
Helen - Reaoma's next door neighbor.
She was sitting outside her door so we asked her to join us.

Who at my Door is Standing

I brought an extra chair in from the hall to sit in while I did a video.
As I sat there, I laid my hand gently on her foot - not placing any pressure on her - and she was slowly moving her foot to the music. I know that doesn't sound like much but it was a big deal.
It was a successful visit and we all enjoyed ourselves.

We stopped by the Dollar Store on our way home to pick up some things.
I love the fact that I can park in front of the store and not have to traipse all the way across a big parking lot and then walk for blocks around a big store.
It's easy in and easy out.

I was a quick change artist getting into my work clothes again and picking up where I left off with the fall decorating and cleaning. The den, foyer, living room and laundry are all pretty much done so it was the kitchen's turn to get decked out.

I just love looking in from the outside knowing that I get to live here!
I was out cleaning the French doors and decided to take a picture.

I started with the kitchen table and moved on the opposite corner and then on up one side and the other until it was done. See the laundry room back there? The washing machine went out today - right after I got the whole thing decorated, too!! It broke this morning and Louis Dean ordered a new one this afternoon and it will be delivered tomorrow! Wow! But the price is appalling! Good grief!
The good news is that Louis Dean will fix our old one - 9 years old - and we will take it to the ranch and put it in the new utility room down there. Win! WIN!!

Every bit of my house is 'highly occupied!' 

I hang these paper plate pilgrims up every year.
Amber and Benjamin made them when they were little.
I am the 'Keeper of Everything!'

Louis Dean was up the other night eating a snack when he was entertained by our pet possum.
Tonight I cut a watermelon and put two pieces of the rind out on the patio and turned the light on so I could see the little critter if he came.

And he did come!!

Possums LOVE watermelon and cantaloupe!

Now you can see him, too!!

Well, folks, I'm up late!
But that's okay because I can sleep in.
We had planned on taking the older grands to spend the entire day at Burger's Lake Wednesday but school is starting next week so Sam is already in early morning football practice every day and Faith had something come up for her 8th grade class. Next year we will plan on going in July!
Rayne starts school in the morning (Wednesday) and the quads start kindergarten next Monday.
It's nice to be living the retired life and staying up late and sleeping in and eating meals whenever we like.

So I'm thinking after I shower and read a few chapters in my current book, play a few rounds of Scrabble and Words With Friends, I should be sound asleep by 2:30.
That means it will be 11:00 before it's time for my first cup of coffee - usually brought to me in bed by Louis Dean! Yup! I'm loving my life!


BeachGypsy said...

well your washer was just being contrary because it saw all the hard work you put into decorating back there!!--so it broke down! ha ha LOL Y'all did get the last laugh though since you can move it to the other place when Louis Dean fixes it. LOL My favorite picture is the one in your kitchen, with all your measuring cups all hangin up. dont know why---just something warm and homey bout that picture! fall has indeed come to your home. Not here yet, maybe I'll get my boxes out soon. That lil possum is cute!

Carol said...

It is crazy the prices that appliances cost. I am thankful that you can at least still use the old one. I love all of your fall dรฉcor. My husband wants me to clear out some of our stuff, but I do like to keep things. I am thinking I will do some fall dรฉcor next week. I might even make a trip to Goodwill, but things are usually more there than I can buy them for at other places.

mxtodis123 said...

I'm loving all your fall decor. Can't wait to start mine. I'm determined to put it off until the calendar says September, but let me tell you, it's not been easy. Hubby and I are trying to get rid of a small washing machine we bought. Used it 3 times only. We live in a small apartment and downstairs they have 2 washing machines and 1 drier. Not enough for all the tenants. There is a laundry not far from the building but who wants to lug your clothes there in the bad weather. So we bought a small portable. Trouble is hooking it up and unhooking when done have been too much of a pain.

Susie said...

Linda, I love that you and LD go to visit your old neighbors and friends. His singing to them, especially song of old, has to make them feel loved . Your house is so cozy and cute. I love the warmth of the little lights, candles and small lamps. Blessings to all of you. Love you, xoxo, Susie

Brenda said...

Love love your blog-I also shop at the dollar stores often-easy in and out and fantastic prices!! Dollar general. And dollar retirement and staying up late but love getting up early-reading online newspaper from hometown and then some blogs-read a book in the am and begin chores and errands-family now that I live close to some of them!! I spend weeks in Florida with other family and fun too... Have a good day! i don't sleep much-told someone not wasting my senior years sleeping loI

Brenda said...

Thanks to your husband for his music.

Estelle's said...

I think you earned your crown with all the lovely fall could just browse for hours taking it all in. I am sure the dear friends in the nursing home love and enjoy the time you spend with them....what a blessing!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are such a good friend to your friend. I listened to Louis Dean singing while I read your blog. He is a blessing sharing like he does with everyone. Sorry your day at the lake got put off. School has started for many of my grands too. Here at home we don't start till after Labor Day weekend. That's why we had our get together in July before things got to busy with all the back to school activities. Retirement is a blessing ! I love every moment of it. I like the sign you pictured. Says it all quite well. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday !

Arlene @Nanaland said...

As a nurse, I always told the families that hearing is the last sense we I am glad that Louis Dean was playing music and singing for Reoma. I did some finishing of a few fall cross stitch projects and now I have an itch to decorate but I am going to wait a few more weeks. Maybe the temperatures will start to feel like fall in September.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I had to get a new washer and dryer this summer. I sure don't like the way the new ones operate but I found a setting and I'm leaving it on that! lol Love your decorations. I need more lights!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

You and Louis Dean really know how to 'love your neighbors as yourselves!' You are such a good example for all of us.

Well, since you'll now have a washer out at the ranch that will make the cost of buying a new one a bit easier to swallow. They are crazy expensive!

I think string lights make all decor better! Love all of yours!

Sandra said...

cute dogs, cute possum baby and even cuter pic of LD with his guitar. I love all those old songs.. have not heard them in YEARS. you had yet another wonderful day

Luann said...

Love the sunflower material on the kitchen chairs. That alone would make me smile each morning.

Ginny Hartzler said...

My own poem of the day: Awesome

I don't know how Louis Dean can remember all those words. But I know he has sung them for many years. I loved listening to these songs. Reaoma was keeping time to the music! That IS a huge deal! Your rooms always look so beautiful and twinkly. And now they are like a fall wonderland. It makes me tired just thinking of all this work! I am going to the basement today to bring up our fall stuff. I cannot use the steps, so we go outside and around the house. But my knee has gotten so bad, even though I had the nerves killed, this may be the last time I can go. So I will label all the keepers so Phil knows where everything is. I will have to show all my fall decorations after I put them up, I just got some new things! YEAH, a new washer, and one for the ranch!! Ours is old, I dread to find out how much they cost now.

Bluebird49 said...

I hope that my washer won't break down! Getting it out would be a nightmare. In 52 years, we have only bought 2 that I can remember. Surely that can't be right!
Hope this one will keep a'goin'.
Your house looks so warm and comforable! You really do get ready for each season to come. ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ˜Š
September will soon be here!! Tell Louis Dean that I enjoyed his music!

Vee said...

Oh the music lasted to the last word. Course, Louis Dean doesn’t know this, but he an I don’t sound half bad singing together. Your faithfulness to your friend not only blesses her and you folks, but it also blesses your readers. Thank you for sharing your visits with us. You show us how it’s done.

Your home looks magical...Narnia magical.

Carole said...

You are the busiest retired person I know! Cheers