Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thursday Visits.....and Fruitcake Cookie Dough!!!

Thursdays are our 'Visiting' days and on this one we purposely started out later than usual.

I had baked the Salted Caramel Brownies and Summer's recipe for Sour Cream Pound cake last night.
This morning all I had to do was package the brownies up and give the pound cake a light dusting of powdered sugar.

The first thing we did when we left the house was to have lunch at Uno China - Louis Dean's favorite Chinese buffet. I haven't been cooking a lot lately and he was hungry so it was just easier to take him to a buffet! Win! WIN!!

We visited Reaoma first since I knew we would be staying late in Fort Worth.

I visited with her and told her all about our week at the ranch and then Louis Dean started playing some music.

She was awake through much of our visit today.

Helen - Reaoma's next door neighbor - heard the music and was hovering outside the door.
We invited her in and assured her she was more than welcome.
Louis Dean does love an audience, you know!

Louis Dean is packing up his music which he had put on the bed.
In the morning they are bringing in a hospital bed for her.
It is the next stage in her disease.....

We next drove the 40  miles or so to Fort Worth just ahead of rush hour traffic.
Stopped for fuel and - well - you may have seen my post on Facebook but I had to take it down.
Louis Dean asked me not to say anything about it publicly - but I had already posted it!
It was rather funny and perfectly harmless - although there was a police car and city workers around when we left - but I honored his request.
However.......send me a private message and I will tell you all about it!!!
He didn't say anything about PRIVATE conversations!!

We picked up the malts at Braums and I went down the hall handing them out.
Louis Dean hauled all his music stuff in and set up in Lillian's room.

I took Mother her chocolate malt just as they were leaving her dinner.
I sat with her while she ate - although she didn't really eat.
The dementia is increasing and it was an uneasy visit for me at the beginning.
Then I showed her some pictures from my phone.
Pics from messages from Amber and Summer and some from my blog.
This seemed to capture her attention and she calmed down and the visit became much easier.
Louis Dean was already down there singing so I asked Mother if she wanted to go listen to him.

She did and I do believe she had a good time.
We all had a good time in the end.
Roberta wasn't feeling well - she's our 100 year old friend - and said she regretted it but she was going to bed right after she finished her dinner. I was sitting in Mother's room a little later when I saw both Roberta and Brenda wheel their way down to Lillian's room.
When I brought Mother in, Roberta said she decided it was a pajama party - and she had her pajamas on! As did Mother!

We all loved this song!

Meet the cook!!!
She calls Louis Dean 'The Big Guy!'

We laughed and took pictures and I sent them to her phone.
She was so much FUN!
It was after 8:00 when we left.

We pass this old police car on our way and I finally stopped and took a pic!
Pretty cool!

Traffic was light until we reached the Bush Toll Road exit and Louis Dean was in a lane that could go straight or turn onto the Bush. He drove straight. There had been an accident AND construction work so it took a good long while to get off, go down and under I20, get back on I20 going West and then get on the Bush!

It was after 9:00 when we got home and I immediately started making the Fruitcake Cookie dough.

I was out of rum so I opened up the bottle of Texas Bourbon Whiskey and gave the dough a healthy splash!

The dough is done and ready to bake on September First!
I got confused last night! Counting days to the first and counting days to the cruise!
I am going to close now and go in the living room and get the Neil Diamond CD out and set it on the stereo. I have lots of pumpkin and fall things to get together - from my new dish soap to coffee to my special cup to room fragrance, candle and body spray.
I plan to be home all day Saturday so if you are in the area, stop by for a cup of coffee, glass of tea and a fruitcake cookie or pumpkin muffin! We will celebrate together!!

I'm going to do my best to......

Make it a September to Remember!!


Nancy Chan said...

So good of you and Louis Dean to spend time to visit your mother and friends and Louis Dean's music and songs sure brightens up the lives of those who are house bound. Music is a great way to reach out to people as it is universal. Have a wonderful weekend!

Bluebird49 said...

Oh, you've got a lot of folks who need cheering up, and you need it yourself! I'm thinking and praying for you this morning.
I did see the FB post.. I figured he'd be put out with himself, but it could have happened to any of us!

Man--what is Fall scent that you wear?? You are really excited about September! You will have everything decorated before youall leave for the cruise! It will be lovely to come home to. I do hope you can post while aboard.
Hope you're at least in bed afterva long day!!
xoxo, Trudy

Kathy said...

I saw your post on fb and thought "Oh my! What happened now?" I will have to email you. I will have to start looking for fruitcake for Joe. He loves it, I hate it. But I always try to buy him some between now and the end of the year.

Looks like LD had a good audience for his music this week. They will miss you when you are away for three weeks.

Your vacation is coming up quickly. You must be so excited! I'm sure it will be a fun and relaxing time for the two of you.

Susie said...

Linda, I know all the ladies love to listen to LD sing. Plus it's probably just nice for them to see a handsome man, that isn't a worker there. You bringing treats is icing on the cake, so to speak. :):) Wow now that pound cake looked wonderful with the sugar dusting. Glad your mother enjoyed your visit too. Your special day is tomorrow. I will think of you. Blessings for a fabulous weekend. love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Vee said...

🎨Paint me curious...

You folks have provided another special day for so many. You give me ideas, except there’s no way that I have the energy to start baking at 9 in the evening. ☺️ Now I just need a singer as good as Louis Dean to share with my peeps. (Yes, I am off to the home today taking lunch and some decor.)

Happy first of September preparations while still enjoying the last day of August. I can almost hear Neil Diamond singing now...🎶

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You both are such a blessing to your family and friends and so many others. Those fruitcake cookies sound wonderful. I remember you making them last year and I looked for a recipe. I'm going to see if I can enlarge that pictures so I can get yours. Hope you have a fantastic Friday !

Sandra said...

our sherrifs dept has a police car even older than this one, 40's I think and each time I see it I don't have a camera. I am dying to know what happened at the fuel stop. glad you are home safe and I know the ladies at the home just love LD because we do to

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Happy September 1st Eve Linda!! Cheers to September!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Tomorrow begins your favorite time of the year and you are READY ! A full and a good day for you both. Hugs.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I so much wish I could stop by!!! I love this song Lois Dean is singing, I am listening to it now! Roberta looks so young, and she is dressed up and even has her purse! You would never think she is in a nursing home! I love this old police car, it looks to be from the 60's. I know you will be loving tomorrow, and I will be thinking of you!

Cheapchick said...

Happy Sept 1!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I’m so excited for you about tomorrow! It’s like your own personal holiday!

Carole said...

I'm trying to contain my curiosity.... Glad the visits went well. It's the first day of spring today here... it's an upside down world... Cheers