Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Our Time at the Ranch.......

The days have gone by quickly on this short visit to the ranch.
My goal is to be here for at least a few days every month and so far we have met that goal with the exception of February. Last year we missed August.

Sherry's been moving a lot of dirt down here with her shiny new red tractor.
The horses were out on what will become the road that goes in front of where we are.

They are mother and daughter.......

I had some celery for them Saturday.

There are all manner of critters down here.
This guy kept trying to get in my paint bucket when I was working in the front room.
When I wasn't looking he fell in!


Then there's this velvet ant! I didn't have my camera so I got this picture off the Internet.
He's actually not an ant but a wasp. That can't fly.

Louis Dean had been eyeing the steps and Saturday he built new wooden ones.
He simply folded up the metal ones that are attached to the camper. This is the first 'step' to closing up this one last opening. He will work on that next month.

These are really sturdy and they don't make the noise that the metal ones did.
I'm going to paint them white and put carpet pieces on the treads.

Sherry had spent the weekend in Dallas and her truck broke down.
Fortunately, Roy and Ruth Ann were at home instead of at their farm and he rented a trailer and brought Sherry and her truck home late Sunday afternoon. Ruth Ann has been purging things after living in the same house for 40 years and sent some pretty fall 'debris' that she knew I would love.

She knows me well!!

TWO wreaths!!

The Snowman couple are sitting out but I'm going to put them up until December.

I painted around the windows Sunday and then I washed them inside and out plus the screens.

Sunday night I put the room all back together and cleaned it up!

While I was working inside, Louis Dean called me to come out on the deck - quickly!
The moon had risen as an orange glow through the trees and the clouds had covered it and then drifted upwards. So very pretty!

I took a warm shower outside with the water from the hose that had been heated by the sun all day.
Louis Dean told me it would be warm but I was still surprised when it was!

We sat on the porch for one last little sit before bed.
Keeping those windows clean makes all the difference!
I love how they sparkled!

Louis Dean has been what he calls 'beat' the last two days.
Just tired to the bone.
I get that way sometimes but when it happens to him, I get worried.
Monday is Senior Citizens Discount Day at the Goodwills so we decided to go in to Waco.
Louis Dean got up and dressed and then went back to bed for another nearly 2 hours before we left.

I found this little Witchy girl and I may take her home with me so she can greet the trick or treaters at Halloween. For now she's standing behind that green chair.

I'm a sucker for fall decorations.
I bought this swag for $3 and hung it between the two fall wreaths from Ruth Ann.

The LIVE LAUGH LOVE sign and the pumpkin picture were each $4.
I need to redo that little tree.
Louis Dean knocked it over and I need to pay it some attention.

My best treasure of the day!
Two strands of grape lights!!
I think they are beautiful and will probably hang them in the gazebo.

Lastly, Pitch Perfect movie (which I watched some of tonight) and a book for Amber and one for me.
Louis Dean and I will probably read Megyn Kelly's book out loud.
We left the Bible basket at home by accident so I have been reading Proverbs since we have been here this visit. For our out loud reading, we started The American Sniper.

We stopped to eat a very late lunch at The Catch and even that didn't cheer Louis Dean up so we came back home and he went back to bed. I did all the driving - he was too tired.

I never get tired of this view.
I sat out there with a nice breeze blowing and whacked up blue jeans until it got dark.

Then I came in and cut them up in squares while Louis Dean slept on.
He had gone to bed at 5:15 and didn't get up until after 9:00 and only then because he got hungry.
We had a sandwich supper and I went inside to clean things up while he sat out in the front room.

I came back out when I heard him singing.
That's always a good sign!
He stayed up about an hour and a half before going back to bed.
He insists he's not sick - just tired.
And he has every right to be!

We head home tomorrow......


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thanks for your big update on home at the ranch. LD is wonderful so please give him a hug from me please. You are wonderful and LD can give you a hug from me too.

Blondie's Journal said...

How I love hearing about your time at the ranch...it's so similar to ours at the lake.

My husband had cancer five years ago, I think you know. He lost a lot of weight and couldn't, and still doesn't digest food well. I know this isn't LD's problem, but a very important thing added to Al's day is protein. He drinks an organic protein drink, twice a day... chocolate flavored, and it has 17 grams of protein. He also adds this little packet of God knows what to a full glass of water or juice a few times a day...its called Drip Drops. I would never want anything pushed on me, so if you are interested at all, please let me know via email. It has been game changer.

Lots of love,


Bluebird49 said...

Your beautiful fall ranch house!!
Maybe LD should get his doctor to check him over?

Carol said...

I love hearing about your time at the ranch and I love seeing the decorating that you do. I hope LD is right that he is not sick, but just tired. I can imagine that he is as he is always busy doing something.

Susie said...

Linda, I want to warn you about the velvet ant...it's really a wingless wasp....the sting from it is called the cow killer. It's the worst sting in the world. It can be deadly...so please be careful...I do believe I would have me some powerful insect spray on hand.
Oh bless Ruth and Roy for helping Sherry. They are sweet people like you and LD. Speaking of LD...the heat maybe draining him. I absolutely love that he sings. Keep your eye on him. He did a good job on the steps.
I liked all you new treasures, the ones from Ruth Ann and the GW. After junking with you so many times, you know Ruth Ann is in tune to your likes. You do stay busy girl. Cutting up more quilt materials.
Blessings , love you, xoxo, Susie

Kathy said...

You got so much done on the ranch. No wonder LD is tired. Have a safe trip back to Irving and get some rest before your favorite day of the year. I always think of you on September 1 and play "September Morn" in your honor.

Estelle's said...

This all looks great Linda....might be a good idea to get alot of rest before your trip. Travel can be quite exhausting. You indeed found some wonderful finds at the thrift store as you always do. Hope all goes well on your way home!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Praying that Louis Dean will regain his strength and be ready for your cruise!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Hope LD feels better today. We all have those days especially as we get older. I am learning to give in to them.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have some lovely views there and I thank you for sharing them. Your fall decorations surely do change things up there. Hope Louis Dean feels better. Sounds like a good rest was definitely needed. The summer heat has that effect on me even though I live in an air conditioned home. It's no mystery to me that they call this the lazy days of summer.

Changes in the wind said...

Those horses are sure pretty and know they love their snacks. Hope LD is feeling back to his old self today but glad he knows to rest and doesn't just keep pushing through. Your windows looked wonderful so sparkle.

Sandra said...

I love the grape lights, have not seen any of those before.. the two horses together are so beautiful. scary ant/wasp thingy.... the steps are wonderful.. I am thinking you should take Ld for a doc visit before the cruise. dizzy spells and tired could be something to address.

mxtodis123 said...

Your house is just fabulous. I love all your decorations. I agree that LD should see a doctor. Dizzy spells should never be ignored. Could maybe be an inner ear thing or low blood pressure.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You have to listen to your body. I hope he felt much better today for the trip home. Take care of yourself too my friend! Hugs!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I sure can see where you would be worried about Louis Dean. Does he get regular checkups? Several years ago I was so exhausted that I had to stay in bed most of the time, and cancel all my appointments. A simple blood test showed that I had an underactive thyroid. One pill a day and it is like magic. I love all your Goodwill finds, especially the pumpkin picture! All my fall decorations are now out. And I have so many that quite a few still remain in the basement because I cannot find a place to put them. I know you could help me with this!! The steps are very nice, and I think better and much more sturdy than metal. And you will make them beautiful. Ruth Ann's wreath is gorgeous! Because the wasp is such a bright color, it must be poisonous. I would just die if one flew around me, but not without screaming and peeing my pans first! Your insect on the gingham is a Praying Mantis, there are several different kinds.

obscure said...

He sure does have every reason to be beat! Whenever I read about your work on the front room, I think about how I believe LD could build a house! I love keeping up on your country adventures.

Chatty Crone said...

What do you think Louis Dean has?
Is that your farm?
I read what that one lady said about the velvet ant - BE CAREFUL!
The two horses are beautiful!
And I like the decorations - you are getting ready for fall.
Is it real hot there?
Thanks for your story.
Love, sandie

Nonnie said...

I worry with you that your LD is so tired, but it may be the heat. It just drains me. Love the pictures of the horses and your fall decorations.

Carole said...

Hope LD is all good soon - do you guys take vitamins? I also find that eating eggs can pep me up a bit.... How long is it now til your cruise? Cheers