Sunday, August 19, 2018

Denim Quilt Gifted and More Decorating......Saturday and Sunday

Louis Dean and I have had a quiet weekend.
On Saturday I sewed up a denim sack to put the denim quilt in since it was so big and heavy I was afraid a regular gift bag would tear.

That afternoon I attended the bridal shower for Stephanie's youngest daughter and was so happy she liked the quilt! She said she was going to take the bag back home on the plane as her carry on and would tell everyone she was from Texas!

It was SO hot in Texas! The AC was out in the car and I all but melted before I got back home.

Not to be discouraged, though!
I had the AC in the house set on 74 and cranked on the window unit in the sewing room and proceeded to decorate!

When I finished - a lovely thing happened!
It started to rain!
As in a steady constant RAIN!

Louis Dean and I sat out in the gazebo and enjoyed it!
The sewing room looks all snug and cozy.
It was still raining when we went to bed.

Alas, Louis Dean did not sleep well and I was sick in the night after having felt queasy all day on Saturday. We had no choice but to scratch our Sunday plans and stay home.
He was really looking forward to going to the Cowboy Church again and I had planned on going to our regular church and then spending the afternoon with Amber, Mike and the kids. They had just returned from a Beach Trip to finish off their summer!
Instead, I stayed in bed until noon.....
and then fixed us a good breakfast for lunch - biscuits, bacon, eggs and apricot preserves.

Supper was a souped up Suddenly Salad.
I put everything fresh I could find in the fridge - carrots, onions, a mild hatch chili, crumbled up crisp bacon, and a hand full of fresh herbs from the some Rosemary, Garlic and Sea Salts from Tuesday Morning. I LOVE their food section!

It was a slow day but I managed to finish up the dining room and worked my way into the back of the house. I think I will be able to call it a done deal by bedtime tomorrow night!

Some rooms are more decorated than others.
This is where the Fall Teddy Bears will spend the season this year.
I put things in different places from year to year.

I actually ran out of fall garlands. I will look for some to put back there by the wall.

Except for a few things I'm putting up in Louis Dean's bathroom, all the decorations are in place and the many MANY tubs are put away in the storage building.
I don't think I will ever plan to be away for such a long time in September again.
I'm thinking August would be a better month to travel points north!
OR go south to the beaches.
But this September we are excited that we will be in Alaska, Canada and Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and home to Texas!
I'm certain we will be ready to be home by then!

We have had a nice Sunday evening.
Pam stopped by after visiting her mom and I gave her a slice of that Crack Cake.
Louis Dean is going to the grocery store tomorrow for what he calls 'supplies.'
He wants me to bake him another cake and not give it all away.
No can do but I will bake another one and keep part of it for him.

We are both feeling much better tonight as we head to bed.

I saw this on Facebook and I love it!
I keep night lights on in nearly every room.....
how about you?

Goodnight from Texas!
Sleep well.....


Susie said...

Linda, I knew the young lady would love the quilt. So nice. Glad you got some rain, so you and LD could take a break and enjoy. I love the view into your sewing room. It reminded me that I haven't been outside walking the drives and looking back into our house. Of course I usually do that late in fall and winter. So sorry to read that you and LD both felt poorly. I know the quads will be wanting to see you both soon. I love God's night light. :):) Blessings to all of you , Love you, xoxo, Susie

mxtodis123 said...

I love your decorations. Finally dug mine out. Couldn't wait any longer. That salad looks delicious. I haven't seen that salad mix, but I am sure going to look for it. Definitely worth a try. Sorry you were queasy. Was it something you ate? I know it will happen to me out of a clear blue sky and I try to look what I ate differently. Sipping warm ginger ale always takes it away.

Vee said...

Now that moon is some night light! (No, I do not use night lights, though I used to on the stairs. Now I sleep on the first floor.)

The quilt turned out so cute and that was a great idea to also a storage bag.

Glad that the rain came...hope that you get the car AC righted around...excitement for your September trip must be running high!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Hope you are both feeling better today. That quilt was just perfect for a bridal shower. I love hand made with love gifts.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love the moon glowing in the sky at night. When I see it, I'm always reminded that God placed that there for me to have light in the night.

I'm glad you and Louis Dean are feeling better! Your Alaskan trip is a trip of a lifetime! What fun you're going to have!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Everything looks so warm and cozy. I'm glad you are getting ready for a big trip and will have it pretty for when you get back. Hope you feel better today! And yes, we love our nightlights here too! Hugs!

Changes in the wind said...

I was sure the quilt would be a hit and sorry you both were not feeling well but happy you are better. Your upcoming trip sounds great.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love your moon quote at the end! So sorry you were sick, maybe a stomach virus? I cannot believe I got all my fall things up before you! But then I don't have near as much, only two huge plastic keepers full. I bought a two tiered metal farmhouse tray and have it in the kitchen. I have been decorating it for the seasons, and am tickled with it. That will be my next post! Another store with good food sections is T.J. Maxx! They have stuff you never knew existed! Good thing you will bake another cake and not leave the entire cake for Louis Dean. I bet he would eat the entire cake! Wow, the quilt bag is like another gift! Both quilt and bag are like beautiful heirlooms!

Sue said...

So glad you are feeling better, Linda, love your decorations, you have succeeded in motivating me to get off the computer and start my fall decorating which I have been putting off. ~smile~ enjoy all those wonderful travels ahead, and just think you will come home to such a welcoming, beautifully decorated home.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No matter that you won't be home for September, Fall will still be around for October and November and your decorating will be all done! Nice you could get it all done before leaving on your trip. Not having air in your car and going out in the heat is probably what made you feel sick. I spent big bucks to have mine fixed last year and already it's not working like it should. I love that bag you put the quilt in. It's a gift to enjoy all by itself. You are very crafty and generous too. Hope your Monday is a great one!

Sandra said...

Yay for the rain, it is also a gift from God. I pray he will gift the states that are burning with a good rain to.... it has been so hot here I can't stand to go outside or get in and out of a car. it was 91 as the sun started to go down. just to hot. our ac is cranking constantly..

Carole said...

Hope you slept well and are now entirely recovered. Cheers from Carole's chatter

Chatty Crone said...

Another quilter - I wish I knew how. It is hot in Texas isn't it? I hope you two feel better now. It is hot here in Atlanta, but not as hot and we are having rain this week. I lost your address a few years ago and almost gave us - I have it and will add you to blogspot. Thanks sandie

Pilar said...

What a beautiful quilt! Love your Fall decor! I want to start Fall decorating either this week or next week. Have a great week!