Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Countdown to September!!!

I am counting down.......

8 days until September First!
15 days until we board the Princess Ruby and set sail for Alaska!

Yesterday morning I spent a good bit of time in prayer for Little Leah did so many of y'all and I thank you for that. Before I was dressed and ready to head over to Dallas to spend some long awaited time with Amber, I knew that the surgery had been successful and that all was well. I continued to pray throughout the day for Leah as she was coming out from the surgery and for her family. I will continue to pray for her and her family as they face a long road of recovery ahead.

Amber and I both love a good movie and this one was great!!
I loved every minute of it!
Amber had seen it one before but had missed parts of it.
We ordered an awesome grilled avocado and chicken salad to split and I was shoveling it in my mouth like someone was about to take it away from me!
And action movie means action eating.
I was no better when I ate the popcorn, either!
After the movie we did a little bit of shopping - new mascara for my upcoming trip and a pair of nice house shoes. Then it was time to pick the quads up from school! Their second day!
Amber and Mike opted to split them up this year - two and two.
Kailey and Trystan are together and Harrsion and Logan are in another class.
We had a wonderful afternoon and evening.
I treated us to yogurt at our favorite yogurt place - would you believe Racetrac?

It is really good!!!

I had brought mashed potatoes, candied carrots and a cake and Louis Dean brought over Shake 'N Bake Chicken and green beans for our dinner Tuesday night.
Aunt Summer joined us and it made for a really good family meal.
I have gotten so out of the habit of taking pictures over there that the only ones I have are of the cat!

So I just now grabbed this one off of Amber's FaceBook page.
Summer took it last night when she was reading to them before bed.
We have said it before and we say it again......Amber is the best little mother we have ever seen!

Since we had watermelon last night, I asked for the rinds and then showed everyone this pic on my phone from a visit with my possum on Monday night!

He's a cute little thing!
They not only gave me the rinds from a whole watermelon but half a cantaloupe, too!
Not very sweet but I don't think the possum will care!

Granddad left shortly after dinner but it was nearly midnight when I got home.
I loved spending some time with both of my daughters!

I fell into bed exhausted and am still recovering.
My soon to be 70 year old body is beginning to feel like a 70 year old body!
I slept in and lingered long over my coffee in bed this morning.

Today I finished the fall decorating.
This is the first time I have changed this to fall.....but I like it.
Subtle yet fall-ish.
That's not one of the fall candles, though.
I don't light those until September First!

I like the white pumpkin here on the bedside table.
Would you believe this is Louis Dean's side of the bed??
That comfy chair was my resting place throughout the afternoon.
I had stripped the covers off of it earlier and washed all of the pillows, pillow shams and everything.
The window AC unit is tight above the chair and when I got hot and sweaty from all my working, I would fix a glass of iced tea and sit in front of the AC and cool off!

Of all the room sin my house, I think I love our bedroom the most!

I cleaned the bathroom but there's not much I can do to decorate for fall in there.
I am starting to look for white things. Like white pumpkins. When we go to the ranch this weekend, I'm taking a few small fake ones to spray paint. Decorating for fall with white? I'm sure it can be done!

Not only did I clean and decorate the bedroom, I partially packed my suitcase for our cruise!
It's a challenge to pack for a 7 day cruise and a 10-14 day road trip home.

I was really getting tired when I stopped for a break and saw this cute sign on Facebook!

I think I did, indeed, hear it!!!

It may have been more of a tearing off the cardboard opening to a box of Sauvignon Blanc......

I stayed outside pulling weeds, watering and puttering around until the sun went down.

This trumpet vine really took off this year.
I bought it last year at a city wide garage sale in Mart.

So this day has been a home day.
Most of it spent inside but some of it out.
I have loved every minute of it......


Ginny Hartzler said...

I was so glad to hear how well Little Leah's surgery went. It is good to see the Quads again! I think your new little friend Mr. Possum will really miss you when you go on your cruise! You really know what he likes! Your bedroom is such a lovely pale color, and so inviting! It is rather magical; so much to look at and enjoy!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Today was a shopping for clothes with Sarah day, and a shopping for supplies with Rachel for her to take to Bible school. Then I came home and reported some plants. It felt good to get that done!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love your post Linda. Hugs to all.

Bluebird49 said...

Remember Brenda Lee, who was called Little Miss Dynamite?
Take a look in your mirror!!

Vee said...

What fun to see Amber reading to her children. They seem to be all legs these days. Interesting about them going to school and being in different classes, I am quite sure that it was an excellent decision. As I recall, all the twins I ever went to school with were in different classes, My grands return to school next Wednesday. I can not believe that Sam will be in jr high. He is having some anxiety about the whole thing,

I smiled over your comment on weariness. I, too, have more of that these days and I am a bit younger so you amaze me with all you do and with all you accomplish. I actually purchased Geritol online because I couldn’t find any in stores. Some days, it helps. Ha!

That vacation must keep you so excited. I know it’ll be an amazing one. Happy packing!

Susie said...

Linda, I loved reading about your day with Amber and her family. All those long legs together as she reads the bedtime story. My twins were in kindergarten together, but then never in the same class after that. Nice that you girls took in a movie while the children at school. Great treat for all afterschool. I miss the days of giving my girls a Little Debby treat. LOL That possum is going to stay now. Once you feed things they never leave.:):) That's how I keep Ted here. LOL Linda, there's nothing better than a cozy chair to rest and read in. On one cruise, I know I over packed. I have learned since then. I know you are going to love your trip. You got the gardens back into shape. Stay strong and healthy my dear friend. Blessings to you and LD. Love you both, xoxo, Susie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm excited for you as you begin the countdown. Trying to remember all you will need for that length of time will be a challenge. As far as clothing goes, I've found that you have to double the tops to match the bottoms. You can usually wear the bottoms more than once much easier than wearing the tops twice. Hopefully you will also have access to a washing machine at least once during your trip. Glad you had such a great time with family. That is always a top priority no matter what. You have plenty of time yet to get everything ready. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday !

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am glad that the surgery is over and she is resting. We'll keep praying for her. Fun to see your suitcases out and getting ready. That's all I would be able to concentrate on if I was leaving that soon! What fun ahead!

Kathy said...

If you have a 70 year old body, I must have an 80 year old one. I can't do half of what you do in a day. You got so much accomplished! It's so exciting to see things coming together for your trip. Every time I see the quads they are bigger. Hard to believe they are in first grade already.

Still praying for Leah and her family.

Chatty Crone said...

I am thinking and praying for Leah.

And my goodness the twins sure got big - so two in one class and two in another.

Okay so when are you going on your cruise?


Sandra said...

Good news on baby Leah, prayers will continue.. keep us posted on how the split up goes in class rooms. I think that is a great idea. wow, on some of your packing done already....

Estelle's said...

Linda, I have a dear friend who just returned from the same cruise you are going on. She and her husband loved it! They did 4 excursions, one which was cancelled due to gale force did rain on a few of them...I think you will have a grand time. She said the staff on the Ruby Princess was just amazing and wonderful...thought you would like to hear that!

Carole said...

Lovely post - and I think white fall is a great idea. I'm counting the days to the start of the US Open - being a bit of a tennis tragic. Cheers