Wednesday, August 29, 2018

And we are back HOME!

We are home again!
It was after 1:00 when we finally pulled out on the road.
Sherry and Dean were just coming in.
 Sherry hopped out of their truck, opened the gate, and waved us through!

That's why Louis Dean is smiling so big!

This is right across the road from the ranch.
These are Mr. Jackson's donkeys.

The cotton is growing - but not as well as last year.
To the left, not so good.
But right across the road - that field looks a little better!

Our big white truck was heading home.

See what I mean about the cotton not looking good?

The drought has been severe.

We saw a few fields that had already been harvested.
It will probably all be gone by the time we get back down here.

And just like that - we are back home.

Louis Dean is in charge of unloading and I put it all up.
We make a good team.

I gave him a haircut before he had a good long hot bath and then I found him napping in the guest room. He will probably get a second wind later tonight but I am about to go to bed.

Tomorrow we will visit the nursing home so I'm pretty sure he will practicing those Marty Robbins songs he's been working on. Lillian called me on the way home this afternoon and said she had a 2:00 doctor appointment - and could we come an hour later than normal? It really touched our hearts that she didn't want to miss our visit.

I baked a sour cream pound cake for the nursing home staff.
They have a hard job and Mother is requiring more attention lately.
They are so kind and professional. I didn't want to leave any of the workers out so I baked a whole cake just for them. No, Louis Dean! You may NOT have a piece of the cake!

But I DID cut a small salted caramel brownie for him.
I'm taking these to the ladies.....Mother, Lillian, Roberta and Brenda.

The washer and dryer have been running ever since we got home at 5:00 and they are still going.
However, I am going to cry Uncle and call this a day.
Only 9 more wake ups until September Morn!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Home safely, unpacked, laundry caught up, baking done - you are amazing Linda.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Wait, September 1 is on Saturday! That is in two days!! Your baking looks SO good!

Linda said...

Ginny! You’re right! I was counting the days to the cruise! Silly me! Yes, I am all ready for September First - THIS Saturday! And the cruise NEXT Saturday!

Bluebird49 said...

You are so sweet! I know they'll enjoy heir sweets. You've gotten SO much done since you got home! I don't think I could o all you do in my thirties!

Praying for you, dear!
Love, Trudy

BeachGypsy said...

Very glad to hear y'all have made it safely home. Wow, that picture of the fields out in the country looks like in the middle of nowhere!! ha ha LOL--nice and quiet and peaceful, back to nature. Do you read that little magazine called "Country"? It's put out by Reiman publications, the ones who do Reminisce and Birds and Blooms. They have "Country" and "Country Woman", you probably know about them but just mentioning in case you don't....LOl!! because I think you'd love those magazines. The baked goodies look so good, especially the brownies. I bet Louis Dean has his Marty Robbins songs all ready to go by now!

Carol said...

WoW! I am exhausted listening to your list of what you accomplished after getting home! I love to bake but rarely do it because it is so much work. I done laundry all day yesterday too and was so tired. We will be camping this weekend, but I will certainly look forward to your Sept. Morn post!!

Susie said...

Linda, So glad you both are home safe. Good to see that smile on LD's face. The road from the ranch looks like a long stretch of road. I can't believe you have already done some baking. LOL I know all the ladies love being sung to by LD, and getting home made treats too. Hope it all goes well. Blessings, stay cool, xoxo, love you, Susie

Hootin' Anni said...

...and I am looking forward to a September morn! Except right now I see a storm brewing off the African coast...hope it doesn't come our way...Texas doesn't need another hurricane.

Here too ... the cotton crops were no good this year.

Sandra said...

love the donkeys and welcome HOME again... of course you have two homes so I can welcome you to either one or both... I would like to have a home away from home.. I to am hoping the storm doesn't come our way that Anni mentioned...

Arlene @Nanaland said...

The cotton here looks pretty good but we have had a LOT of rain. I am looking forward to seeing it once the defoliant is sprayed. That is a smell you never forget once you have a whiff of it. But it means the fields are white unto harvest. You are so sweet to take things to the nursing home workers. They do such a vital job.

Chatty Crone said...

I am exhausted just reading what all you did and have to do - you are so incredibly sweet - I honestly don't know how you found the time to do all that. sandie

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm glad you are back home and I know you are excited to get ready for your big trip...SOON! I'm happy for you and feel like I am going too! Hugs!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do love that song September Morn and I know you are counting the days until it comes! It'll be a busy time for you getting ready and all but then you'll be able to just relax and enjoy the trip. Glad you are safely home and can visit with your loved ones. Have a happy Thursday !

Debbie said...

ooooh country road, take me home....

how nice of you to prepare a cake for the nursing staff, when i worked in a hospital as a nurse, we always appreciated items the staff would bring in!!! those brownies look divine, i think i would keep those for ld as well!!!

terre said...

just wanted to say that i am new to your blog and enjoyed reading about your drive and return home. is irving 'home'? i ask because i have stayed there several times when visiting my twin grandsons that live in texas. usually i drive from california but in truth, i'd rather fly! so when i fly out of dfw, i stay in irving.

anyways, welcome home. hope you got some rest!!

terre over at 'zoomama speaks...'

Carole said...

Such a young Neil Diamond. Hot August Night was on high repeat in the 70's. Glad you are back home and sort of organised. Cheers