Friday, August 3, 2018

A Good Day in Fort Worth With Ruth Ann!!!

Ruth Ann is in town for awhile and it was like old times running around together!
I picked her up at 10:00 this morning and didn't take her home until nearly 7:00!

We headed over to Fort Worth for a day of adventure!

First stop - Central Market!!!

Hatch Chili Fest starts on the 8th!
We plan to go back next Thursday to get in on all the fun!
I bought flavored water, Stella D'Oro cookies, watermelons - one small yellow meat one! - 
AND we ate lunch in their cafe!

On to Trader Joe's!!

Then JoAnn's Fabrics to get our scissors sharpened!

We stopped at Braum's for chocolate malts and then visited Trail Lake Nursing Home.

Mother was glad to see us. Too bad I knocked her malt over after taking this photo!
I only managed to salvage a quarter of it.
The staff had to come in and clean up my mess.
Good thing I had brought a tray of pumpkin muffins for them!

We had the nicest visit with Lillian and I showed her the blog post of our Family Gathering with all the photos and videos. She really enjoyed seeing all of it.

I made two new friends today.
Brenda on the right and Roberta on the left.
Roberta is 100 years old + 3 days.
I told them I would be back next week with cookies and malts for them!
It will be fun like a party!

Ruth Ann and I visited Reaoma when we got back to Irving.
We had a long full day and smiled all the way through.
We laughed so much and talked a mile a minute and still didn't say all we had to say.
I'll have to share later Ruth Ann's snake stories and some good news about their plans for this fall and winter.

I cam home to a house that smelled like a really good bakery!
Louis Dean had made about 100 cinnamon rolls!
I iced them and packaged them up.
Some are for the Geek Squad and some for friends and family and some for us and some to freeze to take to the nursing home staff next week.
I said I would never go back empty handed again!

Louis Dean and I are watching a movie I have only seen once back in 1985!
We watched the first half before I stopped it so I could finish up the cinnamon roll project.
Now we are going back to finish it and then head off to bed.
After a couple of extremely stressful Fridays - this one was all good!
Thanks to Ruth Ann for her company and such a good time!!!
I'm really going to miss her when they move to their farm full time!


Ginny Hartzler said...

So is Ruth Ann's farm far away? That is too bad. What a wonderful day you both had! I love Stella D'Oro cookies! But they can be a bit hard to find, except at Christmas time. I do believe your gift is to bring cheer and joy to these people in the nursing home! So this is something good that has come out of your mom being there. We saw Witness many years ago, and loved it!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Always enjoy seeing you girls out on the town!!

Sandra said...

this movie has been my favorite movie since the day I first saw it many years ago, on my blog and other places that we are asked for favorite movie, this is it. I love Ford anyway, but this one snagged me.. have seen it maybe 5 times over the years. what a fun day with your friend, I had to speed scroll past the rolls. I might gain a pound or two

Brenda said...

Oh my! Harrison Ford-what a perfect ending to a great day-he is my favorite!!! Love love AIr Force One!!!
Sounds like you have good staff at the nursing home for your mother-that is a blessing-also a good day with your friend!!!

mxtodis123 said...

Oh, those cinnamon buns. They look fantastic and bet they taste even better. Love Harrison Ford. He's a great actor. I've been spilling things lately myself. Hubby has heard me scream more than once the past week--a whole can of sticky ginger ale in the kitchen and a half a cup of chamomile tea in the living room. Must be in the weather.

Susie said...

Linda, I hope if Ruth Ann moves isn't too much work at the farm. I keep telling Ted we need to be thinking of moving back to town. LOL So glad you had a fun day together. I bet there was plenty of good laughs. Try some of that chili , come Thursday will be an adventure. :) I love that you get your scissors sharpened. They used have a fellow do that at the drugstore here,many years ago. I am so glad you have better Friday than you have had , that will help you smile all weekend. I do not know how you can remember to take things to the nursing homes, drs. offices, etc. Oh boy coming home to all those cinnamon rolls...I probably would have made a cup of coffee and ate two right then. LOL My Gosh that LD is sexy. LOL. You know how we women love a man that can cook and do dishes. I think Ted and I did the reversal yesterday...I was his carpenter grunt while we worked on our grandson's porch. Blessings for a soothing weekend, xox,love you, Susie

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I haven’t seen Witness in years. It was filmed here in Lancaster County, but that was before meeting moved here. I’ll have to watch it again.

You have a gift of caring and loving on people! Those ladies at the nursing home, the geek squad, and others all benefit from how you and Louis Dean live - focused on others!

Happy Weekend!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's great to have a good friend to share the day with. It seems to make everything double the fun. Those cinnamon rolls look absolutely divine ! I'm sure everyone will enjoy them. It's great that Louis Dean bakes! Hope your Saturday is another good day for you.

Vee said...

Yay! I love Ruthann days. My little nursing home person has moved forty miles closer to me. So much more easy to visit.

The pictrues look look happy...and I would love to reach in there and grab one of those cinnamon rolls for my breakfast.

Anonymous said...

you pack more fun in one day than some people do in a month! I am still amazed, 100 cinnamon rolls, wow,, now thats a big job!

Carole said...

So glad your day went well. I must look out for Hatch chiles. Cheers

Judy said...

I so miss doing things like that with my best friend.