Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Busy Wednesday!!!

We knew we would have a busy day when we went to bed last night.
I could have slept until noon but I got up before 10:00 because I had things to do!

But coffee first, please!
Look at this cute little cup I found in a basket hanging in the den along with a few other different cups. I think Kimmy and June gave them to me and I must have hung the basket without remembering what I had in it!

All my pretty fall displays had to be dumped into tubs.
Thank goodness I had pictures of how to put it all back.

We had to move debris away so Louis Dean could get the old washing machine out the door.

Then we took this opportunity to clean the baseboards and vacuum.
I did the stucco walls several years ago and worked so hard on this small room. 
That green color is such a mix I could never duplicate it.
My final touch was to glaze the entire room with my burnt umber artist oil thinned with turpentine and wiped off like stain. I was finally happy with the result.
Next year I wan to do stucco on the den window wall. I'm thinking an earth tone color for that one.

My machine broke yesterday morning. Louis Dean ordered a new one from Best Buy in the late afternoon and they said it would be delivered between noon and 6:00 PM today.
By the time we had a cup of coffee and cleared the debris away, got the old washer out and before we could even sit down - there was a knock on the door (we do not have a door bell!) - and they were here!! I invited the fellow in and said I would show him the lay of the land.

It was easier to bring it in through the side gate and into the kitchen by way of the French doors.

They arrived at 11:20 and were gone by 11:45!
These were really nice guys and they loved our house!
One of them said it reminded him of his grandmother - 'God rest her soul.'
They did a great professional job and we sent them on their way with big Dickie's yellow cups of ice water! I told them those were the newest design from Dickie's - true - and they laughed.
We love our Best Buy and especially our Geek Squad!

Nothing ever goes back exactly the same way.
No matter how many times I paint the same thing - as in a Santa - they all turn out a little different.
So did my display but I like it.

We worked hard today.
While I put the kitchen back together, Louis Dean was cleaning up a part of the yard - the Sanford and Son part! - so he could build a deck and work on the old washing machine.
You can find a YouTube video for everything including repairing a LG washing machine!
I am encouraging Louis Dean to deck as much of where Sanford and Son lived as he wants to!
He has dumped so many buckets of nails and hardware that decking it would be the easiest way to reclaim the ground!

Do you know what I really and truly dread???
When I see strands of lights go out!
I think I have fairy lights in nearly every single room of the house! AND outside!
I had to redo the lights above the kitchen sink.
That took awhile.
Then I noticed lights out in the den under the mirror to the right of the fireplace.
I got so frazzled trying to find the ends and I accidentally pulled too hard and unplugged a different strand - which turned out to be a 350 light string!! I was breaking out in a sweat and creating more chaos than redeeming it when Louis Dean brought his stool over and said, "Let me help."
He is good at untangling things. Necklaces, ribbons, strings of lights.

At last the lights are all shining and the laundry is all done.
Everything is back in place and all is right in my world tonight.
I didn't advance to the sewing room to clean and decorate as I had planned - but I am satisfied with what we accomplished today.

I am about to pour me a glass of wine and go sit.

Goodnight.....sleep well and long.....


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

That is a nice washing machine! And you got your cute decorations back up! You and Louis Dean impress me with all you accomplish!

Ginny Hartzler said...

And you deserve it! A really good, but frustrating day. And now you can wash clothes! I love your flowerpot mug!!!

Nancy Chan said...

Always wonderful to drop by and see the accomplishment you and Louis Dean made. That is a nice washing machine. We are so used to having a washing machine, I would be so helpless without one. Have a beautiful day!

Vee said...

Is that a coffee cup made to look like a planter or a planter made to look like a coffee cup? 🙃

Yay for irritations that are easily remedied like the new washing machine in and at the ready so soon.

Susie said...

Linda, Thank goodness that washer is in and going...I can't stand not having the convenience of appliances. So glad you did not have to wait till 6 in the evening for the delivery. That was a lot to do for one day. LD is a wonderful man. I like that he comes to your rescue. I know what you mean about trying to match paints. Your décor looks pretty again. Good you got to relax at the end of your busy day. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

Sandra said...

I am hopeless with de-tangling anything. no patience at all and the reason I don't clean the nook more often is the silly little lights I bought last year, love them but they are on wires and soooo hard to work with... I did not know any one delivers appliances same day. I don't think we have anyone here and our best buy is horrible.. must have something to do with who works in them.... you are blessed to have a good one.. also blessed to have LD but then we all know that

mxtodis123 said...

I was just thinking this morning that I'd like to get a pretty little cup and saucer for my tea. I've been using my old coffee mug, but with the cooler weather about to set in, I'd like something new. Love your decorations. Can't wait to start mine.

Anonymous said...

I love that flower pot teacup, that's really cute,, I had a front loading machine too, I really like it,, there is not a lazy bone in you or your husband!! The busiest people I know lol,,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's good they got there early on so you had the rest of the day to regroup. I never do the same thing over again the same way either. Even though I have patterns for what I paint, they always look different too. I love your stucco walls and your laundry room. Here I only have a nook that the washer and dryer fit into and then I have a curtain I can pull closed when I'm not doing laundry. How great you have a helper there that is good at untangling things. You two are good couple and work magic together. Hope your Thursday is better than yesterday !

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I just got a new set of LG washer and dryer...I got the top loading washer and I am 5'8' and STILL have to really reach to get to the I love the little tune it plays when the laundry is done. My daughter in law, Nancy, works for LG so thank you for supporting her company. We are home this weekend and I look forward to getting some things done here. I hope you and LD have a good weekend.

Changes in the wind said...

LD got the washing machine situation taken care of pronto and I think you having to un-decorate and re-decorate was probably more work compared to the new arrival.

NanaDiana said...

Wow! That was quick with the washing machine. Looks nice in there, too!! Sounds like you had "one of those" days. lol I hate when those lights go out, too....especially when I get them on a Christmas tree and I look and one whole strand (usually in the middle) is out and all the rest of the stuff is already on the tree. What a pain it the butt!!!!

Hope you have a great Thursday, Linda! xo Diana

Jan said...

I like that flowerpot coffee cup! Glad you're washing machine problems are resolved. You have such a good heart for service to others! I know the delivery men appreciated the ice water. You always seem to think of those who are providing a service-muffins and cookies for staff at doctor's office and nursing home. You're a great example!

Bluebird49 said...

What a quick switch-a-roo!!
LD is great with everything, it seems. A true Renaissance man. You two are so blessed!

Carole said...

Glad you got your new machine - I hate it when appliances break down. Cheers from a rainy cool day in Auckland

BeachGypsy said...

Wow!--they got that washer to you fast!! I like that! Being w/out a washer, I hate that--and it usually/always happens at the WORST TIMES, ha ha LOL So glad you have a brand new one and hopefully Louis Dean can get the old one ready and working to move it so y'all can use it in the country!

Saimi said...

Never a dull moment at your place! I'm sure you're gonna enjoy that handy dandy new washer! Have a great weekend!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Linda - Lovely to have a new washer - and a sweetheart like LD to fix the old one so it works and can go to the ranch! Double win.
Love your laundry room fall/halloween decorations.
Hugs and Love