Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Summer's Smile......

Look who came to see me today!!

Sabrina dropped Summer off here at the house so we could visit while she went on to a doctor's visit.

She hasn't lost her beautiful smile!

But don't let that pretty face fool you!
She is still in a good deal of pain.
This is what she posted on Facebook this evening:

 I'm having lower back injections (again) tomorrow and hoping I can be pain free. It was good to see my Momma! Missed seeing everyone at Thanksgiving, the pain issues have literally kicked my butt!

She was in a fairly good amount of pain when she left so hopefully the next round of injections will push the pain back a little more. 

When Sabrina got back we sat out in the gazebo for a nice catch up visit.
AND we made some plans for the month starting with art next Tuesday!

After they left I fixed us a salad supper using our Christmas plates.
The day has felt long and it turned cooler - so much so that I shut the doors.
I was tempted to burn the fireplace tonight but the den is still in chaos and I would want to take a pic of our first fire this season. So maybe tomorrow night. The Cowboys play then and the den should be decorated. I hope to finish decorating the bedrooms and bathrooms all by Friday night.

Summer helped me put the lights on the living room tree while she was here AND she fluffed the branches. There are 1,100 white lights and 400 colored LED lights on there. 
I am waiting to finish decorating all the trees until I get the house done.
I will have some extra hands to help me this 40 little fingers on 8 small hands.
I'm saving a couple of trees for them to do and one of them is in the guest room.
It is a bit taller than they are and it stands on the floor.
I will have a box of unbreakable ornaments, tinsel and garland and will let them decorate it all by themselves. Kailey requested colored lights be on it instead of white so that much I will have done.
The rest will be up to them!
This will be fun!
When Amber and Benjamin were growing up, they had trees in their bedrooms which they decorated by themselves. They would put them up a week before Thanksgiving. 

As I've been pulling out decorations from years past, it's been a walk down Memory Lane.
This year marks the 50th Christmas I have spent in this house.
Lots of Christmas memories when my children were little.
I like that some traditions remain and 'new' ones that started years ago are now old ones.
Each year I change things up some. The den is the only one that gets decorated in much the same way year after year. That's the room I will be working on tomorrow.
Turning on all the lights in the morning and off again at night takes a little longer during the Christmas Season.
It's time to lock the doors, turn off the lights and head to bed.


Bev said...

Oh Linda...50 years in one house... how wonderful!! Have fun decorating!!!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Amazing that you lived so long in that house! It's a part of you and your family!

I love that you use lots of lights on your trees! That's the secret to a beautiful tree!

Prayers for Summer!

Kathy said...

I'm glad Summer was up for visiting you, but sad she is still in so much pain. Praying that this next round of injections will do the trick.

I know the quads will love decorating the tree. That was a job I shared with my sister for many years growing up.

Linda said...

So wonderful to see Summer's smile even if she had to fake it some. I don't think of Summer as a tall person and Sabrina is even shorter. She must be very tiny. Our 14 year old grandson is going to be very tall consequently he's suffering a lot of pain growing those long legs. He's also very awkward slinging those long arms and legs around. Being tall has its drawbacks. I can't believe how many lights you've strung. I absolutely despise doing that but yours are beautiful. Practice makes perfect I guess.

BeachGypsy said...

A big congratulations on 50 years in your home, that is just lovely! Your tree looks so bright and pretty. Hi to pretty Summer from Charleston!! And best of luck with your shots tomorrow, and hope THEY BRING YOU RELIEF!!

Blondie's Journal said...

I had no idea you had lived in this house for so long, Linda! That's magical!!! So many memories. I thought I had it all with living here in this house for 30!

Summer is a trooper. Maybe I'm lost but did she injure her back or has this been a chronic problem? I know just a little about that. Everyday is different for me and I look up to people like Summer who keep smiling. She's very special, Linda.

Now what's in that salad? I am sick of them and I need to try something new!

Love the living room tree! Know the quads are going to have a blast with their own! :)


Ginny Hartzler said...

Summer has a unique gift of willing herself to be happy no matter WHAT! She is for sure a trouper. Your tree is gorgeous! One of the prettiest I have ever seen. I wish someone could take the smell of a freshly painted picture, and bottle it as perfume!! The Quads will love decorating their very own trees!!!

bj said...

Summer is such a pretty hope her pain is less after the next doctor visit...I'll put our tree up today...baking tonight and a party tomorrow night..then one next week. Such a busy time and I love it all...the kids will love decorating the tree...and I KNOW you will show us a pic of it later. oxox

Arlene @Nanaland said...

50 Christmases in your special. Hoping Summer gets some relief.

Susie said...

Linda, Summer is a tough young lady. She's so pretty smiling away. I hope her drs. can help her back. I hope she's well by Christmas. I love your tree...I know the quads will love doing a tree themselves. I have been thinking of you as we have had fires in the fireplace for about 4 evenings. Don't over do. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

Nancy Chan said...

So brave of Summer to manage the sweet smile in spite of her back pain. Hope the injection will bring relief from the pain. Such a beautiful Christmas tree!

peggy said...

It will be amazing to see what those little fingers will do for the tree. Good times are ahead for you all!

Vee said...

Oh I like your header!

Summer has had such a siege and back pain is debilitating. Praying that those injections will provide a reprieve, but most of all praying for a total healing. I know that she would like her life back!

Can't wait to see what the quads do with the decorating. Things are coming right along...

Curtains in My Tree said...

I had to have those back injections like Summer is getting and I was in so much pain it took 3 injections before I got any relief.I think the doctor should have gave me a stronger injection the first time.
I love living in the same house for so long, only thing is all the updating.
Your tree is beautiful.And the quads tree will be adorable also
Love your life memories

Sandra said...

27 years in this house is my record of staying in one home, 50 blows my mind. until BOB 2 years was the most in one house in my whole life. I love to move but I married and anchor.. he drops anchor and that is it.
that is a lot of lights and gorgeous. my little 2 foot has 50 lights. Summer does have a beautiful smile and chronic back pain is more than a bummer. prayers for her going up

Judy said...

50 years in the same house is pretty rare in this day and age...and very special! Enjoy this this 'golden anniversary Christmas' in your lovely home. Prayers and hugs for Summer. :)

Cheapchick said...

That is a long time in the same home - your Christmas decorations are looking great!

Alexandra MacVean said...

What a BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree! Will continue to lift up Summer! x

Gypsy Heart said...

50 years in one house is so much like the "old days" when people rarely moved. I think it's amazing! So many memories in all those walls and so many to come. I can't wait to see what the quads do with the tree! I love it when people allow little ones to do their thing. :) You know, my former d-i-l never would decorate for Christmas...or any other occasion. Kristi and I gave things to Abby all the time so she could decorate.

I've certainly had Summer in my prayers! I totally understand the pain and I pray she has some relief.


Carla said...

Wow 50 years! I lived in one place for 15 years. And now after almost 6 years we're gonna move again and again a year later to our forever home on the farm. Whenever it gets built which I hope in 2018