Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Simple Saturday

It's been a simple Saturday here at the Chapman's. I love days like this. We both slept so well last night and a good night's sleep usually mean a good day to come and so it was.
We had nothing on our calendar for today and nowhere we needed to go.

It was my sister, Nita's, birthday and that right there made it a special day!
I have her gift and card all ready to deliver first chance I get.
Can you see that small velvet pumpkin next to the candle?

I was late to the velvet pumpkin trend but I finally showed up.
That fabric I used was a favorite skirt I used to wear years and years ago.
It makes me smile to re purpose something I love.
I made a hand full of these using two different sized circles of fabric.
I thought the ones I have seen that used real pumpkin stems were the prettiest so I salvaged some of the stems at the pumpkin field trip I went to with Amber and the quads.
I got enough for next year when I intend to make some satin pumpkins.

The better part of this Saturday was spent cleaning my kitchen.
I have so much debris stuff!! I loaded the dishwasher completely full twice washing all the things on the shelves above the sink. It's impossible to clean everything every week but eventually, in the course of a year or so, everything does, indeed, get cleaned!

"When goods increase, they are increased that eat them: and what good is there to the owners thereof, saving the beholding of them with their eyes?"
Ecclesiastes 5:11

I freely admit the fact that I do enjoy looking at all my treasures!

I did a few other odd jobs around the house in paying bills and that included the yearly property taxes. I wrote the checks, stamped the envelopes and put them by the front door so I won't forget to mail them.....but I will not do that until January since they are not past due until AFTER January 31st of next year.

Another 'chore' is to fill our medicine boxes up and that IS a true chore!
What with over the counter allergy meds, vitamins and the prescription medications for the two of us, it is a job that takes over three quarters of an hour! I have to have my wits about me when I do this because I think I have confessed before to the time I gave Louis Dean a sleeping pill every morning for two weeks! I got it mixed up with another medication that looked just like his sleeping pill!
I do three weeks at a time and that makes it nice to just pull out a new tray every week.

Louis Dean worked in his new storage building and then would come in and watch football for awhile and then go back outside. Tonight he fixed our dinner using leftovers from last night. He sliced and fried the extra baked potatoes I made and added a can of baked beans to go with the steaks.

He even did the dishes!
Now he's back in there watching some college football.
At least he's given up on watching news non stop!

I'm sitting here in the sewing room with the French doors open to the night.
The time change happens tonight but I won't change our clocks until tomorrow.
This way I will be up in plenty of time to get ready for church!

I think I'll go ahead and get ready for bed while LD finishes his football game.
Then I will take my book out to the gazebo and read until I get sleepy.

Good Night!


Stacey said...

Sounds like the perfect day Linda. ;)

Linda said...

Those bills by the door to be mailed in January sounds risky to me. Remember you've got to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas. Your pumpkins are very cute. I'm glad to set the clocks back tonight, now I won't be sleeping so late!

Ginny Hartzler said...

The velvet pumpkins are awesome!! How did you make them? I take over 18 pills a day. I have a pill case like that, but only put mine out for two days at a time. I have to use a whole weeks worth of compartments just for one day! It IS a chore turning all or clocks back late at night when we are tired; we have a LOT of clocks!

Deanna Rabe said...

What a nice day. I went shopping this morning with my mom then I came home and mowed the yard. Hopefully for the last time this year! Then I started dinner, and worked on some things in the house. This evening I made the invitations for the Ladies Tea at our church. I'll hand them out tomorrow and the next week, too. It's happening on December 1st this year.

Poor LD. He must have wondered why he was so sleepy during the day!

Sandra said...

love the view into your gazebo at the end and I only do one week at a time, which is 4 boxes of 7 and I get confused. I am with you. I have to do it when the house is quiet. Sunday am is my time to do the 4 boxes. yowsa on the sleeping pills. the reason we went to boxes is because I missed my bp pill 3 days in a row, went to doc and she gave me prdeisone and I ended up I ER.. they thought it was the prednsone and then I found I had missed those pills.... this way I know if I take it or not because of the box empty or not. I only have 3 prescriptions and bob only has 3 but it still takes the boxes to keep us straight

Anni said...

Nothing better than to end a busy day like you had with a good book out on the gazebo to wind down before bedtime.

Loved the fabric pumpkins and the use of 'real' gourd for the stems.

Thanks, Linda, for stopping by I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend.

Susie said...

Linda, Cute pumpkins and you still get to see the pretty pattern of your skirt. I had to make my dad a color chart with drawings of his pills helping all the family keep his meds straight. Yes, you are so right got to do that pill box filling when it's quiet and you are not disturbed. Well that looks like a sexy man in the kitchen, cooking. :):) You two are still workers when you have a quiet day. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Love, Susie

Penny said...

Very ckever to make the pumpkins from an old skirt, I like that sort if creativity. Your kitchen looks so cosy with all the fairy lights on, lovely and welcoming. X

Vee said...

Sweet pumpkins! Ain't it the truth that a good night's rest makes for a better day in the morning?! Sleep is important. Poor Louis Dean! A sleeping pill every morning for two weeks must have been wild. This was a cozy read. Hope that your Sunday is just as pleasant.

Kasztanowy Domek said...

Nice place! Happy new week! Sweet greetings! :)


Bev said...

I like doing my 'spring' cleaning in the fall...with the windows open all seems to stay cleaning in the fall/winter!...LOL with the time change...Our little town in the only place in BC that does not change it's's like we had to get to church early... the only thing is my bedroom clocked fell behind without our knowing it... luckily I doubled checked my phone time and realized or there would of been no coffee at church this morning:)

Shirley said...

Good Morning Linda, It has been enjoyable catching up with you. Your quads are growing so much and they are keeping you both young. It is so much fun the time spent with with grandchildren. I got hugs from all of mine yesterday. It is really cool again this morning, but it is getting that time of the year. I always enjoy when you stop by my blog. Have a good week Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley