Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Favorites!

My MOST favorite Friday Favorite - my Summer Dee!!

Don't let that charming smile fool you!!
That sweet strong daughter of mine is struggling and I hope she won't mind me sharing this.

"Well, still struggling on so many levels. Scheduling for another round of injections, only problem is trying to verify COBRA - was advised this can take 45 days! Such a pain, pain to loose my job over this situation and then loose my insurance and trouble keeping short term disability going."

I seldom share the more personal things that involve family but Summer truly needs all the moral and prayer support we can give her right now.

I woke up this morning feeling much better!
It must have been a mild stomach bug that was bothering me but I am grateful it's gone now.

Summer had a doctor appointment in Grapevine so it worked out great for us to meet up for lunch!

Pie Five Pizza! My first visit!

Dueling cameras!!!

Summer and I were able to spend a few hours together this afternoon.
That was certainly a blessing to me! As a mom, we always want to see our children in person - or as I say - with my own eyeballs! Even though it hurt to see her in so much pain, I needed to SEE her!

She soon had to go home and rest. She's not been out of the house in the last two MONTHS except for doctor visits and physical therapy. What a shame to lose your job AND your insurance while you are out on short term disability!

This afternoon I decided it was time to harvest a bit of this bumper crop of pecans we are having this year! In less than half an hour I picked up a heavy basket full of them! I plan to harvest every afternoon for awhile. It's important to stay ahead of the squirrels!

Another Friday Favorite is this delicious tea that was part of the birthday gift basket from my friend, Brenda, yesterday. I really milked my birthday for all it was worth this year!

While shopping for birthday books for a special 7 year old at Half Price Book Store this afternoon, I thought about my friend, Joyce, who loves Hal Borland and puts his quotes on Facebook. He is a favorite author of mine as well. I discovered he wrote a number of children's books but this store had not one of his books in stock. I came home and as I was cleaning the sewing room, I happened to look up on the bookshelves and spied my all time favorite book of his!!! Years ago I actually wore out some of his books from the library - I checked them out so often!
I intend to go to bed tonight and read a few chapters before sleeping. It is actually a book of personal FAVORITE kind of writing!!

It's been a week without wine due to my 'bug' so tonight I am celebrating good health again with a glass of Pinot Grigio......

and a grilled to perfection steak......baked potatoes done in our little toaster oven.....

and caramelized onions!
Oh, how I wish you could smell these delicious smells!!!
There's only two of us but I grilled three steaks!
Wish you were here for that extra one!!!

Cheers to Friday Night!!!


Linda said...

Oh that breaks my heart that Summer lost her job and insurance. What a nasty thing to have happen. Nothing beats Texas pee-cans. Here it's walnuts and hazelnuts/filberts. Took Prednisone today, hoping it doesn't keep me awake tonight. Glad you're feeling better.

Vee said...

Praying that Summer regains all that has been lost, her job, insurance, and most of all her health. She is a strong woman.

You folks are eating real good down there. I might just have to take you up on that steak. I'll trade you for a sandwich.=D

Terra Hangen said...

I am praying that Summer regains her health and finds a job and insurance soon. That steak, onions and Pinot Grigio are our kind of meal.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I have been praying for Summer. She is so strong! All the pain and worries she has, and she still manages to laugh, and what a wonderful smile she has! So glad you are better! So many things are going around now. I am recently recovered from a stomach virus, our granddaughter has had strep twice in a row, and Phil and others have colds. The only good part is that maybe by the holidays everyone will be healthy. The tea comes in such a beautiful autumn tin that I would for sure save it! Cheers to you, Louis Dean!

Deanna Rabe said...

Poor Summer! Prayers for healing her back, a new job and insurance!

I'm glad you are feeling better! Those steaks look so good!

Happy Weekend!

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm so sorry about Summer's pain plus the losses she's suffered ~ just terrible! My daughter and her S/O had that stomach bug...hoping it doesn't visit here. That steak dinner looks yummy! I guess my phone wasn't working ~ :)


Sandra said...

love the idea of dueling cameras and prayers for Summer now.

Arlene Grimm said...

Bless her problems are so troubling. I know as a mama, it hurts your heart too Linda. Hoping Summer gets some relief soon.

Susie said...

Linda, I think Summer could have a case , for losing her job for a temporary leave. She a tough cookie like you. So sweet and smiling. I am praying for her. Glad you both had some time together. Blessings to all of you, love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Jutta said...

Poor Summer! Is it leagal from her employer to act that way? In Finland it is not. I hope Summer will be able to figure that out but the first thing is to get rid of that pain. I send all my best to her - and you Linda.

Cheapchick said...

I am so sorry to hear about Summer's health. In Canada it is illegal to fire someone when they are on short or long-term disability, sorry it is not the same there. Glad you are feeling well enough to enjoy your favorite treat (wine :))

Linda Reeder said...

That's the trouble with health insurance linked to employment. Insurance needs to be portable and subsidies kick in in the case of job loss. This is something the ACA is attempting to provide.

Debbie said...

How sad to here about sweet summer, I surely hope things turn around for her!!

Those steaks look so amazing...chuck can't swallow beef so we never have steaks at home. I miss grilling them at home!! I'm glad you are feeling better...our health, it's so important!!

bj said...

I am truly sorry that Summer is having such a hard time. Praying for her and all those that love her.
I am hungry for steak...grilled...with a glass of wine...but mostly, hungry for those onions...yum

Penny said...

Poor Summer, what a bad run if events for her. The world is a largely unsympathetic place to those who are not fit and well. I am sorry to hear her news and am thinking of her and of you as you support her through this difficult time X

Carole said...

Hope your squirrels do get some! We don't have them here so when we travel and see them overseas we think they are so cute! Cheers

Carla said...

Sorry to read all this about Summer. Hope this all works out soon for her and recovery comes soon too.