Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday's Treasures!

This was not my usual kind of Tuesday but it was still a good one.
Ruth Ann was not available today so I intended to hunker down and get a lot of housework and decorating done. However, I started to wonder what I might be missing at the Goodwill!

I was happy I went up there to find out!
The big bowl is hand painted and made in Italy - and brand new!
So is that huge roller of orange LED lights!
I'm thinking of stringing them up on the front porch.
The stack of pumpkins has an orange light bulb in it and I have it sitting by the little fall tree in the foyer. I just packed away two full tubs of faux ivy things so when I found this large ivy wreath, well, I have that packed away now, too, and will be glad to see it next year after the holidays.

I walked Centennial Park - my first good long walk since early May.
I can now wear my Skecher closed toed tennis shoes. I figured I better get in some walking now before I get laid up again with my other foot surgery.
Notice how muddy brown the water is. I guess it was from all the recent rains.
I was in a kind of melancholy mood today and it felt good to get out by myself and do some thinking and meditating. Life is going by so fast it is making my head swim. School has started and I was remembering past years as I walked this afternoon. I thought of and prayed for a dear friend of Summer's who is lying in a coma from a stroke she had on Friday night. She is just a few days older than Summer. As I walked and prayed, I thought of how life itself seems to be divided up into seasons. Fall is my very favorite and I seem to be in that season in life as well. I remember well the 'Summer' of my life.......children at home. I had two sets of children - 19 years apart - so my 'Summer' lasted a good long time. I drove through the school zones today and thought of all those years I had school aged children and how busy life itself was. Every single day was full from morning to night. I tend to stay busy no matter what but things have slowed down a bit lately and I'm grateful for that.

After my walk, I took advantage of the opportunity to visit a dear friend who was my neighbor for 17 years. She is in a retirement home and, while her body has not held up as well as her mind, she still has an amazing attitude. Her name is Reaoma and I love her dearly and have neglected her greatly.
She and I visited for about an hour this afternoon and laughed a lot as we always do.
I told her about Kailey's open heart surgery and my toe surgery back in May and talked about how she judges the time by what's on TV. She never complains and always has a smile. I knew she was really glad to see me by the way she held my hand.

I drove slowly back home - still thinking and remembering how much my life has changed through the years. I thank God every single day and often each day for the life he has given me. I suppose it's not so much melancholy I am feeling today. Perhaps reflection. And gratitude.

I was home for a few minutes before Louis Dean came in from the back yard.
He said, "You're HOME! I missed you! It's lonely when you're not here."
I had been wanting a little time to myself but a little goes a long way and I was ready to be home with him again. This week marked the wedding anniversary of Louis Dean and Ellen. They were married for 41 years before she passed away in 2000. She's been on his mind the last few days. I know because he's called me 'Ellen' twice. I always count that as a compliment.

I dug in and redeemed the dining room and finished up just in time to eat the Salad Supper Louis Dean had made for us. He's been cooking all our meals for the last two days while I have devoted myself to getting our house in order.

Another room DONE!!!

It's nice to see three rooms in a row - from the dining room into the living room and foyer and then on into the den - all CLEAN! AND decorated!!

It might seem foolish to spend so much time decorating for the seasons but it makes me happy.

When - and IF - the time comes that I am no longer able to do this, at least I will have no regrets.
I will have all these memories to cherish and can pull them out and think about them.

It's only 10:00 but Louis Dean is already in bed and I am ready to call it a day.

I took this photo 4 years ago today.
Today the quads started Pre K!
I'm going to go over and see them on Thursday.
I'll ride with Amber to pick them up from school.
I can hardly wait!
Our Quad Wednesdays will now be Quad Mondays starting this next week.

I love my memories on Facebook!
I had forgotten how Trystan would stiffen up and cry.
I think I will show the kids old photos from when they were babies when they come over next week.

Okay, I'm closing with a smile on my face!!
Good night!


Linda said...

Oh my, you are in a nostalgic mood. Sometimes we need to stop and do some of that. Isn't it wonderful how they're making those tiny lights in colors for all seasons? Always enjoy seeing pictures of the quads. I expect by tomorrow you'll be full speed ahead again.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I always enlarge your decorating pictures to get a good look! what an adorable quad picture. The stiff crying is so funny! I know you can't wait to hear all the quad stories about Pre K. You have a GEM in Louis Dean.

Deanna Rabe said...

It's good to take time and ponder and reflect! You were able to count your blessings!

It's not foolish in my eyes to love and care for your home. You have a gift for creating a warm and inviting space and you and LD use it to welcome everyone!
That's a blessing!

Kathy said...

I love looking at your decorations. You make me feel as if it's fall already even though it's still in the 90s here. Glad you got your walk in. It's good to walk and think about things. So hard to believe the quads are old enough to go to school. Time just flies by.

Blondie's Journal said...

This was a departure from your usual posts and I truly enjoyed every word and thought you shared. I've always admired your writing, and your thoughts and reflections in this post echo what I feel so much in my heart as life speeds along.

You outdo me by far in being active and vital, I need to learn from you!

You made me melt with your very sweet interpretation how LD was thinking of his anniversary with Ellen. You know Alan was married for 10 years. Around August, the month Patty passed away, he gets moody. I'm not any sort of hero but I have to let him have his time. Its the respectful and loving sort of thing to do. Geez, we need to meet up, Linda!!! Please come to Chi Town, I don't think I can deal with the Texas heat! Maybe halfway...hmmmm, where would that be? Indiana? Ha!

Love ya,


Linda Reeder said...

Your decorations are wonderful! You are right to do what pleases you.

Small Kucing said...

Yes do show them their old photos. Am sure they will have a good time looking at them again.

In and off i show son his baby photos or videoes fr FB. He said it's not him .lol

Susie said...

Linda, Hugs to you and LD. This does seem a bit of a slow down.Slow times, make me think back also. I pray Summer's friend recovers. We love our children's friends like extended family. I am glad you understand being called Ellen....LD 's heart is good. Can't believe how quickly the years have gone by , since I first started blogging with you....the quads were getting ready to be born, now they are going to pre-school. I miss my kids school days too. Blessings to you, love you, xoxo, Susie

Vee said...

School! I bet those grands of yours will love every minute. Time sure does skate away on us. I can't believe that it was four short years ago that the quads arrived...four years and a little bit.

Your mood sounds reflective and that's a good thing...reminds us what is really important."I'd rather be a broken vessel broken and mended than a beautiful vase unwilling to yield."

Much love...

Estelle's said...

As always, I love your decorating and love for autumn! I so love it too and am holding myself back a bit at least until September! Life does change quickly and pass quickly as we grow older. There is always a reason to give thanks..precious photo of the babies! Big hugs Linda!

Arlene Grimm said...

Glad you got a good walk and meditation in Linda. I often pray when I walk...it is good for the soul. And so sweet that LD missed you while you were gone. Most husbands think that but some never say it.

Sandra said...

if it ever comes to the place you can't decorate you have all these photos and memories on your blog to pull up and browse through. a few times lately I have browsed my old post and there is so much I have forgotten I did, that is how I started using photos from the archives recently. like the memories on fb.
it is good to get out and about alone but also very good to come home to hubby. when bob starts to get on my nerves, I do that and then I remember how bad it would be to come home and him not be here... you were blessed with two families. and I agree do what you love to do while you can do it. one of the bloggers husband has had a stroke, she is not talking about it, but he is young to. we never know what waits us so now is the time to enjoy what we love

Mrs.T said...

Seasonal decorating is more than just "decorating", it seems to me. It's a beautiful reminder of the continuity of the seasons and all that God has made.

I am trying to get back into walking, now that the weather is (at least temporarily) less humid. I've managed to walk the past 2 days. It's a good start!

Changes in the wind said...

Love the pictures of the quads as babies..they were so tiny.

Nancy Chan said...

As always, your decorations are beautiful! Love to see the cute quad photos. Have a beautiful day!

Pam said...

You are just beautiful! Beautiful decorations, beautiful writing, beautiful person inside and out! I want to be more like you! I have a friend in a nursing home, she is 94 years old and had a mind as sharp as a tack! I went to visit her regularly when my father in law was there, but haven't been back since ( over a year)....I really need to go and think I will this afternoon. Thank you for sharing!

Cheapchick said...

You need to do whatever your heart wants and decorating for the seasons makes you happy - so continue to do it!

Summer said...

The babies are so cute ♥


Bev said...

Like your rooster plate.... !!

Diana Ferguson said...

Linda, I so enjoyed the beautiful photos, memories, and thoughts!

BeachGypsy said...

Im glad you got so much accomplished and it looks great!! ----so festive! Please come do ours! Lol

Debbie said...

everything looks so festive!! i usually decorate for fall in early september. here at the jersey shore, summer is still in full swing!!!

this always feels so good when it's done!!!!